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TODD: So, Andy Cuomo — the, I think, rather-thuggish-in-his-policies so-called governor of New York — what do we have? We’ve got five women who are describing pretty consistent forms of sexual harassment. We’re waiting for number six, number seven, and number eight. Listen to this. This is a quote. (impression) “I have a news flash for you. There’s politics in politics. I have political differences with people.”

That sounds a lot like, “What does it matter where they died? They’re dead,” which is what he said about his policy of forcing nursing homes and long-term care facilities to take COVID-positive patients. A reasonably bright seventh grader has learned you don’t visit your elderly and infirm relatives if you have a cough, and he hid that from the Department of Justice. Now you have big-time Democrats demanding that Cuomo resign.

I would love to know who put the political hit out on Cuomo. The Senate majority leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, is calling for him to resign. I would love to know — and there’s someone waiting. They have someone in mind. I mean, his brother, Chris Cuomo, is black, and so they may want to have Chris take his brother’s place because he’s black. (interruption) What? (interruption) Oh, wait! Chris Cuomo says he’s black inside.

He gets to say that ’cause he’s Chris Cuomo. I just had this vision. We all wish Rush was here for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is we love him. But then there’s this. Can you imagine him taking this scandal on? It would be tremendous fun to hear Rush Limbaugh take us through the Andrew Cuomo scandal. We lifelong Limbaugh fans remember Client Number 9 and Rush talking about Eliot Spitzer.

RUSH: Mark Sanford developed, what did he say, an email friendship that started innocently with the Girl from Ipanema. He went down to Argentina and visited the Girl from Ipanema! I’ve said over the years that lust is the one human emotion over which you have no control. It can make you do things that in your sane moments you would never do, and we’re looking at an example of it here. Well, “love,” he may have thought. People in lust think they’re in love. This is the kind of stuff that addicts do. They think they’re never going to get caught, it’s never going to happen and so forth. You marvel at this.

(Spitzer parody: Love Client #9)

RUSH: He was stupid. He left evidence! Sanford didn’t do that.

(song continues playing)

RUSH: I wonder if Sanford thought that he was gonna get away with this.

(song continues playing)

RUSH: They all do I guess.

(song continues playing)

RUSH: He could have been our JFK!

(song continues playing)

RUSH: He coulda had it all.

(song continues playing)

RUSH: Yeah, Gary Hart’s wife stood next to him out there, too.

(song continues, fades down to the end)

RUSH: That is “white comedian Paul Shanklin” with the vocal portrayal there as Bill Clinton talking about Eliot Spitzer and Love Client #9.

TODD: Just a note to the so-called governor of New York, I know that he thought, you know, after Rush passed on, that maybe you wouldn’t have to face that sort of music. But we’re here to make sure the program continues, Rush’s wisdom continues, just continue to point out the rank hypocrisy of the left suddenly pretending as if this is new news about Andy Cuomo.

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