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TODD: I drove in to work today, and I have to admit, everything was cleaner, and I saw smiles on the faces of Americans and people just tossing one another hundred-dollar bills, almost showering one another (laughing) with money. I’m still not over this from the Washington Post that Joe Biden “showers money on Americans” and ended poverty in our era.

Just with one stroke of an autopen, he’s ended poverty. You know, there was a time — and I’m talking about the so-called COVID relief bill. We’ll hear Rush talk about just this sort of spending throughout this hour, lots of Rush’s wisdom on that. There was a time when a government job involved a tradeoff. My mom was a career teacher and a really good one. My dad was a social worker.

A lot of my family works honorably in government, and there was a time when that was a tradeoff. You know, I can remember talking about careers when I was a kid and people said, “Well, government work is always there. You don’t earn as much money, but the jobs don’t go away.” That’s no longer the case.

This so-called COVID bill, not only does it destroy the promises that Joe Biden’s dementia made during the campaign; it also builds up the fence between the people and the elites, and it’s an economic fence. They’re taking what is the truth in D.C. — D.C. does not have recessions. It doesn’t have depressions. It’s sort of funny in a horrific sort of horror show way to be in D.C. during hard economic times.

Because you hear a lot of statements like, “Yeah, that’s gotta be really hard for people. Uh, are we going outs to dinner tonight again or do we eat at home for once?” Because it’s different. Because when they want more money, they take more money. You go from the military installation behind which Joe Biden’s dementia lives, and you start there, and you work your way out.

You know, they’re just outside the White House you have the big lobbying firms, and they’re just in sight of the White House. The closer you are, the more money you have. You work your way out in concentric circles to a guy that’s selling hot dogs in Alexandria, Virginia, he’s also benefiting from this business model, “If you want more, you take more,” and $1.9 trillion is invented.

A lot of it’s invented. A lot of it’s borrowed. It goes out the door. It’s added to a $30 trillion deficit — or, pardon me, debt. But that’s the official debt. Here’s another wall between the ordinary people and real America and D.C. elites. We don’t get to keep two sets of books. (laughing) I challenge you as a business owner. Man, I challenge you one day.

You know, if you apply for a bank loan, or let’s say you’re gonna take your company public and you’re meeting with underwriters, and the underwriters say, “Well, let’s have a look at the P&L, take a look your books.” (laughing) “Do you want to see the official books or do you want to see you the unofficial books that we don’t normally show people?”

This is separate sets of rules, and there’s separate sets of math. We don’t have this money, and the way it’s being handed off to… You know, you talk about special interest groups. I don’t even know that it’s that anymore. It’s really them taking from us and giving to themselves, and that’s always been the case, but somehow, it’s more perverse now.

There’s another aspect to this that I find extremely interesting, and this is a psychological aspect of this that I think a lot of what the party… When I say, “the party,” by the way, I’m referring the left, but I’m referring to an expansive left. So technocrats are part of the left. Like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, they’re part of the left. Bill Gates is part of the left.

Jeff Bezos is part of the left. They all see that Big Government can give them things, such as treating you as a product, like treating us as a product. So Rush has talked a lot about the elites and the deep state, and there’s this aspect to this is becoming more perverse psychologically. The Democrats wanted this money to go to murderers.

Dylann Roof is going to get 1400 bucks. The Boston bomber is going to get that because the Democrats insisted that they get that. Is that a statement to other violent people? Here’s my theory: It is about putting us on tilt. Here’s another theory: It’s about us talking about that and not be the $1.5 billion to a failed train, a fake company called Amtrak.

It’s not a company. Companies don’t get to dip into the public trough this way when they continue to lose money. They don’t ever need to worry about making money because they will always get bailed out because it’s parasitic to the East Coast. Don’t get me wrong. I like the Acela trip from D.C. to New York as well.

But I also, when I rode that, when I lived back there, I used to put on Twitter (back when I used Twitter), “I want to thank the people of Iowa for subsidizing my luxury ride from D.C. to New York.” I’d get a lot of responses. What are you mean? Well, you’re paying for this. You guys are underwriting this. This so-called COVID refusal bill is thick with these aspects, Amtrak specifically.

So I think the Democrats and the party would love us to talk about Dylann Roof and would love us to talk about the Boston bomber, and we have. But I’d much rather go back, and I’d much rather dip into the history that Rush has left us and bequeathed us, because he knew the left like no one else. Do you remember over a decade ago when Obama told us the stimulus bill was all about “shovel-ready jobs”?

I know what he was shoveling. You do too. But just like Biden is telling us or at least his teleprompter is telling us that the COVID relief bill is about fixing our broken economy… You remember he’d say that? Given how teachers are a factor in this alleged COVID bill, it’s interesting to go back and hear Rush talk about how they were a factor during Obama’s so-called stimulus or Porkulus, too, not the private sector.

RUSH: From Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, October 13th of 2009: “State Public Sector Jobs Benefit from Stimulus.” Look at me. Look at me and listen. “The first solid — if still incomplete — employment numbers for federal stimulus spending by Wisconsin state government show that retaining government positions was job one.

