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TODD: It’s one year — it is one year to the day — that the so-called World Health Organization and the CDC called covid a pandemic, and there are suspiciously similar approaches to this and global warming. We’re talking about that, that fixing it is more money to them and less freedom for us. It seems very, very suspicious, suspiciously similar.

I happen to think that God is pro-freedom because, well, we’re free. He could have built us as robots. He didn’t. I want to kick this off with something that Kevin McCarthy said in a second. It’s a real quick sound bite. I want to do a little sandwich here. First McCarthy, then I want to give you my view, and then we’re gonna top this off with four minutes and 15 seconds of the Maha, and you will see how he grasped the big picture at all times. This audio sound bite here is Kevin McCarthy. Listen to this.

MCCARTHY: So let’s be clear. This isn’t a rescue bill. It isn’t a relief bill. It’s a laundry list of left-wing priorities that predate the pandemic and do not meet the needs of American families. No wonder even House Democrats have said they are embarrassed by what is in it.

TODD: So that’s the House minority leader, and it’s a decent statement, and there’s more that I wish I had heard and will continue to hear — and I hope to hear one day from some of the officeholders on the so-called conservative side, the Republican side. We’re one year into this. Here’s a couple things we’ve learned.

The so-called World Health Organization and the CDC are more than happy to completely depart from a hundred years of evidence-based, scientifically rigorous learning about viruses like this, such as don’t lock down the healthy population. It’s counterproductive. Their own documents have said this. It’s counterproductive. So don’t do it.

Masks don’t work — we learned that in the Spanish flu — and all the evidentiary data shows that. But they’re happy to depart from that on a dime all of a sudden. We’ve learned in this year that the mockingbird media — and by that I mean media members who repeat and amplify without an ounce of skepticism the words of technocrats, statists, and leftists.

We’ve learned they can magically turn together on a dime from a stance of this virus is from China to suddenly, “It’s racist to say that, Orangeman!” From, “This is less deadly than the flu for people who are below the age of 60” and, you know, somewhat healthy, to, “No, this is The Walking Dead.” And then turn from that rhetoric to peaceful riots are safe from the virus all at once.

We watched that happen. It’s quite a bit of learning for us to have. We’ve learned that an upper-respiratory virus with a 99.7% survival rate… That includes people for whom this virus can be really serious. We’ve learned that’s an excuse now for a lot of technocrats to float the idea of a lockdown every two years of small businesses and churches and schools because of the weather, because of the…

What was it? It was global cooling, acid rain, and it was global warming. Now it’s “a climate catastrophe,” so lock us down every two years. They’re writing about it. They’re speaking it. We’ve learned that, to Democrats and their technocrat partners — and technocrats can be many people. Tony Fauci is a technocrat, in my judgment. He’s part grifter, part technocrat.

Jack Dorsey is technocrat. Bill Gates is become wildly technocratic. It’s really disconcerting to me because I’ve been blessed to work at Microsoft. I don’t know what happened to Bill. We’ve learned that the Democrats and their technocrat partners, they consider our little, tiny human desires for freedom and to earn our own living and to have our kids mentally healthy and to attend our bitterly clinging churches…

They find those freedoms bothersome when it’s done by us. Their freedoms are sacrosanct. We’ve learned something else and that is in a public health emergency, even when it lacks emergency status, Democrat governors will seize that opportunity to employ tyranny and to set up things. Like now states are having to bribe the teachers unions to come back.

And this so-called covid relief bill, this $1.9 trillion spending orgy, has almost nothing to do with covid and all to do with public unions, like teachers unions and corrupt so-called companies like Amtrak. This is on the backs of the American people. Now, that’s what we’ve learned. Now, of course, as he always did, Rush Limbaugh saw the big picture that surrounded the covid flu and everything else. And as the Sullivan Group has verified, Rush was almost always right 99.8% all of the time — and on this Rush Limbaugh was exactly right.

RUSH: I just can’t look at this as an isolated thing. I have to put it in context of everything that I know has happened in the last four years. Finally, something has come along that is accomplishing everything every enemy of Donald Trump (and us) has wanted to accomplish for the last four years. And where did it come from? It came from China. And who has been warning us about the ChiComs for longer than anybody else?

That would be Donald Trump. He was right about them. He has been right about them. Look, I know that there’s a lot of people genuinely scared out there. I know there are a lot of people really, really scared out there and it would be futile on my part to try to talk people out of that. I wouldn’t even try. But all I can tell you is I’m not and maybe tell you why.

As I say, I have a different perspective on this than many do. You can’t blame people reacting the way they’re reacting if they pay any — even scant — attention to the media. If you read just two or three media headlines a day — pick one, pick two, pick three at random — you’re going to think that if you leave your home, you’ve got a good chance of dying, and you don’t.

But I can’t… There’s no way we here can stop a panic. There’s no way we can talk sense into a panic. I wouldn’t even try. But I’m telling you, just telling you, to me, this is just a gigantic series of question marks and red flags, all this stuff that is… It’s just the timing of it, the objectives, the gleeful, gleeful attitudes in the media about this; the gleeful attitudes that Democrat leaders have about this.

I’ll tell you what’s really more scary than anything is how the American people — some Americans, I don’t know how many it is — seem to be okay with being told they can’t do this and they can’t go there and, “You’ve got to stay here and we’re gonna quarantine you there and we’re gonna wrap you up over there. We’re gonna put you in this cocoon here and you can’t leave and you…” “Okay. Okay. Fine with me!” No, not okay.

Do you think Andrew Cuomo knows what’s best for you? He put this little quarantine around New Rochelle. I mean, this is just… Too much of this, to me, appears to be made to order for objectives that have long been held by the American left, the Democrat Party, the media, what have you. In Chicago, the mayor of Chicago has just announced that they’re not gonna dye the Chicago River green. It’s St. Patrick’s Day next week. They’re gonna eliminate it. They do it every year. They dye the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day.

They’re not going to do that. The downtown parade and the South Side Irish Parade have all been postponed as part of this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day. Over a hundred thousand people were expected to fly to Chicago. They’re not gonna go to Chicago. South by Southwest gets canceled. The mayor in Austin cancels it, and shortly after then starts begging people who live in Austin, “Hey, go ahead and go outside. Go ahead and go patronize some of our businesses. Go ahead and go out to eat.”

Well, okay. If it’s okay to do that, why did you cancel South by Southwest? “Well, because the inertia was set in motion. We’re gonna be canceling everything. We’re canceling everything we’re gonna do, any public meeting. We’re gonna play basketball games with no crowds. The baseball season’s coming up. We’re gonna play baseball games with no fans in the stands.” How long is it gonna be before the NFL decides, “You know what? We’re gonna do studio only. No fans allowed in any of our stadiums.”

Where does this end?

All right. Here it is. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. Fox Business Channel with the news.

TODD: That’s the Maha. Now, just a reminder, in March of last year Tony Fauci knew that they were using a deeply flawed test to create these cases, cases which created — according to New York Times — 95 to 98% false positives. They continued to do that. Cases, cases, cases are why economies were shut down. Hours after Joe Biden was installed into the White House behind this militarized fencing, the World Health Organization said those tests are just not trustworthy. That we shouldn’t trust them the way they’re being done, hours after Biden was installed.

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