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KEN: How about Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday? That was absolutely incredible. Years ago, Saturday Night Live sold out to the left completely. They didn’t always used to be that way. You know, Rush would talk about this all the time, what was happening to not just mainstream media, but how so many comedy platforms — allegedly, comedy platforms.

Late-night TV, Comedy Central, those stand-up shows on VH1 — and remember MTV? That’s like radio with pictures. Now there’s no songs on MTV. It’s just weird stuff. Anyway, I was thinking about God works in mysterious ways, because he trashed Saturday Night Live; he destroyed all late-night television, ’cause now most people in late-night TV, sadly.

They are just leftist puppets. They’re either compromised or afraid, whether it’s Kimmel or Colbert. But when you turn on an Andrew Cuomo press conference, it’s like the great writers of yesteryear have gotten together with comedy gold. It’s amazing. Now, for people who don’t know Governor Andrew Cuomo, he’s the governor of New York.

Andrew Cuomo is a hero to the elderly. He is an Emmy award-winning renowned author on crisis management and placing blame. Many of you may or may not know that Andrew Cuomo is a hero to Cuomosexuals across America. He’s an icon — and not just in America.

I mean, he is loved among communist strongholds in California and elsewhere. When this guy gets up and starts talking, it’s almost as entertaining as when Joe Biden speaks. Do you know it’s been, what, 44 days or 43 days since Joe Biden… He’s the guy that… Yeah. He’s the guy in the Oval Office now. Commissar Joe. He has not had a solo press conference.

So a month and a half. No big-boy Q&A, no standing in front of the press corps and answering questions like the leader of the greatest nation on earth. And did you see yesterday the White House cut the virtual event feed. Virtual event feeds are very big with Joe ’cause it allows him to stay in the basement, and that’s where his cassette is and the answering machine.

After Biden said, “I’ll be happy to take any questions about my leg hair…” No, he didn’t say the leg hair part, but he said, “I’ll be happy to take any questions.” (laughing) Then the White House was like, “Nooooo!” So I think we should be grateful. Between Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden, who needs Mad TV or Saturday Night Live? It was incredible. The left has become experts at the nonapology apology.

His approval rating is down in the thirties, which I always thought it was. And I happen to think — and could be wrong. I think what’s happening now with these women coming out and accusing him — and, by law, all women have to be believed, you know. Well, that’s what the left told us. That’s the whole #MeToo thing. I think it’s a distraction, because I think when the truth comes out about COVID and how Cuomo did that…

Did you know he won an Emmy? I just want to make sure you know that. I think he’d end up in jail. So I think at the end of the day the Democrats believe they can weather a “chick thing,” some babes coming out and making accusations. They can weather that more than all the grandmas and grandpas that died in New York.

It’s amazing. And who was ahead of the game from Day One? Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh had Cuomo pegged years ago, just like he has most people pegged on the left. Let’s take a listen to this.

RUSH: Andrew Cuomo is one of the biggest empty suits running around in American politics today — benefiting, of course, from the pedigree of his father, Mario “The Pious,” another morally superior guy to everybody else. Sixty-six percent of New York state coronavirus hospitalizations are people who stayed at home. They were not essential workers. They did not leave their homes. They got sick in their homes. They were quarantined. They were locked down. They got sick in their homes and then went to the hospital.

So do lockdowns even work? Was the lockdown even necessary? The spread of the Wuhan virus in America can be directly said to have occurred on nonaction from Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio. Not Trump. Trump’s got nothing to do with this, other than trying to give ’em all the hospital beds they said they needed, sending ’em a Navy hospital ship.

Oh! You know the bunch that built the hospital beds in Central Park, Samaritan’s Purse? They volunteered. And Cuomo wants income tax payments from ’em — and they’ve been kicked out, by the way. You know why? ‘Cause Samaritan’s Purse, a religious organization, doesn’t believe in gay marriage.

So Andrew Cuomo has kicked them out of the state and is now gonna start charging them state income tax for the days they helped him out in Central Park with the hospital beds there, even while they were volunteering. Donald Trump had nothing to do with this. Where did Cuomo put ’em? He flooded the nursing homes. “Rush, I can’t believe how hard you’re hitting Andrew Cuomo. What in the world…? We should be coming together in this time, Rush! What are you doing?”

Folks… What am I doing? Um… (pause) We have sat by under what turned out to be — I think — a lying, false premise that a shutdown would be relatively short in order to get our arms around the virus and stop the spread. Do you realize that there are Democrats who are still advocating for this shutdown to not end, for it to go on in perpetuity?

That there are people attempting to shame…? Like, if you want to get back to work and start providing for yourself and your family — if you want to hold on to your career, your job, your life — you’re being virtue shamed. You’re being attacked as somebody who doesn’t care about life.

You’re being called a quasi-murderer by a bunch of people who think they are morally superior to everybody — the political correctness crowd, the people who were behind the Trump-Russia collusion scandal, the people that were behind all of this phoniness designed to get rid of Donald Trump. What am I doing to Andrew Cuomo?

I’ve had nothing to do with this shutdown other than opposing it. As to Cuomo, let’s just review here. Let’s look at all the areas that he was wrong. We’re talking about liberal Democrats who are praised to the heap as brilliant and compassionate, and they pose a great threat to this country and to us. They are not properly reported on, they’re not properly analyzed.

Their skills, their talents — when found deficient — are lied about and glossed over. Instead, we’re told about what a reprobate and a damaging, dangerous guy Trump is when he remains our only hope in the elected class. Andrew Cuomo was wrong! He downplayed the virus until the middle of March, six weeks after Trump’s travel ban in China.

