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KEN: Now, we’ve heard from Kathryn several times in the last few weeks. Rush and Kathryn did so much for so many people, and you could sense it. You could sense the joy when Rush would give someone a prize or award a winner — or, if they had a contest, he loved having the ability to do that. Here’s a great example, if you remember — and I’m sure you will, if you were a regular listener — when they called the winner of the Two If By Tea sweepstakes. Here it is.


RUSH: Phyllis, hi, Rush Limbaugh here, and my wife Kathryn, and we’re on the phone to tell you that you are it. You’re the big winner, Phyllis, of the Jeep Patriot as part of our Two If By Tea sweepstakes.

PHYLLIS: You’re kidding me.

KATHRYN: No. This is Kathryn. How are you?

PHYLLIS: I’m fine. I am delighted to talk to you. My goodness. We won a Jeep! I can’t believe it!

RUSH: Well, believe it. It happened. That’s why we’re calling you. We’re so excited. This is one of the biggest sweepstakes that we’ve had, and it’s a beautiful SUV. It’s all yours now.

PHYLLIS: Oh, my.

HUSBAND: You’re my hero.

RUSH: (laughing) Yes, I’m used to that.

PHYLLIS: No, you are our hero.

HUSBAND: Listen to you every day, every chance I can.

RUSH: When you entered, did you think you had a chance at winning, or were you just doing it to do it?

PHYLLIS: You know, I did. I honestly did. I thought to myself, my, wouldn’t this be wonderful, ’cause our car’s getting broke down.

KATHRYN: Ah, that is —

RUSH: That is so great. Every winner that we’ve had I’ve asked them that and every winner thought that they were gonna win. This is incredible. You’re keeping the streak alive.

PHYLLIS: Oh, my gosh. Well, thank you so much. I don’t know what to say. I can’t imagine anything more wonderful.

RUSH: We really thank you guys because you really help us help the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation by buying the tea and then entering the sweepstakes and everything, and they just do great work, and all of you that help us make this possible are just great. We really do have profound appreciation and love for you. We’re really honored that you’re in the audience, people like you that make the country work and everything. We really are happy to have you join our winners roster here.

HUSBAND: You come by out here one of these days and let’s go fishing.

RUSH: (laughing)

HUSBAND: You can’t imagine what a big thrill it is to actually talk to you.

RUSH: Well, God bless you. God bless you. And thank you again. We’re really thrilled that you are the winners and congratulations again. And don’t forget, now, we’ll be back in touch with you to handle all the logistics of this.

PHYLLIS: I appreciate it, and thank you so much.

HUSBAND: Thank you a lot.

RUSH: Take care, you guys.

KATHRYN: Congratulations!

PHYLLIS: Bye-bye.

KATHRYN: Bye-bye.

KEN: You can tell they love America. You can tell they’re conservatives because there was no negativity. When Rush said, “Did you think you were gonna win?” they said, “You know, I did. I did.” That’s the mark of conservatism. “You think you’re gonna make it?” “Of course. It’s America. Why wouldn’t I?” “You think you got a shot?” I’ve got as good a chance as anybody else.

Instead of what you hear in the mainstream news media: “There’s no way you’re gonna make it, man, not without the help from the government. Sorry. You’re just not.” “Why not?” “Well, could be any number of things. Skin color, gender. I don’t know. But don’t get your hopes up.”

Look at the difference. What more do you need to know? I’ll tell you a quick story — and it has to be quick ’cause we have a hard break coming up. For years I listened to Rush like you, and I still enjoy hearing Rush. Remember when he would give away the iPhones? He would give ’em away like candy.

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