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TODD: Let’s talk to George in Lynchburg, Virginia. George, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. You have experience with this — this terribly dangerous, this deadly drug, this hydroxychloroquine. Did you make it through? Are you okay? Did you survive the hydroxychloroquine?

CALLER: Well, first, hello, Todd. You know, we love you in Lynchburg. We miss Rush so much, but it helps when you play clips from his past shows.

TODD: Yes.

CALLER: It’s timeless wisdom, sort of like the Bible.

TODD: (chuckles)

CALLER: It just doesn’t grow old. You were talking about immigration. You know, when I’m in Third World countries — and I’ve been in Nepal, Malaysia, Kenya, and Uganda in the last four years — I’ve been asked by nearly everyone, “How can I get into America?” but, you know, America can’t absorb the world’s poor.

TODD: Yeah.

CALLER: It’s better if you want to help that we just help people live successfully where they are.

TODD: Yeah.

CALLER: You know, regarding hydroxychloroquine, Trump was right about hydroxychloroquine, and I think the problem with it is, it’s so cheap. And Big Pharma must own Biden (chuckles) and must own Fauci as well. We’ve been using it… Well, I’ll go back. My group went into Uganda after Idi Amin was overthrown in 1979, and the rivers were so full of bodies — mainly Christians bodies — that the crocodiles weren’t even bothering them.

TODD: Mmm.

CALLER: We’ve been working to repair the damage of tyranny since 1985, and we’ve been taking hydroxychloroquine since 1985.

TODD: Wait. So let me just stop for a second. A, let me thank you for that beautiful mission, that dangerous mission. But, B, George are you sure you can continue with the call? Because hydroxychloroquine, CNN has told us, deadly. Are you sure you’re okay?

CALLER: (laughing) It’s harmless!

TODD: (laughing)

CALLER: It’s warded off disease and it’s cheap! It’s warded off everything that I’ve ever come in contact with since 1985. I get my supply from Canada, and I have to say when I order it that I’m not taking it for covid.

TODD: (laughing)

CALLER: If even say I’m taking it for covid —

TODD: (laughing)

CALLER: — they’re not gonna send it to me.

TODD: (laughing) “Oh, no, it’s, uhhh, malaria. It’s an antimalaria drug ’cause I’m going back down there.” Do you ever…? Now, I know that President Trump really was correct about hydroxychloroquine. Did you ever drink that pool or aquarium cleaner? Was that…? That’s a different hydroxy. Did you ever try that?

CALLER: I don’t think anybody did.

TODD: (laughing) No, but there’s a woman…

CALLER: He was so —

TODD: No, no, there was a woman who turned out to have been a Democrat kind of agitator type who had gone to the press and said, “My boyfriend, he heard Trump say hydroxychloroquine, and he took some,” and it turned out to be aquarium cleaner. I just… I look at the politicizing of this and what CNN was willing to do to say:

“Breaking news on CNN! Donald Trump has suggested that people will inject bleach into their lungs using a syringe.” It was just so politicized. George, I appreciate the phone call. Thank you for recognizing the work that the Team EIB has done to make sure Rush’s wisdom is still with us, and God bless you for that beautiful mission that you and your group went on. Glad you’re safe.

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