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KEN: Now, let’s go over very quickly to our friend Andrew Cuomo where this brilliant misdirection… I like to call it “the false flag harassment lever.” Now, did he harass those people? It certainly looks like it. He sexually harassed those women. That’s what it looks like. But understand, in the eyes of the Democrat Party, this is standard operating procedure. This is normal.

So what they did is they took all the eyes off all grandmas and grandpas and elderly relatives that died because of Cuomo’s decision in New York, just like Governor Wolf’s decision in Pennsylvania, Whitmer, Newsom, and the rest (actually, there’s five big ones) and now we’re all focusing on, “Did he dance with her? Did he touch her? Did he touch her back? Did he lick her neck?”

No, that was Biden. Biden does the neck licking. It’s not Cuomo, according to this. But (laughing) nobody’s paying attention to the real story. People died because Cuomo lied, and more and more people know that. So as soon as that happened, they said, “We gotta switch the narrative.

“We’ll just… We’ll just make him another, you know, Democrat, piggish dude, and everybody will go, ‘Oh, come on. It happens all the time. Everybody does it. What’s the big deal?'” That’s exactly what’s happening. That’s exactly what’s happening. There’s people that don’t even know about the COVID story with Cuomo. It brings back some Harvey Weinstein memories, doesn’t it? Go ahead examine play cut 9, Mike.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Do you think a major conservative Republican fat cat donor would have been able to keep secret eight different sexual harassment settlements? Do you think they would have been able to keep that out of the media for decades? Folks, Harvey Weinstein was at the White House frequently when Bill Clinton was there and when Obama was there.

He was tight. He was tight with Democrat presidents, tight with the Democrat Party, a major donor, a major fundraiser. He threw parties for these people constantly. It ought not be astounding because we all ought to know by now, but the thing that makes it different, is everybody apparently knew about Harvey Weinstein. Everybody that worked with him, everybody that took money from him, everybody that palled around with him all throughout Hollywood.

Everybody knew, and here Harvey Weinstein gets to apologize and promise everybody he’s gonna double down going after the NRA, as though that is gonna buy him some leniency — and it will, folks! You remain loyal to the cause on the left and they’ll tolerate anything. Harvey Weinstein issues whatever apologies. (impression) “You know, I came from the sixties.

“You got away with a lot more back in the sixties.” Harvey, I came from the sixties, too, and I remember when the feminazis started taking over in the late sixties and early seventies, and so do you, pal. You just ignored ’em and didn’t have anything to do with ’em, and everybody knew. That’s the thing here. The New York Times has known about this for years.

What triggered this, folks? Why all of a sudden now is the New York Times breaking the seal on this? Something had to happen to cause it. But, Harvey, I want to give you some advice here, buddy. I’ve never met Harvey. But you’re playing this all wrong. Apologizing and promising to bury Wayne LaPierre and all that, that isn’t what do, Harvey.

You need to get the neck brace.

You learn from Ted Kennedy; you get the neck brace. Fake an auto accident or something, but get a neck brace on there as quickly as you can. And then you learn from Bill Clinton, have a meeting with Jesse Jackson and walk around with the Torah. He’s Jewish, so a Bible won’t work. But walk around with a religious book. That’s how Bill Clinton did it, meeting with Jesse Jackson — and Ted Kennedy, of course, with the neck brace.

KEN: And one more thing, as we are discussing, you know, the Weinsteins and the Cuomos and allegations and things that are going on. Something that I’ve noticed over the years — and I know you have. Because most people can see right through the news media now and what side they’re on and what they believe and what they think of you and what they think of America and what they think of pickup trucks or guns or the Constitution; how it’s mocked constantly.

When the news media is covering something across the spectrum — when you are punching around and you see CBS and Fox and MSNBC and CNN and the New York Times — they’re all covering either the same topic or word-for-word, but sometimes they’re getting a little better at it. They’re mixing up their vocabulary a little bit. I think Rush Limbaugh embarrassed the media to a point with the gravitas incident…

I think some in newsrooms are saying, “Maybe we should come up with another word. You know, instead of saying Rush is this or Trump is a that, what if we come up with another word?” So what we have here, I think that this entire Cuomo thing with the women is a cover-up, and I say this because of the way the news media is covering it. They’re all on board with it.

So somebody put a bug in someone’s ear — someone high up — and said to the news media… ‘Cause they don’t take their marching orders from the American people. They take their marching orders from handlers, whoever they may. Somebody said, “Look, let’s. Get off this COVID, let’s get off this nursing home thing, don’t talk about the ventilators, don’t talk about the threats, don’t talk about the deaths or the fake PCR tests.

“Just stay focused, and we can help Andrew Cuomo get through his horrific leadership record,” and I think they’re all buying into it. Because nobody is going really hard on Cuomo about COVID, and we all know what’s been up with COVID. We know about Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania. We know about Michigan. We know about California.

We know all this stuff, not just citizen journalists. We just know because we’re paying attention. Do you know the scandal that would erupt if they exposed what happened with COVID in New York? It would be like dominoes. It would go right to Pennsylvania and Dr. Levine, who is no longer in Pennsylvania. Biden hired her. It would be dominoes.

You would have five governors. You would have so many people who would come forward and testify. You’d have whistleblowers. You’d have witnesses. It would be one of the biggest scandals in the world. It would almost be as big as the stolen election scandal, but the same thing happened here in Pennsylvania. Our secretary of state, Boockvar, retired a couple weeks ago.

And we were told by the governor’s office through the lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, that anybody who speaks of a stolen election is a liar and they don’t get First Amendment rights. So if we as people demand the truth, I think little by little it’ll start coming out. That’s what started to happen with the Cuomo breakdown.

Nobody ever thought he would get caught for his horrific leadership of New York and everything that took place in the city and throughout the state. It almost got to that point, and then, boom! “He touched me inappropriately.” Now we’re all not paying attention. It’s just amazing. It’s amazing. It is truly what Mr. Limbaugh always said. It’s just stagecraft, it’s a narrative, and they move it along where they want us to look and how they want us to think.

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