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KEN: We got COVID action all over the country and in Congress and, I mean, there’s a rumor going around that the Democrat-controlled Senate worked overnight, and they read… Well, actually it was a Republican, Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. (I never knew that rhymed before, but now I know: Johnson from Wisconsin.) He forced the 628-page bill to be read. So this could be the first time that politicians ever read a bill, and who knows if they were even listening.

I would like to see the C-SPAN video of that, see who was playing Candy Crush or, you know, sexting with a friend of Cuomo’s or something. Who knows? But it was forced to be read. This is the big, $1.9 trillion COVID bill. It’s absurd. It’s really absurd because it’s all our money. There were so many things that you and I have in common with Mr. Limbaugh, our love for America and the ability to recognize some of this ridiculousness.

Rush had a sixth sense of it, and he brings up something in the vintage segment that I’m about to play that you could basically use as a template, and you could put it on anything Congress has been doing for years. Remember when President Donald J. Trump… This is not before he was elected in 2020. This is back before when he wanted $5.1 billion for the wall. You probably remember Rush talking about the way you need to look at these things, and it is still applicable today.

RUSH: So it’s not a crisis, right? It’s just a manufactured crisis. We know this is all bunk. By the way, there’s a link to a story up on Drudge, and I’ve gotta be very careful here. I’m not being critical. I’m being analytical here. There’s a story up on Drudge — I think it’s from the Grabien website — and it’s a good story. It is a list of all the things that cost much, much more than the wall will cost much more than Trump is asking, $5.1 billion that the Democrats have had no problem funding — and it’s oddball, weird stuff.

You know, it’s the mating habits of Australian rabid bats. It’s whether or not Eskimos still cheat on their wives, they got studies for that kind of stuff. I’ve always said, “You know for half of the whatever the money they’re spending on that, I’ll blow the whistle on Palm Beach. They wouldn’t have to go to Eskimos to study this.” But I wonder how persuasive it is anymore. I mean, this is a tactic that we have employed — the whole time I’ve been doing this radio show — and I just don’t know how effective it is.

I’m not suggesting not to do it. The stories are worthwhile, and they do provide interesting fodder for people that want to repeat the stuff on Twitter and Facebook and so forth. But I don’t think this is really about money, and I don’t think that anybody out there that’s paying any attention to this thinks it’s about money.

KEN: You know, the interesting things about this is we’ve learned, especially in 2020, but over the last decade, and we know that Democrats and Republicans, especially those in Washington — not all, but a lot of them — don’t really care about the money. Because it’s not their money. It’s our money. Everything is our money! I was explaining this to my kids, 16 and 19. I said when you go to Washington, D.C., and you’re driving around, you paid for all of it. Indirectly, whatever, you paid for all of it.

You see a guy with a fancy desk in a Senate office? You paid for it. He goes on a junket? You paid for it. Their health insurance, everything. Government does not exist unless you and I continue to work. As long as we’re paying taxes, then Nancy Pelosi can run her mouth, say stupid things, and they can continue to print money just blow it out a fire hose, to quote Sidney Powell. This time it’s not evidence; it’s money.

And, you know, Biden has proposed $1.9 trillion in additional COVID spending. And I couldn’t help but notice in that vintage audio bite Rush talking about some of the stupid things. So I wanted to see if there were any, like, bat research or anything like that. But we do have some interesting things here within this bill, which is all your money. And I think what’s so disingenuous about it is so much of this money is not going directly to people that need it for COVID relief.

And if you recall, remember when they attacked President Trump? Well, they did that every hour of every day, but this attack was about his COVID money. But the difference is, first of all, I think there’s way too much spending on both sides. That’s the problem. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are usually in on it. That’s why they’re always doing elbow bumps and fist bumps and hand bumps and mask bumps and butt bumps and then whatever bumping that Cuomo would do, which hasn’t come out on video yet.

But that’s why it’s all happening. They’re all in on it. This is a vote buying. This is a payback. This is a buy-off. That’s what $1.9 trillion how far money is. It’s not their money. There’s $50 million for environmental judge grants. What the heck is that? What is it? Doesn’t matter. None of your business anyway. Most of these things don’t get read. So we have 628 pages in this, and this could be — and I wasn’t kidding. This might be the first time that it was read, and the other thing that’s disingenuous about it is the Democrats, who are running the show at the moment, sadly…

That’s why your gas prices are going up, people are out of work, and illegals are pouring over the border. If you’re wondering, as much as you want to blame it on Trump, he’s been in Palm Beach for three months or two months. Don’t blame him. There’s $112 million for the California Transit Project, $10 million to preserve Native-American language preservation. Now, if that said $10 million for Native American job support due to COVID, it would be different. But it’s never what it should be.

That’s the problem. That’s why they make it so long and complicated. People don’t read it — or as Nancy would say (impression), “You have to read it to know what’s in it.” I think that’s what she said. There’s $200 million for museum and library services. For what? All you’re doing is virtually burning books, banning, and censoring. There’s 200 million bucks for museum and library services. That’s absurd. That money’s gonna go directly to rewriting history and banning books.

But why is it in a COVID bill? There’s $750 million for global health, for the Center for Disease Control and others. This is some of the stuff in the bill. See, I’m desperately looking for, for example, in my state of Pennsylvania, all the people that lost their jobs, all the people that lost their small businesses, where is the relief for that? Listen to this one. And this is my favorite. There’s $129 billion for schools, K through 12, and this is to help them reopen.

But it’s actually just a handout for the teachers unions and public schools. They get the money whether they reopen or not. Just like the teachers get paid whether they’re sitting by their pool on a computer or if they’re in the classroom. Nobody wants to offend teachers, but you know exactly what I’m talking about. Public schools especially in Democrat territory are designed to create money for unions.

And the thing that is so disingenuous about the $129 billion for the K-12 schools inside this bill to call it Porkulus would be silly. It’s beyond that. It’s $1.9 trillion of our money, and they’ll spend it any way they want, and if you have a problem with it, tough. That money is gonna doled out in 2013, 2014, and 2015. So it makes this extra terrifying. Does that mean COVID is still gonna be around then? Well, I guess it’s what… However they rig the PCR test, however they want to keep this going.

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