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TODD: Here’s another way to take Rush’s wisdom from then and to bring it forward now. We talk about covid, as we talk about how it’s just been politicized — and, all of a sudden, the World Health Organization says, “Oh, yeah. All those PCR tests? Those are junk. Don’t rely on those for cases,” and blue state governors started demanding the schools open.

All this exactly as Rush described it to us. While Americans were struggling to pay their mortgages and were locked out of work, Joe Biden treated covid like a political issue, and Rush rightly said Joe Biden doesn’t know what it is to be a man.

RUSH: I thought this was profound last night. This is Joe Biden doing a segment on the covid-19 pandemic.

BIDEN: He says that we’re, you know, we’re learning to live with it. People are learning to die with it. You folks at home will have an empty chair at the kitchen table this morning. That man or wife going to bed tonight and reaching over to try to touch their — out of habit where their wife or husband was, is gone. Learning to live with it? Come on. We’re dying with it.

RUSH: “Come on. We’re dying with it.” The problem I have with this is that Biden is treating this like any other political issue. And it’s a mistake to do that. Nobody, nobody wants anybody to die from covid, and nobody’s doing things to facilitate death. Biden is attempting to say that Trump doesn’t care. Trump doesn’t think we can stop it, Trump doesn’t care, so people are dying, and that’s why Trump says we gotta learn to live with it.

Biden doesn’t understand. If I may be so bold, Biden doesn’t know what it is to be a man. There’s a reality out there. There’s a virus. There’s one of countless viruses out there. Most viruses we do not have a vaccine for. Most viruses we do not have a cure for, by definition. We still don’t have a way to deal with AIDS. We don’t have a vaccine for AIDS. We certainly don’t have a cure for it. We don’t have a cure for the flu. We don’t have a cure for the common cold. What do we do? We live with it. We adapt. We do whatever we have to do. We can’t do anything else.

We can’t, as Trump said, hide in the basement. Leaders sure as hell can’t. Trump can’t find a room in the residence and just hole up in there until this thing goes away. That’s not how men deal with it. And real women. I’m not trying to be gender oriented here. I’m trying to be mature oriented.

But what does Biden want? Biden wants to make it look like, “Oh, Trump’s given up, thrown up his hands in frustration. Trump can’t do anything about it, and so you’re just gonna die.” No. That’s not at all. Trump is working as hard as anybody with others who are working as hard as anybody to do what can be done to stop a virus. But the dirty little secret is nobody’s got the answer. We’re working hard.

All kinds of people are sacrificing time and money and effort to come up with a vaccine, a therapeutic. And we’re making great strides. We’re making great headway. Look at how quickly Trump was able to recover. It means it can be done. Biden wants to take that, “Ah, he doesn’t care.” I don’t know if Biden even knows what Trump means when he says we’ve gotta live with it. I really don’t. I don’t know if a liberal man knows what “we have to learn to live with it” means. If they think like Biden does, that we have to give up and we don’t care who dies, they haven’t the slightest idea about maturity, about limitations.

There’s nothing, there’s not a single thing Joe Biden could do differently that would have made a hell of a difference, any kind of a difference in what we’re doing with covid-19 and how we are advancing it. And how we are dealing with solutions to it. There’s not a damn thing Joe Biden knows or anybody else on the Democrat side. There’s nothing any of them could do differently.

So they have to resort to: “Trump doesn’t care. Trump doesn’t care if you die. Well, I do. That vacant chair next to you at the breakfast table.” The mature way to react to this is, we are learning to live with it. That’s why we have to reopen. We cannot continue to keep massive American cities responsible for so much of our economy shut down. We cannot run away from this. We cannot keep the schools shut down.

None of this is dealing with it! Further shutdowns, further lockdowns don’t advance anything. They just delay the inevitable, and what’s the inevitable? Dealing with it! What’s the inevitable? Living with it! We live with the flu. We live with cancer. We live with all kinds of terminal diseases. We do not run and cower in the corners.

Why do we want to run and cower in the corner from covid-19? Because it’s a political issue where people like Joe Biden and the media think they can destroy Donald Trump over it. Think of all the things in our daily lives that harm us. How many of them do we fail to live our lives because of? How many of us never leave home? How many of us never go do this or do that because of potential deadly dangers outside?

But yet covid-19 (sputtering), “Why, we need to hunker down! We need to — we need to lock down! We need to shut down. We need to — we need to — we need to come to grips with dying with it,” and I hate this pessimism. I hate this negativism these people want to force on us. I hate this can’t-do-itism that they are trying to permeate our culture with.

They are not who we are as Americans. The left’s way of dealing with this stuff is not the American way of dealing with it. Biden’s running around talking about, “We’re learning to die with the virus.” No. We’re learning to live with it! We’re learning what we have to do to live with it. We’re learning what the options are if we want to actually live instead of hunkering down in a basement.

TODD: Those are the most brilliant remarks about Biden’s approach to this that anyone’s ever gonna hear, and to state right out front “Joe Biden may not know how to be a man” is brilliant.

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