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TODD: Let me just remind you some things about what the left is doing to science. They’re softening it. Bill Gates is giving money to an organization that says math is racist. Why? Because objective fact is racism. Truly. Truly that’s a real thing. The softening of science on the front of gender. There’s a real thing that people go through, a surgical process and a hormonal process.

There are listeners on my show who’ve done it, and they’ve become friends over the years. I disagree with it, I wish people wouldn’t, and they become friends over the years. That was called “transsexualism.” Now they’ve changed it to a soft science, transgenderism, and it just means, “I feel this way.” It is not scientifically sound. Cases.. I interviewed a doctor — no, an epidemiologist — from Harvard.

He was part of the Great Barrington Declaration that wanted the lockdowns to end because they were getting people killed. I said, “Doctor, didn’t cases used to mean people were sick and now it doesn’t?” It was so sad. He said, “Yes, yes, yes. I’m surprised a layman knows this. Yes, we used to say a case meant there was a confirmed illness, and it doesn’t mean that with covid, and it’s making it seem much worse.”

Softening of the science. You may have never heard — although there’s been some Fox News specials on it — Evergreen State quote, “College” in Washington. One of the things the social justice warriors wanted there was to invade the hard sciences. They want to control truth, folks, is what they want. They want to be able to make science malleable so it’s outcome based.

So it can do whatever they want it to do, right? Justify lockdowns every two years for the weather. Wouldn’t you know it! Almost, I think, it’s six years ago, Rush was on to this. He was always a voracious reader. Kathryn Limbaugh told Mark Steyn when they chatted on this program that Rush’s brain just craved information.

So not a surprise that six years ago, Rush we discovered something called Lysenkoism, which Democrats love because it allowed them to pretend — in that case poverty — that gets in people’s DNA, and abracadabra! Instant, lifelong victims. Listen to Rush Limbaugh explain this.

RUSH: There actually is a scientific and historical term for the claim that environment can cause inheritable changes in DNA in a single generation. The name for this, the historical term is Lysenkoism. Capital “L,” Lysenkoism. Lysenko was a guy. He was Josef Stalin’s house biologist. I kid you not.

(laughing) He was a freaking communist, and he’s the guy that came up with the idea that environment can cause inheritable changes in DNA in a single generation, Lysenko. And it has the term Lysenkoism. Now, the obvious appeal (laughing) to liberals is thus understandable: A former communist biologist comes up with this. This makes it all perfectly clear.

Lysenkoism, by the way, if you look it up… Let me spell it for you ’cause I know a number of you want to research these things on your own. L-Y-S-E-N-K-O. Lysenko. Lysenkoism is also synonymous with scientific fraud? How could it not be? It traces back to communism. It traces back to a mass murderer, Josef Stalin. So if you want to look it up on your own, you will see that.

It turns out that Lysenkoism is also defined as “the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.” Like global warming. Lysenkoism is “the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process,” which is exactly what the libs are doing claiming that poverty is converted to your DNA and it becomes part of your genome. (laughing) It’s absurd.

TODD: It’s six years ago, and now there’s softening the sciences across the board. I’ll repeat my prediction. No one having passed on to heaven will have a greater impact on ongoing political discourse than Rush H. Limbaugh III.

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