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KEN: I don’t mean to pick on Baltimore. I didn’t come in today saying, “All right, let’s get a bunch of Baltimore stuff.” But it’s such a wonderful example. And, for me, being in central Pennsylvania, either Philly, Baltimore, or Pittsburgh — but Baltimore and Philly are so close to where we are in central PA — and this is just such a wonderful topic because a moment ago we were talking…

Well, it was an hour ago, but time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Over 1,000 school officials make over $100,000 despite the low test scores in Baltimore. So I pulled this from Fox 5 in Baltimore. There’s a city student that in four years this individual passed three classes, in four years-of-high school, passed three classes. However, that individual ranks near the top half of his class with a .13GPA.

Now, let that sink in for a second. The only reason I bring up Baltimore is not ’cause I’m picking on Baltimore, ’cause I think it’s such a beautiful city. But it’s an example, just like New York and many other wonderful cities around this country. The destruction that ensues when progressive liberalism infects the city, when you get progressive liberalism and socialism and wokeness and all that on a beautiful waterfront city, all bets are off.

You can’t even get kids to spell. Look at New York. Look at Los Angeles. Look at San Francisco! San Francisco. Yeah, I think they got $460 million out of the $1.9 trillion. If I’m not mistaken. I could be wrong, but I think it’s $460 million. That’s how much San Francisco is in debt.

Yeah, that’s their deficit; so why not just take some money from Americans and say, “Hey, you know, as long as we’re taking care of 9% of the people with covid and the rest is going to buy people, we might as well pay off some debt.” So they did. So, again, we’re not so much picking on Baltimore as we are using such tangible examples of what happens when you import socialists into cities with so much potential.

And, let’s face it: Baltimore has been one of those epicenter cities. Not that there can be more than one, but let’s just say there was. It’s been right in the storm of the Black Lives Matter, the Antifa, the rioting. But at the end of the day, it all gets down to what these kids are being taught in school, doesn’t it? That’s what it gets down to.

Young people don’t just… They’re not birthed with these ideas. They have to be indoctrinated, and where is the best place to indoctrinate somebody? In a format, in a schedule where you can pull people out of colleges where they were indoctrinated (that’s how they get that fancy teachers degree) and then they could reindoctrinate the indoctrinatees. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: I keep telling people: The most expensive commodity we have in this country is ignorance, not gasoline, not rice, not wheat, not corn. The most expensive commodity we have is the ignorance of way too many Americans. It is ignorance that allows liberalism to prosper. America’s Promise Alliance was a group founded by Colin Powell, and they looked at high school graduation rates at America’s 50 largest cities. In 17 of our 50 largest cities, not even half the kids attending high school finish.

That doesn’t even touch on what the hell they’re being taught while they’re there. But I will guaran-damn-tee you it’s not Economics 101 in a way that they could understand it. I will guarantee you that most of what they’re being taught is a multicultural hybrid of hate America; America sucks. America’s out to screw you.

You don’t have a prayer in America. Ronald Reagan sucks. George Bush sucks. Bill Clinton was fabulous. The Founding Fathers were racists, and they were atheists, and this country originally belongs to the Indians from whom it was stolen by evil white Europeans. This is what these people come out of school knowing, thinking.

“In large metropolitan areas, you may as well draw a target around the inner cities if you want to isolate this problem. In Baltimore suburbs, over 80% of the kids graduate. Thirty-four percent who live in Baltimore’s inner-city graduate.” Suburbs okay, not great, 80%. We shouldn’t even be happy with that. There’s no excuse for anything less than 100%!

It’s basic. We all talk about education. “We gotta educate our children. We need more money to educate our children, educate,” then how can we be happy with anything less than a hundred percent? Anyway, by contrast, we’re ecstatic about 80% in the suburbs of Baltimore, because the inner city is 34%. In Detroit, about a quarter, 25% of the kids graduate. Twenty-five percent!

