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TODD: Cultural references like daylight savings, they were always a Rush Limbaugh favorite. You’ll hear him here on daylight savings.

RUSH: Do you know how Daylight Savings Time is killing us? How do you think? If you just had to wild guess, it’s obviously a Drive-By Media concern. Daylight Savings Time is killing us. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Well, yes, but it’s effective sleep pattern. The one hour of sleep that we are losing every spring when we turn the clocks forward is causing people months of distress, months of sleeplessness, and it’s causing some people to die prematurely, and the story is what should we do to fix it?

Should we eliminate it? Should we go on daylight time year round? We can’t continue this way with some states on it, some states not on it. I’m sitting here, I’m thinking, okay, so these people are concerned that turning the clock forward one hour one time per year is causing sleep disorders that are ultimately killing people? With the left, virtually every wrong is killing somebody! This is just ridiculous. What about people with insomnia who don’t sleep much any night of the year? What in the world is the point they’re trying to say, turning the clocks up one hour, one day a year, is causing calamity with American sleep patterns? My God, folks, we are surrounded by so much ignorance and stupidity every day that you have to work hard making sure that it does not infect you.

TODD: Oh! Again, what did we have in the last Rush clip? It was “an unequal distribution of capitalism” is the problem, and “the ignorance that does” surround. I think that one of the big facts — and this is evident. This is evident in a real simple sense. One of the thefts from the young people is critical thinking skills, and this is part and parcel of a very combined national media that markets things like “free.”

I know that you and I hear “free college,” and we think, “It’s not free.” There are people who literally do not compute that because they’ve never been taught a simple question like, “Is it actually free?” and Democrats get away with so much in this regard. I watched with amazement, utter amazement — this has changed me forever — the coordination of the media that flipped on the dime to cases, cases, cases.

Now I watch with amazement that the media slurps up this labeling of this $1.9 trillion bailout of blue state pensions, of Amtrak, of teachers unions, and it’s called a covid relief package. Biden’s media partners slurp that up. “It’s covid relief.” Simple questions. One of the things we can do to carry on the great legacy of this program — and, frankly, to save our country — is to ask, “What portion of this is covid relief?”

With your friends who lean Democratic and therefore are sane, not yet hard leftists. Great question. How does…? It’s a serious question. “No, I’m asking you seriously to your friend. No, no, Betty, listen: How does giving the Boston bomber $1400 help with covid relief?” How does that work? How does paying a retired government employee’s pension of $350,000 per year advance covid relief?

Pointed questions like this are a counter to a media that like Rush just illustrated there, come out constantly… It’s daylight savings tomorrow… I guess it’s, what, this weekend? Constantly with people-are-dying stories almost coordinated. Everybody says the same thing. If we pick one point about the $1.9 trillion spend fest, one or two, the mass murderers or the pensions and we just hammer that in a nice way with our friends, if we can plant seeds of doubt in them, they may then realize, “Wait, I’m being hoodwinked on a massive series of things, a bunch of stuff.”

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