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BRETT: Thursday night, the big night of the big address, President Biden told us that maybe, just maybe we’d be able to gather in small groups by Fourth of July. Yet the situation at the border seems to contradict those very rules that he has set for the rest of the country in terms of covid restriction.

Look, do you remember Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said that it might not be until September or later for Canada to open the border — which, by the way, has been closed for about a year, since March of 2020? You notice there’s a shift in reporting now. Now that Biden is in office, that, well, it seems to be changing.

Terms like “kids in cages” are now softened up with “holding facilities” or “shelters.” Pelosi and Psaki describing the surge at the border as what? It’s “a humanitarian challenge” versus a “crisis.” This is something that Rush talked about a lot, which contributed to the creation of a very famous term, the term you know so well, “the Drive-By Media.”

Here’s Rush talking about that media bias.

RUSH: Say, folks, try to calm down, will you? Just try to calm down. Look. This is a unique phenomenon. It is a phenomenon that I have noticed over the course almost of the entirety that I’ve been doing this show. The best way to illustrate is I get a phone call from somebody who will point out an outrageous example of media bias anywhere — CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, whatever — and they will think they’re the only person that saw it.

And, therefore, they gotta tell me about it so that I tell everybody else. They are the only person that saw it. In other examples, they’re the only person that figured out it was biased. Everybody else is getting fooled by it. And I’ve tried to make the claim, you’re not alone. Whatever you think you’re the only one seeing, trust me, you’re not by any stretch of the imagination the only one seeing it.

Talking about the rampant, whatever you want to call it, unfairness, bias, activism, whatever it is that you’re noting that’s dispiriting you and making you mad in the media, everybody’s noticing it. The problem is that everybody thinks nobody else is noticing it and that they’re getting away with it.

And one of the reasons you think they’re getting away with it is because they keep doing it. Logic says that if it weren’t working, they would stop doing it, but since they keep doing it, you think it must be working. No. Folks, there’s no journalism happening here. You’re watching pure 100% extremist activism when you think you’re watching the news, when you think you’re watching the media.

It’s a tough thing. I know.

BRETT: It’s incredible. You’re not finding out about the news of the day. You’re finding out about the forecasted talking point that’s gonna be the next outrage, and he’s 100% right. So think about what they’re doing with the language here, okay? “Humanitarian challenge” versus a “crisis.” Can I put the lie to this? I can put the lie to this with the Associated Press. It’s a piece of cake here.

“FEMA to Help Unaccompanied Minors at U.S.-Mexico Border.” FEMA. What is FEMA? Anybody know what FEMA is? That’s the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Emergency. Crisis. They run in the same lane. (laughing) This is not a “challenge.” This is not the Federal Challenge Management Agency, the Federal Concerned Management Agency. This is the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

This is hurricanes, wildfires, space alien invasions, the plagues of locusts destroying the fields of crops, all of that kind of stuff. That’s an emergency. So the fact that Joe Biden is now calling up FEMA to get involved to take care of these children — these unaccompanied minors, these children and women – tells you it’s an emergency. It’s an emergency.

And yet I’m watching people going on the television all weekend and saying things like, “Well, it’s, um… It’s really Trump’s fault, don’t you know.” I watched one of the people in charge of the response last week do a press conference with Jen Psaki, and she comes out and she says, “Well, yeah, it’s because Trump had locked down the border and that backed up the normal flow of the people that would be coming in to the border.

“So instead of them coming in in an orderly trickle fashion with an open border, now we’ve got them all jamming the border in a historica concerna-type wonderment situation.” It is an emergency. It’s a crisis. You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve seen the number. A facility in Donna, Texas, that is supposed to hold 250 kids has 1820 kids. What do you call that otherwise?

What is that called? People are living under overpasses across from McAllen, Texas, living under overpasses. Could you imagine if similar overpasses were being used as shelters for children say in 2018, when back then in 2018 Barack Obama and Joe Biden in an effort to get Democrats elected to the House and the Senate would stand there telling you, “There’s no emergency here at the border.

“It’s not an emergency at all. The caravan’s gonna take ’em six or eight months to even get up here.” Boom. They were getting on the trains, and they were getting up. So it was on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi goes and sits down with George Stephanopoulos and tries to tell you that the administration “inherited a broken system at the border.”

What did Trump inherit? Go back to 2014. Here’s Rush reminding us of the scope of the problems at the border.

RUSH: The law that allows the unaccompanied children to stay originally was said to be a 2002 immigration law signed into law by Bush, which stipulates that children from nations not contiguous with the U.S. could not be sent back it where they came back. Now, I don’t know the history of that. I don’t know the origins. I don’t know why it was put in.

I don’t know how we prove where they’re from. I mean, when these kids show up, how do we know that they’re from where they say they’re from? (interruption) Yeah, the original purpose was designed to prevent drug cartels from exploiting them by preventing them from being used to go back and forth to bring drugs in and so forth.

That was the original purpose. It had nothing to do with amnesty. It had nothing to do with immigration, actually. The Bush law was an effort to tamp down drug cartels’ usage of these kids. Now they’re showing up. But I have come to learn that what is actually being used to allow these unaccompanied children to stay once they arrive is a Bill Clinton law that’s titled The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000.

It was intended to offer protection to illegal aliens in the U.S. who’ve been the victims of human trafficking. The bill has been renewed four times since 2000, and that is the legislation actually being used, actually being cited as the authority for allowing these unaccompanied children to stay.

In 2008, Joe Biden sponsored a renewal that was rammed through Congress during December. It was actually Christmas of 2008. Only two Republican senators voted against it. Bush signed it on December 28th of 2008. Now, the bill in 2008 contained the language that “requires alien minors from noncontiguous countries hearings and appeals if they claim to be the victims of human sex trafficking.”

And you can bet, folks, that nobody except the pro-amnesty authors of the bill knew what the consequences of that would be. Now, the 2013 renewal, which was also championed by Biden, “put in similar language to also require that women who claimed to be victims of domestic violence also get hearings and appeals,” which means they won’t be deported.

So it is not the Bush law from 2002 that is being used here. It is a Clinton law from 2000 which has been renewed four times since 2000. It’s called the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. That’s actually what is being cited officially. In the media, they’re still saying it’s the Bush 2002 law, but it isn’t.

BRETT: Make no mistake. President Trump wanted to fix the immigration system, and he laid out an extensive plan on how that should get fixed. Orderly immigration through legal checkpoints, legal points of crossing, legal ingress points across the United States. The wall was designed to stop people from crossing in the midst of the frontier, crossing in the midst of the wilderness, women and children taking incredibly dangerous trips.

You send people through the front door, not through the window. And he was shut down. He was shut down by Dick Durbin. You’ll remember that conversation that was being had about this. Dick Durbin blew up the negotiation with the blank-hole country references. It’s because the Democrats don’t want to fix this problem. Chaos is opportunity. Chaos is opportunity.

Rahm Emanuel told you that. Rush talked about that a ton of times, and he just gave you all of the background you need to counter those phony progressive arguments that you’re gonna run into when it comes to the border. “The border was a mess under Trump. The border is fine now. It’s not an emergency. It’s just a ‘concern.'”

Wrong. Up is not down and down is not up.

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