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TODD: Jean-Marc in Sparkman, Arkansas, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program, as Todd Herman in on the EIB Network. Hi, Jean-Marc.

CALLER: Todd, it’s an absolute honor. First time getting through, so I’ll get right to the point. I’ve listened to Rush since 1992. I’m 47 years old. I’ve got kids of my own now, three, and I didn’t realize how important the work that Rush and now you are carrying on was until I just began to notice, from their eyes, the absolute hypocrisy of the left.

One example is just the environmental issues, forcing homes in the future to have solar panels and, if not, you can’t sell your home; forcing battery-powered cars and making the other obsolete, and demonizing those that don’t participate. And I see the hypocrisy in the pro-life movement, the fact that, you know, they see the earth as having value but not a human life.

TODD: Wow.

CALLER: My wife home schools our kids, and I’m so thankful for that, and she is an amazing teacher. And so I just appreciate you carrying on Rush’s tradition. And I wanted to ask you one last question. I’m looking to get the Rush Revere books. I didn’t know whether it would be best to have him reading it on the CD version or get the actual books, or both, because —

TODD: Both! (laughing)

CALLER: — there is another perspective, there is another perspective, and I want them to know that it’s out there than what they hear on mainstream media —

TODD: Yeah.

CALLER: — that sounds so normal. They make it sound so normal that you’re evil if you don’t do those things. Anyway, thank you so much. (chuckles) So, yeah.

TODD: No, Jean-Marc, listen. Look. It takes all of us. It takes Ken Matthews, and takes Mark Steyn, and it takes Brett. It takes all of us to carry on the legacy of 30 years of broadcast excellence. To answer your question… I’m not being facetious. You know, I don’t get any money from the Rush Revere books. I would say this, that with getting both, you end up with something your kids can cherish and read as they get old and read to their kids. And then Rush’s voice and the characterizations, you know, in this, is something that people can listen to as they relax and on car trips.


TODD: And kids take great comfort in hearing books repeated again. In fact, young kids, they want that; they need that. It helps them feel competent because they know where the story’s going and what’s gonna happen, and it builds that competency where they begin to, you know, be secure in their knowledge. So I would suggest that you get both of those.

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