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TODD: Let’s talk to Tristan in Richardson, Texas. Tristan, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host today. Welcome, Tristan.

CALLER: Hi, Todd. Mega honor. Mega dittos. Thank you.

TODD: My pleasure. My pleasure.

CALLER: Well, I am a Rush Baby. I literally grew up listening to Rush since 1988. I fought rush hour traffic, and everyone’s out in their cars listening to their car radio to listen to Rush. That’s why I thought that. My little toddler self called the radio in house the “Limbaugh.” I mispronounced it the “Limbaugh,” my parents tell me, but I thought the radio was “Limbaugh.” Why else would you have the radio in your house?

TODD: I love this so much. Oh, my gosh. That’s gorgeous. I love it. How old are you, Tristan?

CALLER: Thirty-two now.

TODD: Man. I love this story. Okay, continue. It’s the Tristan show. I’m just gonna shut up.

CALLER: No. Thank you, sir. I love it when you guest host. Yesterday, Texas officially removed all the covid mandates. Not much changed, you know, for some businesses but the official statewide masks and lockdown mandates are all gone, and to grace us that day the TDC prepared a little sermon-ette — it aired right before you started speaking yesterday at 11 Central time — telling us to, you know, you’ve heard about the vaccine, but keep your distance avoid crowds. Going inside and especially dangerous, and keep that mask on. To top it the all off —

TODD: Finish, ’cause I have a question. No, no. Finish ’cause I have a significant question for you. Go ahead.

CALLER: Oh. Well, I was just going to say to top it all off, it sounded to me a very fake Texan accent.

TODD: That’s what I wanted to hear. Tristan, that’s what I wanted to hear. This runs in Washington state. I call it the F-116 guy. Of course, there’s the Ford F-150, but yes. It goes like this. “You know, you heard about the vaccines. Well, there’s a whole bunch you can do to keep yourself safe, such as shun family members who don’t agree with liberal policies. In fact, when I get on the back of my F-16.” “Cut! Cut! Cut! Bob, it’s an F-150.” It’s like a New York actor who does it. Now, let me ask you this. As a Texan, do you feel pandered to by that ad?

CALLER: Oh, I’ve just got a laugh or I will explode.

TODD: No, they’re so desperate to get everybody to agree to the technocratic approach to this that… You know, I’ve heard Rush talk about this, how the elites’ view states like Texas and Montana (although Montana is kind of turning blue) and Oklahoma. They actually view folks there like zoo animals that they walk by and look at. “Well, people live that way?”

CALLER: Neanderthals, right?

TODD: Right. I mean, it’s a coin of phrase. I think Joe Biden’s dementia said that.

CALLER: Joe Biden.

TODD: Right. So now on this, go forward. You’re 32. How are you going to help us honor Rush’s legacy in your real life?

CALLER: Oh, man. Well, I teach college classes. I’m a lecturer. I think of Rush every time I’ve taught an online class, like I’m going on the air. I try to follow the rules and not get fired. But I think of Rush’s optimism, his cheer. I think of him, you know, always respect your audience. Never insult your audience. My students in a way are my audience, and I try to strive for that excellence, optimism, and good cheer.

TODD: Love it. I love it.

CALLER: It’s not easy.

TODD: No. No. But look, you are a man of good cheer, and it’s just such a tremendous way to picture growing up a full Rush Baby. It’s a great phone call, Tristan. I thank you for calling Rush’s show. I appreciate it very much, and go with God’s good grace.

CALLER: God bless you, sir. Thank you.

TODD: Ah, just everybody take a break for a second. The radio was the… (laughing) the “Limbaugh”! That is beautiful.

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