Indianapolis public school system, 30% graduation rate; Cleveland, 35%, inner city. In response to the report, Secretary Powell said, “When more than one million students a year drop out of high school, it’s more than a problem. It’s a catastrophe.” It’s worse than that, Secretary Powell. Let’s go back to Obama’s big race speech for a second, shall we?

Obama like every other Democrat, talks about schools failing minority kids, but he never addresses how they got that way. There’s no question that inner city schools are failing minority kids. Why do you think the biggest supporters of school vouchers are the parents of kids in inner city schools that will take the first chance they can to get them out of there and get them into a decent school?

These are primarily black and Hispanic kids in Democrat Party-run cities, and they are left to fail year after year, decade after decade! Liberalism is giving us this problem, and it has for a long time — and look at the billions that we are spending on education to boot. You throw that into the mix. You talk about being mad about something?

You talk about being mad at the high cost of something and getting nothing for it? These kids are caught in a stranglehold, folks, of liberal politics. Liberal politics is designed to keep unions strong, including the teachers, and minority kids underachieving. I mean, to the extent that there’s institutional racism in America, it is in these blue states, run by liberal Democrats for years. Their own kids are not even being disserviced.

It’s just criminal, the way they’re not being taught and what they are being taught.

KEN: Amazing. There it is in a nutshell, and that’s what the news media will not cover. Imagine if the news media covered exactly what Rush just shared with you. School boards would be different. Textbooks would be different. Study habits, everything would be different. That’s never covered. Because liberals have the advantage.

They get to be judged on their intentions, and if they mean well. They get a high five — they get a raise — even if they’ve destroyed an entire school, figuratively speaking. Conservatives, we get held accountable like President Donald Trump was. That’s why no one will show you what he accomplished. In the news media, no one will show you what exactly he was able to do in four years.

A lot of it, there were Republicans that couldn’t do it in 20. It’s the same thing in the education system. This is why I feel the fear in the news media. I think that between the false flag attack on January 6th, the scamdemic — and there’s still milkin’ it. Remember we were gonna “flatten the curve” a year ago, and we did? Well, what was that last 50 weeks? What was that?

Was that just pure totalitarianism?

What was that? What was that?

Last but not least, this ridiculousness about the election. I think Americans are starting to look at everything from education to the election, and they’re saying, “You know, I don’t think the news media’s telling us the truth,” because you were able to tune in for any day of the week and get a factual snapshot of the truth from Mr. Limbaugh, and you could watch news the entire weekend, and you’d come away and go, “What the heck are they talking about?”


KEN: Let me take Patrick very quickly, Charlotte, North Carolina. I think we can squeeze in a call here this hour.

CALLER: Hey, good afternoon.

KEN: Welcome.

CALLER: Good to talk to you. Hey, you know, this euphoria over — let’s call it what it is — a bribe, a $1400 bribe the central planners in Washington, D.C., are passing out. I’m trying to explain to my friends and associates I hang around with, this $1400 is basically gonna be eaten up through this out-of-control inflation that is presenting itself in our markets today.

You know, the Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman said inflation is taxation without representation. So, you know, we’ve gotta get a handle on it. We’ve got several fronts in this country we’ve gotta battle. We’ve got the battle down there on the Mexican border. You know, we’ve got this battle with the Federal Reserve, their out-of-control printing press that is running at warp speed. So what do you think is the answer here? Is anybody gonna stand up to Jerome Powell and his hitting high voltage to the printing press and just spitting out millions of dollars?

KEN: I’m glad you called with that question, and your timing is perfect. Ironically — and he doesn’t get a lot of credit for it, but — President Donald J. Trump was one of the few people that got into those weeds with not only the World Bank, but the Federal Reserve and everything else. President Trump had a real problem with everything you were just saying. He agreed with you a thousand percent. This whole idea of things are getting tight.

Let’s print up some more money and hand it out to people before the ink is dry, and then we’ll steal some more money from the people and print some more and hand it back to ’em, blah, blah, blah. I do believe there’s a crack in that veneer now. I think there are some people that are on to it. We just need enough so when we all decide to stop paying taxes one day, it makes an impact and we don’t all end up in prison.

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