“Three-fourths of 8,284 stimulus-related jobs accounted for so far were public-sector posts protected by the federal infusion into state and local government coffers, Gov. Jim Doyle’s office reported. That included teachers, police officers and other government workers. Of the remaining one-fourth, it’s not clear how many are private sector jobs, and whether the jobs were retained or newly created.”

So a full 75% of 8,000 “stimulus-related jobs” accounted for so far were public sector posts. So Milwaukee got a portion of the stimulus. Seventy-five percent of the stimulus was spent on maintaining public sector jobs, exactly what I just told you the stimulus was for. This is from the story: “The main effect of the stimulus money that went to state and local governments was to prop up health care and education spending so the state could balance its budget without huge tax increases.” [repeats]

“The main effect of the stimulus money that went to state and local governments was to prop up health care and education spending” for state employees. Not private sector employees “so they could balance their budget without huge tax increases.” Of the stimulus bill in Wisconsin (I don’t have the amount of money at my fingertips), 75% of it went to protect 8200 public sector jobs in Wisconsin and their health care plans.

You thought the stimulus was about building a road or a bridge or refurbishing something. Shovel-ready jobs, right? You thought it was all about reducing the national unemployment rate and fixing the recession. It wasn’t. It was about making sure union people stayed employed so they can continue to pay dues to the Democrat Party during a horrible recession.

TODD: And Rush just said it — and here it is multiplied 10 times, the biggest amount of money that we’ve seen doled out and invented and borrowed in maybe forever. There’s no accountability to this. I’m reminded of a meeting I had with a congressman back in the day when I worked in D.C., and he looks me in the eye, and he said, “Todd, this is a raiding of the Treasury.”

I would invite people to tell me the difference between what’s gone on here with these monies being poured into the teachers’ union who spent a year not teaching. Many of them are still saying, “Oh, no, this is a death sentence if we have to teach,” and you say to them, “Wait. A death sentence?”

And they say, “Yeah, I’ll tell you about it, but I gotta go. I’m hopping a flight to Cabo. I gotta stop by the grocery store first.” My mom was a teacher her whole life, and I can criticize the dynamic of this, that the payoff to the unions in the future — monies that aren’t even gonna be spent this year — can’t possibly be related to COVID.

I’d love to see the Republicans do something. Well, I’d love to see them do something, but I’d like to see them do something very specific. Simple thing. No one in D.C. can earn more than 10% above the average salary for their sort of work in their state. You’re a government accountant? Sweet. You can get 10% above what average accountant gets in your hometown.

I’d love to see just, “Hey, you want fairness? Let’s make it fair. Let’s rely on fairness. You can’t have any retirement plan that we don’t have.” The problem is they’d love that ’cause they’d put us all into a government system. So much more to follow. Words of wisdom from Rush, including a syndrome that he in fact found out that Biden suffers from.

This was not well known enough, and it deserves a cure.


TODD: We know that Rush was the Doctor of Democracy, but, you know, he also had an unheralded degree in psychiatry. He, of course, described and discovered TDS, the Trump Derangement Syndrome. But he also discovered something called BDD, and we’re gonna dig into that in the next segment, another aspect of Rush’s life, an unheralded psychiatrist.

I want you to hear something. It’s like one minute and 49 seconds of Rush’s wisdom, but I want you to hear this in terms of Rush the economics professor. And then I want to take what Rush says and give you an example of how as — What would I be? — a Rush clone, a Rush Baby, a Rush… You know, we’re all in conservative talk radio… Don’t ever let anybody…

Never let anybody say otherwise. All of us owe the three hours a day that we do or four hours a day — we owe this — to the guy who saved the AM dial, cemented this, and then invented this effective format that so many of us follow. Even those of us, you know, who let’s say, for instance, my local show in Seattle, I don’t take calls, usually. We do a lot on text, et cetera.

But there’s still this format, and still the freedom to do this came from Rush. Listen to this as an economics lesson as related to government spending, ’cause Rush gave… He gave every entry-level EIB student a briefing on economics, as designed by the party of brute force — that’s the Democrats — and how your life’s energy goes through a money laundering system when you pay taxes.

RUSH: Now, remember, the Porkulus bill was created and it was sold under the auspices of creating private sector jobs — reviving hiring, reviving employment. It was supposed to help us out of the recession. Nothing more than a slush fund.

Now, the money laundering aspect of it is quite simple, and this became paramountly obvious to me in the Wisconsin battle. I wish it had struck me years ago because it’s been a money laundering operation for decades. Citizens pay taxes. That tax revenue goes to the states.

The states take the money and hire people who work in the state government, local governments as well. So taxpayer revenue is used to hire sate workers, who are always unionized. Those state workers (who are unionized) must pay union dues. In many states, the deduction of dues is automatic. The employee does not write a check.

It’s simply deducted from his state payroll check or deposit. So when a public sector employee pays union dues, where does that money end up? A portion of it ends up somewhere in the giant Democrat Party nationwide, statewide campaign apparatus.

