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TODD: Let’s talk to Wesley in Jersey, Georgia. Wesley, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. This Todd Herman filling in. Hi, Wesley.

CALLER: Hey, Todd, thank you very much for taking my call. It’s an honor and a privilege to be on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Mega dittos to you and to Rush and his family. I just wanted to say that I’m a Rush Baby. I grew up listening to Rush, read all of his books. My mom and dad, they read the books. They always told me this was a man that you need to listen to. Well, when I put my hat into the political ring, I ran for a county position.

Of course, I didn’t get elected to it, but I brought my conservative values to light and listened to Rush Limbaugh and always followed Rush, even to the presidency and picking Donald Trump. It ended up making me a public figure on Facebook where I’m verified, and I had a following of my own and people listened to me. They always wondered where I got my information from, but I just listened to Rush Limbaugh, and Rush Limbaugh has completely changed my life and the way I think and my conservative values.

TODD: So beyond the political — and God bless you for sticking my neck out and running and being a conservative. And please protect Georgia. I’m telling you, Wesley, the perverse sex ed bill, the comprehensive sex education that has a toehold in your state? Please protect it, please investigate that.


TODD: Beyond the political, let me ask you, how did it change the way you view others? How did it form the way that you view neighbors and other people in society as you listened to Rush over the years?

CALLER: Instead of being a closed-minded person and about canceling culture and being, you know, just aggravated with how people live and they talk to you and stuff like that, you learn to let stuff go, and you learn to have an open mind. People are gonna being different from you, people are gonna live different from you. You just accept them for the way they are, and you move on with it. You don’t let it bother you or eat you up inside. You just move on from it, and you carry on. You stay a conservative, and you know that your beliefs… You are on the right side of the political spectrum.

TODD: Yeah, and I always saw this…

CALLER: (crosstalk)

TODD: You know, Wesley, not to interrupt you, but I always saw this with Rush, ’cause I wanted to care. You said something that just made me think. One of the things that I noticed in Rush from political, what was he looking for? Consistency. He was looking for room to run. He was looking for a runway, we would say in venture capital circles. He was looking for the clear field to run towards life, liberty, and happiness.

When you heard him speak of human beings… I’ve heard him speak so often when he was speaking of admiring human beings, that he had some consistent things he looked for. He looked for people who could come back from hardship. He looked for people who would break new ground. He looked for people who were told, “No, you can’t, and you can’t, and you can’t,” and they did, and they did, and they did.

And he looked for ingenuity, he looked for excessive focus on excellence across all crafts. If you listen to Rush talk about, for instance, Donna Summer or music, he looked for the same focus on excellence that he did in tech, that he did in writing, that he did in thinking and thought expression and persuasion. See, I think this is where the left could never understand Rush as a human, is because he was looking at the core spark, the soul of people, not the outward appearance that the left so focused on.

The left, of all things, what they most want to do, in my judgment, is they want to dehumanize all of us. They want to deemphasize our humanity and our ability to guide ourselves using intelligence guided by experience.

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