Yeah, Cuomo was part of the crowd running around calling Trump a racist and a xenophobe. This is the guy who allowed the subways to run without any kind of cleaning or disinfectant. The homeless were living in them and using them as bathrooms and toilets, and Cuomo said, “Well, they’ve gotta run because our essential workers need ’em to get to work.”

And then, when Cuomo discovered that you can disinfect a subway car with ultraviolet light — this is two weeks after they tried to destroy Donald Trump for pointing out that ultraviolet light works disinfecting the virus on various surfaces — Cuomo’s a genius; Trump is a dangerous idiot? He’s the guy that sent the sick to nursing homes, which sealed their fate in many cases!

He claimed he didn’t have enough ventilators. You wonder why Trump talks about ventilators all the time? It’s ’cause Andrew Cuomo was complaining about not having enough! A bunch of Democrat governors were out there complaining, “We don’t have enough ventilators! The federal government’s letting us down. Can’t get enough ventilators!”

Trump is trying to tell everybody, “They had every ventilator they needed, and they had a surplus. We made sure they had every ventilator they needed. They didn’t need nearly as many.” Cuomo was saying, “We need 40,000 ventilators!” They didn’t need any more than 400, I think the number was.

The reason why this bothers me is because these people are at the center, the focal point of the incompetence that has produced the current status quo, the circumstances we’re all living in — and they’re being praised to the hilt! They’re being heralded as the best and brightest among us.

And the people that want to reverse this trend and get going — rebuild this country, get the economy back up and running, let people’s lives have meaning again — we’re the ones being accused of having no heart, no compassion, not care about whether people die. It’s the exact opposite. Good Lord.

Why isn’t it said that some of these Democrat governors apparently don’t care about people who live and die? ‘Cause if you look at the death numbers in their states, they’re kind of high. Why are they getting a pass?

Why are we being told how great and heartfelt and compassionate their actions are? And over here Donald Trump, who’s tried to give every one of these governors everything they said they’ve needed — and he’s right. In private phone calls, they thank him for doing whatever he’s doing for them. Publicly, they go out and rip him to shreds on ventilators or N95 masks or whatever the heck it is.

And he’s moved a massive federal bureaucracy as rapidly as possible to try to help these governors because he’s trying to help people. I think Donald Trump is devastated over what’s happened here. I think he’s devastated about every aspect of it. I think he’s devastated over what has happened to the people who’ve gotten sick. I think he’s devastated by the number of deaths.

I think he’s ripped apart by it. He was riding high. He had beaten back every attempt to sideline him, to destroy him. He had enacted policies that caused an economic rebirth in this country the likes of which most people alive today have never seen. That’s how great and roaring the economy was — and here we are, in seven weeks, kaput!

He’s gotta be devastated by this, because he does care. Why would a guy want a great, roaring economy anyway if he didn’t care about people? Who is the economy if it isn’t people? The American economy is nothing more than the American existence. But if you listen to the liberal Democrats and these moral superiorists, they’ll try to tell you (sniveling) “that economic activity is greed (sniff) and that it’s selfishness (sniff) and that it equals death (sniff) and it’s destroying the planet using fossil fuels (sniff) and it’s not renewable!

“It’s not sustainable.” These people are absolutely, dangerously, insanely stupid! The American economy is simply the outright illustration of the superiority of American freedom and American enterprise. The U.S. economy is the expression of American exceptionalism. The American economy is the evidence each and every day of the great opportunity that exists for everybody in this country that wants to work hard to try to access it.

And anybody who is interested in a roaring, expanding, great economy — by definition — has to love people, has to want the best for people. And, on the other hand, a bunch of people willing to have this economy shut down interminably, watching people losing their livelihoods, and then their lives and their jobs and then their careers and who knows whatever else?

Those are the people that don’t care about people. Those are the people that don’t have one bit of empathy or compassion. If they’re willing to sit there and actually advocate and sponsor and promote the policies that have taken us to where we are today, vis-a-vis the economic lockdown and shutdown, you can’t tell me those people love people.

Those people have anything but love. They have revenge, they have vengeance, they have anger. They’re looking to get even with somebody. These are people on the left, the Democrat Party. Their objective is to punish the successful and to punish those who use freedom to maximize their own standing, wealth, opportunity, what have you, in this country.

It’s the exact opposite of the way they are reported, and I have about had it with this idea that the people advocating never-ending destruction and pain for people… The economy being shut down is destroying people, livelihoods and lives! They do not love people, and they do not have any kind of exclusive on this so-called compassion.

KEN: We continue to celebrate the wisdom of Rush next on the EIB Network.


KEN: I’m still shocked that… I shouldn’t be. We should not be. The Democrats have set up a false reality, and it… You know, I was talking to Cookie earlier, and we were discussing the fact that where do people go now to find out the truth about anything? Because the media has surrendered to the left, for whatever reason. They’ve surrendered.

So the media will not delve into Governor Cuomo, and that’s why this new crisis came up. Remember, Democrats are masters of the crisis, and they know what crisis people care about and what crisis they don’t, and that’s what you want to do. You want to put so much chaos down the pipeline. Everything that you’re seeing now is that chaos down the pipeline.

And you’ll see probably in a few months — if they need to manipulate the population a little more for a policy or something, you’ll see — new strains of COVID or you’ll see some weird thing happening. And what is so amazing is, in Rush Limbaugh we had someone for over three decades that was so far ahead of the news media, no wonder so many of them dislike him. You know, he used to say that the news media tuned in to him for prep, and I used to get such a kick out of that because sometimes we would.

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