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TODD: Back in the day, if you so much as criticized Barack Obama, it was racism. I remember when this report came out that he liked the White House really warm and it was at a time when he had said (impression), “You can’t have your house at 70 degrees all the time and think the rest of the world’s okay with it.” And I said something on social media when I was at the RNC. I said, “Oh, well, he gets to keep the White House at 78 degrees.”

That was racism. You couldn’t criticize him. Well, we all remember that, right? I mean, a rodeo clown got banned from the rodeo business for wearing an Obama mask. Rush… Rush used a technique called malicious compliance to beat the mockingbird media at the silly race-baiting game, and he got some help from a man the New York Times (chuckling) recently says does not exist.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I had a conversation with a friend Wednesday afternoon after the program, and he said, “How are you going to handle this? You know, nobody’s criticizing Obama. How are you going to do this? How are you going to handle criticizing the first black American to run for president?” I said, “I’m gonna do it the way I always do it. First, at the top of the list, I’m gonna do it fearlessly. I’m not gonna bow to political correctness.

“I’m gonna do it with humor. I’m gonna focus on the issues. I’m gonna react to what he says. It’s simple. Do it just like if it were any other case, a man, right? He’s a liberal. How do I criticize liberals? I criticize them.” But I have devised, ladies and gentlemen, an even more creative way of criticizing Obama. I have just this morning named a new position here on the staff that is the “Official Obama Criticizer.”

The EIB Network now has an “Official Obama Criticizer.” He is Bo Snerdley, and we are going to illustrate the first sort of… You might call this a pilot. But I think it’s gonna work and we will do this, as warranted, when Obama needs to be criticized, our official criticizer, Bo Snerdley, will do so, and we’ve got something really here to criticize. If you watched the debate last night, Obama came out with something that’s unbelievable, just unbelievable. This is what he said.

OBAMA: Heard from an Army captain who was the head of a rifle platoon, supposed to have 39 men in a rifle platoon, ended up being sent to amphibian with 24 because 15 of soldiers had been sent to Iraq, and, as a consequence, they didn’t have enough ammunition, they didn’t have enough Humvees, they were actually capturing Taliban weapons because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current Commander-in-Chief. Now, that’s a consequence of bad judgment, and, you know, the question is, on the critical issues that we face right now, who’s going to show the judgment to lead?

RUSH: All right. I now turn the program over to our “Official Obama Criticizer,” Bo Snerdley.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, African-American in good standing and certified black enough to criticize Obama guy. Mr. Obama, the claims you raise are quite serious. The allegations are so incredulous, that, quite frankly, they are difficult to believe, and I want to believe. I want to hope for change. So, with all due respect, Senator Obama, I demand you prove it. Tell America the name of the military official you spoke with and allow an independent investigation to verify these serious allegations you raise. On behalf of our EIB brothers and sisters in the hood, we’re asking you, Mr. Obama, what’s up with that, yo? You got proof? On behalf of our Hispanic brothers and sisters, we’re asking, Senor Obama, es verdad? Okay, that’s it, Mr. Limbaugh, finally somebody might be able to make Jimmy Carter look competent.

RUSH: Thank you, Mr. Snerdley. Bo Snerdley, the “Official Criticizer of Barack Obama” as we continue with Open Line Friday. It is an unbelievable claim here, that it’s easier to get Taliban weapons and it’s easier to get Taliban ammunition than it is our own because the Commander-in-Chief has not got the troops properly equipped? Mr. Snerdley is right. I would like to echo Mr. Snerdley’s criticism on this program. Prove this. This is a runaround — where’s somebody demanding proof, where’s somebody demanding the name of the military official that Senator Obama spoke to? This just can’t slide, folks.

TODD: So we may need to have someone in cognitive decline to criticize Joe Biden. And when Kamala Harris takes over, we’ll line that up, because this is the way the game is played. Rush proved how you get around the media’s silly game.


TODD: Joe Biden’s handlers chose Kamala Harris because she’s black, female, she’s utterly ruthless and willing to do anything for the party. Rush observed that there were a number of white people who voted for Obama solely because he was black, and these voters thought they were ending racism.

RUSH: Look. This is a serious question. In 2008, a tremendous number of white Americans, many of them Republicans, voted for Barack Obama for one reason: African-American. They wanted to vote, they were eager. They couldn’t wait. They wanted to vote for the first African-American candidate for president because they were fed up. They were fed up, as white Americans, of being accused of being racists.

So they couldn’t wait to vote for Obama. They didn’t care if Obama was a communist, a Marxist, or whatever he was. They are not racists, they’re not bigots, they’re not white supremacists, and they don’t know any white supremacists. So they thought the fastest way to disprove those allegations was for America to elect an African-American president. Most powerful job in the world. And that’s what happened. America, with the support of untold millions of white voters, elected the first African-American president.

And now we got eight years of Obama from 2009 to 2016. After those eight years, America’s race problems are arguably worse than ever, since the Civil War. Since the 1860s. Now, how can that be, folks? The first African-American president could not have been elected with black-only votes. The first African-American president needed millions of white votes, and he got them.