So private citizens, in Wisconsin and elsewhere, end up donating to the Democrat Party via state and public workers. It’s a money laundering operation, and that’s what the Porkulus bill was. It was to make sure that during the recession, state workers did not lose their jobs so that Democrats did not lose their campaign money.

Pure and simple, that’s it.

TODD: Boom. Economics lesson. Let me expand on this as informed by years of listening to Rush. When you hear — and often its local reporters on TV, “The congressman says federal dollars are on the way to help complete the road project. Today governments, Democrat Big Head Slick Shoes said that he’s pursuing federal dollars to help make up the difference.”

Of all things in government, of all things economic, the biggest myth in the world is the existence of federal dollars. It is the biggest shell game in history. If you doubt this, play a game. In your family, go to your son or if you have a working-age child who has a job and say, “Hey, you know what? We’re gonna tax, but don’t worry. You’re gonna get it back.”

So take 10 bucks from ’em. Pay yourself let’s say three bucks for having taken it and then take two bucks and put it in your retirement account. So now we’ve got $5. Now, there’s other people involved in that, maybe you recollect go to your wife and say, “Hey, could you take this five bucks and make change and keep a dollar for the privilege, or for the time you spent on that?”

And then go to your younger child or your neighbor and say, “Hey, can I borrow nine bucks?” So you come back and you’ve got $14. Now, obviously people who carry that dollar over there to you, they’re gonna need, you know, maybe a tip on that. So it’s down to 13 bucks. Now you go back to your kid and you say, “Hey, look, I — I — I distribute some of this to your sister so the $14 is $7.

“I’m gonna give you this $7 back, all right? And this is a bonus for you. Now, you can spend this as you see fit. However, there’s some rules that come with it.” “What do you mean, rules, Dad?” “No, no. I’m giving you the $7. This is now parental money. I’m giving you parental money; so therefore, I get to put some rules on how the parental money is spent.

“The first part of the parental money spending is you need to now join my parental union. So I’m gonna need some fees out of this, but don’t worry, that’s gonna help me stay elected as your parent.” There are no federal dollars. There are only dollars from people in states or only state dollars, and there’s not even state dollars. I know you can extend this metaphor down to it’s all our money.

But the prevailing thought… You hear phrases in state government like “federal windfall.” Well, we’ve got a windfall of federal dollars. No, you have a windfall of debt and rules and payoffs and grift. One of the things we can do to continue Rush’s legacy is not use the words of our opponents and don’t let them get away with this. This is a key lesson for young people — or, as Rush would have said, young skulls of mush.

There’s no such thing as federal dollars.

There’s only federal taking and debt and rules.

Everything else is an utter illusion.


TODD: I want to make sure that we get time for this because I want to pay off this BDD syndrome. Doctor of Democracy, America’s Real Anchorman, the official Truth Detector, the Maha — all-knowing, all-seeing, all-caring — was also an unheralded, unheralded psychiatrist of genius, Rush Limbaugh discovered a syndrome from which Biden suffers. So, in addition to describing Obama’s spending as Porkulus, Rush Limbaugh also said he suffered from BDD, the budget deficit disorder.

RUSH: Obviously Obama has BDD, Budget Deficit Disorder. It’s akin to Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s a condition where a person is easily distracted, has difficulty staying focused on an individual activity for any period of time — and I’ve looked here. I think the symptoms of BDD, Budget Deficit Disorder, may include being easily distracted.

You miss details, you forget things, you frequently switch from one activity to another, have difficulty maintaining focus on one task. You become bored with a task after only a few minutes — unless doing something enjoyable — and you have no ability to listen. I think that pretty much sums up where we are here. (interruption)

No, I’m not gonna get into whether there’s a drug therapy for this. No, no, no. I’m just telling you: I think we’ve got a disease here, Budget Deficit Disorder, and it’s clear now. Two years ago to this day, Obama promised us his stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%. Has anybody noticed it’s not been under 8% since Obama implemented the stimulus?

It was 7.8% in January of 2009 when the immaculation occurred. It was 8.2% in February of 2009. It has not been below 9% since April of 2009, and if you go back and look, unemployment really ratcheted up after the ’08 election, when businesses said, “Uh-oh,” and were expressing fear of what was coming.

TODD: I can tell you (laughing) from my time in D.C., that stuff stuck. I know that we listen to Rush and we enjoy it and get a kick out of it. I can tell you that that stuff sticks to people there. One of the challenges I think that we have on our side is things are so serious and we are in this death battle with communism.

But one of the tactics that Rush employed better than anybody, as I said before, was mocking people in ways that sometimes they didn’t know they’re being mocked. But also just revealing that despite their bad intentions for the country, there are people who want to tear the country apart. There are people who want to rip us asunder.

They’re part of the party, the leftist party. Revealing stupidity and dishonesty and duplicitous behavior and lies is still such a potent thing. Americans have trouble believing that there are people who want to see the country fall. Because they don’t want to believe it. They have no trouble looking at that and saying, “That’s stupid,” and Rush did such a good job of nailing that home.

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