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TODD: You know Joel Pollak? He is… Pollak? Decide that the right way. He’s a writer of Breitbart, has a radio show as well. He has called out Circle Back Psaki. Jen Psaki. I call her that ’cause she’s constantly saying, “I need to circle back.” The job as a professional… I’m not trying to be cruel. But it’s one thing to be a professional liar.

But when you’re a professional liar for a man who’s severely in cognitive decline, you gotta wonder are you to lie or to pander during the day? So Jen Psaki was responding to sort of a progressive question from a no-doubt liberal reporter about when are you gonna do this great big weather bill — sorry — global cooling — sorry — what is it? Climate catastrophe.

When are you gonna do the great big trillion-dollar climate change package? Jen Psaki just goes on this rant of, it’s only 49 days; we’re about to pass an historic… progressive bill in American history. It’s passing today and she was almost apoplectic. Wait, wait, wait, where’s our cred? We’re wasting money as fast as we can; we’re doing back door reparations as fast as we can.

We got our reparations-money printing press back here, and the dollars come out, and it says on the top “reparations,” but you can only see it in ultraviolet light if you’re black. You know, it’s that sort of thing. And what Joe Pollak says here… This is a quote from his piece. He says, “I think Psaki and company are thinking of using this covid relief bill to create a permanent subsidy to the poor, including illegal aliens.”

I think Joel Pollak has this absolutely right. I mean, they’re all but signaling this. I don’t know if it’s this way in your states, but in a lot of the blue states — which are becoming separate countries. Like Oregon and specifically Washington I know very well. You know, the so-called governor there, Inslee, has seized people’s homes, effectively.

People who are gonna retire based upon the cash flow from rental properties, Inslee’s come along and said, “Your tenants never need to pay you rent, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” and there are people… I know a couple who live in the garage of one of their rental homes because the other people are not paying rent, and they need a place to live.

The tenants have kindly said, “Yes, you can live in the garage and you can use the bathroom a couple times a day.” How’s that go back? All of a sudden, the blue state governors come along and say, “Okay, now you need to pay rent”? So they’re saying this is “progressive” right. Think about that word. Think about it, and then let’s have the Maha just break it apart.

‘Cause Rush perfected the art of making the complicated easy to understand. He also perfected the art of disambiguating; that would be “making things clear,” for the people of Rio Linda. See, I grew up with Rush well. He did this disambiguated political gobbledygook as the Maha did, and he’ll do it right here when he dismantles the word “progressive.”

RUSH: I just got an email from a friend who thinks there’s a better way of delineating between the factions in the Democrat Party. Now, off the top of my head in the middle of improvising and — as I always do — ad-libbing each monologue I do, I just referred to them as the socialist, Marxist, communist wing versus the standard, ordinary liberal Democrat. My friend says, “That’s not the way to do it. The way to do it is call it the radical wing versus the progressive wing. I think that would be better.”

The radical wing of the Democrat Party versus the progressive wing? I maintain to you that this term “progressive” is one of the biggest lies in all of politics, and the reason I don’t call ’em “progressives” is because they’re not. They are regressives! They want to take us back to poorer economic times, larger and bigger government. They want to roll back freedom. There is nothing progressive about these people and I’m not gonna call ’em that. They’re socialist/Marxist.

I don’t believe there’s any difference. When you get right down to it, between the radical Democrat Party, the radical leftists and the so-called progressives, the difference is that the Pelosi and Schumer types wish they’d shut up about it and mask who they are rather than be open about it. But I don’t think there’s much difference. I think the radicals have taken over this party and people like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and the rest of them have been forced to go along with it.

TODD: Brilliant. The word “progressive” means the opposite, regressive, going back in history. Rush had selected at one time Walter Williams, a great, great gentleman who’s passed… Oh, it just occurred to me. Walter Williams and Rush are together in heaven. That’s cool. Walter Williams had said that freedom is not the natural state of things; it’s not.

You look through history, it’s been much more common that us little folk have been effectively sharecroppers — literally and figuratively sharecroppers — and this is what the left is trying to return us to: A state of servitude. You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy, World Economic Forum says. You’ll have universal basic income, and you’ll need not anymore — and you know what?

The sad part is there are people who say, “Yeah, I’m good now. I’ve got a UBI.” It’s not like the UBI will go up every year. No, except it will. So it is a regressive thing because fewer and fewer and fewer people are going to make decisions for all of us, and some of their decisions are whack. Well, it’s easy to find the ones that are. You point to a decision that’s whack.

Andrew Cuomo (summarized), “Hey, let’s put sick people with covid into the one place where people are most likely to die from covid.” Now, you can take that from a secular perspective. You can take it from a religious perspective. God could have said in the Garden of Eden… He could have hired an EPA. He could have hired a bureaucrat. “Eve, read the label on the apple. Read the label. It says, ‘Do not remove from the tree.'” It’s like a mattress label.

Do not remove the thing. It’s a federal penalty to remove that that tag on your mattress. We’ll put you in — or you know what? We’ll just take away the Garden of Eden. He could have done that, but he’s pro-freedom. There’s nothing, nothing more regressive than a small group of people leveraged it might of those in power to do their bidding, and this is what we’re seeing.

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