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KEN: Do you remember the Hillary Clinton lock box? I definitely want to… Have number 11 ready, Mike, that sound bite. I definitely want to play this, because I just about fell off my chair the other day, the day before yesterday. Remember that lovely interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did with Oprah? (laughing) Well, Meghan Markle actually said this in public.

She said she’s thinking about a presidential campaign, and.. (interruption) No, she did. (laughing) I’m sorry. It’s hard to keep a straight face, especially after that interview. So Meghan Markle is thinking about a presidential campaign, she’s talking to top Democrats. President of what? What club? What is she gonna be president of? (laughing) Oh, my God. All I could think of was the lock box. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: Come on! Every husband — uh, four out of every five husbands — can tell you what this is all about. This one’s not hard to figure out in any way, shape, manner, or form. But there’s no advantage to me in explaining it to you. So I shall leave you to your own imaginations and conclusions. I did explain it in great detail to Snerdley, and I had him rolling on the floor in laughter as I’m… (interruption) I can’t. There’s no way I can. (interruption) I can’t! I can’t. I cannot explain it. There’s no way. I wouldn’t survive if I did. I wouldn’t…

(laughing) Anyway, let’s see. (interruption) Okay. (sigh) I’ll guarantee you this. After the vows were repeated, she said to him, “If you think that I’m gonna get stuck over here in some little cottage that your grandmother gave us and we’re gonna run around sipping cocktails and go to horse races wearing top hats, you’ve got another thing coming,” and he said, “You could have told me that before we got married!” Now, look. When I say I am stunned by how much time the Drive-Bys are giving this story of Prince Harry and Meghan what’s-her-face leaving the royal family, I know why people are fascinated. It still stuns me the amount of hard news coverage it gets.

KEN: See? Don’t tell me history doesn’t repeat itself. Holy moly. I was getting goosebumps listening to that. History just keeps repeating itself. That’s why history’s so important, and it needs to taught in schools.

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