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TODD: Eileen in Upland, California, has a theory as to why the Democrats have loosed this political hit on Andrew Cuomo. Eileen, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host.

CALLER: Hey, thank you so much, Todd. I know we don’t have much time. But I wanted to say that I’m a 25-year listener and just so appreciate Rush’s dedication to our country, the Constitution, and We the People.

TODD: Amen.

CALLER: I’m calling because you have four reasons why they’re gonna make Cuomo go one way or the other, okay?

TODD: Yep.

CALLER: Number one, he’s outlived his usefulness because they had to elevate him up above Trump and make him to be the really good guy that people would look at as a Democrat. Number two, even though we believe he’s a liberal, he’s not liberal enough for the leftist socialists that are running our country now.

TODD: (laughing)

CALLER: Number three, they knew these things were gonna come out about him and women and what a brute he is. Just like you or someone mentioned a few minutes ago, there were the wobbly 20, 30, 40, 50 women who may have the courage to step up and explain the things that he’s been doing. So they’ve known about this all along. And while they normally circle the wagons this time, they’re not gonna do it. Number four, the biggie is they do not want him to run against Kamala in 2024, knowing that he’s a stubborn, narcissist, ambitious man who wants to run for the presidency. Is that good?

TODD: Dang! It’s the Eileen show. Eileen, that was awesome. I’m gonna submit one for your perusal and the clock will then be kicking me in the teeth here.


TODD: They do not want the media talking about the 15,000 dead seasoned citizens —

CALLER: Right.

TODD: — since Andrew Cuomo forced the nursing homes and longtime-care centers to take in covid positive patients approximately they would rather have us talk about the 30 women.


TODD: All right.

CALLER: They knew the women were gonna come out and they need the nursing home scandal was gonna come out eventually, ’cause there’s a probably criminal investigation against him.

TODD: Yep.

CALLER: So this is why they want to do the women now and this is why they’re gonna either, you know, impeach him or get him to resign. But he’s just a very stubborn guy.

TODD: Great analysis. I’m glad that we could agree to the asterisk to that. Fantastic call. Thank you for all the loyalty to EIB, Eileen. I appreciate that.


TODD: Andy Cuomo, the emperor/sometimes governor of New York… His brother is an actor at CNN. He’s a big deal. He plays a mask zealot on TV and outside of CNN, you know, he doesn’t wear ’em. He just made a statement, and I want you to hear this right here.

CUOMO: My way is: Know the facts before you have an opinion. “Oh, this is a serious allegation.” Well, then you should take it seriously, right? And to take it seriously means you need the facts before you come to a conclusion. How do you come to a conclusion before you know the facts? Look, it’s very simple. I never harassed anyone! I never abused anyone. I never assaulted anyone.

TODD: That’s Andrew Cuomo doubling and tripling down that he is not going to resign, and this is going to be a very, very interesting titanic battle, really, on the Democrat side. It will be interesting to see if anyone comes to his aid on the Democrat side, because he seems to be a guy standing on his own. In terms of know the facts, I would just say this to Andy Cuomo. We knew covid-19 was age stratified.

It really only is… It can be deadly for really older people who have comorbid conditions. They are the exact people who would be in long-term care centers and nursing homes. We knew those facts. We knew that you put covid-positive patients into those nursing homes and long-term care facilities using government force and, I think, bribes. That’s how I would characterize it.

We know that you then hid on the government website your order that caused that to happen. We know then that you said (impression), “What’s it matter when they die? How they die? They’re dead.” We know now, according to Democrats in your own party, that you hid information from the Department of Justice. These are things we know. (laughing) So going by your standard, maybe you should resign for that, since that’s your standard.

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