So these white voters, they didn’t care about policy, they didn’t care about anything other than showing that America isn’t racist by electing an African-American president. So after America has demonstrated that it has elected the first African-American president and that racism would not permit that, then how in hell can it be worse than it has since the 1800s?

Somebody needs to try to explain this to me. Because those white voters, they thought it would be the end of this. That’s why they did it. They thought it would be the end of racial strife. They were trying to end it. They were trying to show that there isn’t racism in America, not like the left has claimed. They’d already made Oprah Winfrey the most popular and wealthy television performer in America. There were countless African-American athletes that were among the wealthiest athletes in America.

And yet that didn’t matter. The charge still came that there was white supremacy, that there was white privilege, and that there was blatant racism everywhere. And so these voters said, “All right. We’ll elect the first African-American president. And they did. And after that, after that statement, after America going to that length to prove its not racist, look at what is being said about America today. That it is racist and it is bigoted, that there is white supremacy, that there is white privilege. And it’s worse than ever.

We need reparations. So how, folks, does all that happen? You know, it’s no small thing for a bunch of white people to band together to elect somebody on the basis of race so as to show that they’re not racist, that’s a big, big thing. And now it counts for nothing? Now it doesn’t mean anything? Now it’s almost as though it never happened. Now America is a worst racist nation than it’s ever been since the Civil War?

TODD: Truthful, race relations plummeted after Obama was elected. Now, let’s bring Rush’s wisdom to this discussion. Obama was sort of a model of a figurehead to elect. Now, Obama’s clever, he’s scheming, he’s well trained in Alinsky tactics and community agitation: Pick a group, target it, cut it off from its support base, hurt people not individuals ’cause individuals hurt faster than people, et cetera.

That worked for Obama ’til he tried it with Rush, by the way. But when people elected this black president, it was like you go to a store and you get a shiny red apple and you eat it and you find out it has a rotten core. With Obama, the great tragedy as I see it with that figurehead was he had an opportunity to really bring some settlement to race relations and to say, “Look. Look. Yes, I’ve encountered racists. The books someone wrote for me say as much. But here I am.”

He could have featured the voices of black CEOs as Rush Limbaugh did. He didn’t. He instead made things worse, and I regard it as purposeful. Now look where that as transformed this country from a figurehead president now to figurehead teachers. You have people who are teachers now only in name, and in everything else they are programmers and indoctrinators of young skulls full of mush. It’s a model that the Democrats are employing.

My wife just texted me to remind me that Kamala Harris used to identify as an Indian-American. That’s true, but that wasn’t politically advantageous. So you just shift on a dime. That’s what Democrats do. Go through the Obama Cabinet. (laughs) Pardon me. It’s a Freudian slip. Go through the Biden cabinet; find me the people who aren’t figureheads, and when you find a figurehead, really start to scratch below the service.

Who’s actually running this? I think it’s a serious question, all right? And I agree with Rush. So many people made that dive into Obama to absolve themselves. We’ll come back and we’ll hear from a great friend of Rush who actually performed Rush and Kathryn’s wedding. He’s a black man who made some effort to set the record straight on that.


TODD: We earlier played a classic bit of Bo Snerdley as the Official Obama Criticizer, because of course, it was racist to criticize Barack Obama, and Bo… Bo was certified black enough to criticize him. So we have a gentleman named David in Lakewood, Ohio, joining us on Rush’s show and wants to apply to be the official Biden criticizer. David, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host. And what you saw you, sir, to be the official Biden criticizer?

CALLER: I am uniquely qualified. I was never a method candidate, but several years ago I had an accident that scrambled what few brains I ever had, and now —

TODD: Can I stop you for a second? I hate to interrupt you. Is it okay 15 you amusing? Because what you just said is, A, very tragic, but the way you’re describing it is very comedic? Is it okay if I find this amusing?

CALLER: Of course. You —

TODD: (laughing) Okay.

CALLER: The only way to get through crap like this is with a sense of humor. What am I gonna do, sit around and feel sorry for myself?

TODD: (laughing).

CALLER: Hell, no.

TODD: So your —

CALLER: I forget words, and I have trouble taking in new information, and I forget names. I mean, introduce me to you; five minutes later you’re, “Hey, you.”

TODD: Yes.

CALLER: And sometimes in the middle of a conversation, I’ll go off on a tangent. So I am extremely stupid, and I am uniquely qualified to understand Joe Biden.

TODD: If I had the power as a guide host to name you the criticizer, I’ve to do that. I have to tell you another thing: You are a winner. Brother, David, you are a winner. You have God’s energetic in you that you are viewing this injury this way. You don’t sound stupid to me in the least. I’m telling you look. Man to man. Radio host to brain-injured person. Dude, you could be a comedian. Like you could be the TBI comedian, traumatic brain injury comedian. Have you thought about that?

CALLER: Yeah, but I’m not smart enough.


CALLER: They had one back in the early eighties that he was, not autistic or whatever —

TODD: Oh, I remember. Yes, I remember this. I remember this. Listen, I have no power here. I am blessed to be able to do this, to fill in, to be the guide host.

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