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KEN: We have a lot to cover as we celebrate the wisdom of Mr. Rush Limbaugh, and it is amazing how it fits like a puzzle into what’s actually happening. And that’s the beauty of people that understand history, because whether we believe it or not (now, I know this audience does, ’cause you’ve read enough history and you’ve listened to enough Rush Limbaugh) history does repeat itself.

So, here we are on today, a big day for the Biden administration. Hold on a second; let me see. No, he’s still napping. But Biden’s supposed to get up from his nap at 2:15, he gets like a cinnamon cookie from Dr. Jill (’cause she’s a doctor) and then they’re gonna start their tour. They’re calling the tour, by the way, “Help Is Here.” You see? They’ve been in office for less than 60 days, and they have all the answers.

So, they’re gonna go around… You know, they just passed the American Rescue Plan. That’s what Congress passed — $1.9 trillion of everyone else’s money, including ours — and 9% of the package goes toward covid-19 relief. That is the ultimate… (laughing) that is the ultimate Democrat, leftist, progressive spending package. Almost $2 trillion and less than 10% actually going to help people that deserve the assistance and the help.

I find it interesting that the first three locations of the tour — and I’m telling you right now, you know this tour is gonna be exciting. I mean, if you’ve ever seen Joe Biden speak, you know it’s wooo! It’s like a brush fire. He’s going to Nevada, and he’s going to Pennsylvania (coming to my home state), and Georgia. Ironically, those are three states that have a Senate race coming up.

So basically, he’s going to go around and buy votes, or at least pretend to do that. 800-282-2882, the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. And, you know, Rush saw this because history repeats itself. You’ve probably seen in Bloomberg and the New York Post and the New York Times, the Biden administration is providing the first big tax hike since 1993.

At least the Democrats are consistent. I was thinking of this driving in. Gas prices up, food prices up, illegal foreign nationals and terrorists — the amount entering the country — are up, right? All energy is up, because the first thing Joe Biden did — and it’s a stroke of genius considering he’s a communist — is he got rid of our energy independence, and now he wants to raise taxes.

So it’s up, up, up, up, America! But that is not really a “Help Is Here Tour.” It’s more like, “Oh, we’re gonna take your money” tour. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: Everyone knows what’s going on. Look, this is something as a 77-year-old guy with 47 years in Washington, he knows exactly what he’s lying about here. He knows exactly what he’s misrepresenting. There’s two points about this. Biden has pledged that he’s going to raise taxes on corporations and people who make $400,000 a year or more.

Then he says that he’s going to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Well, folks, the mathematics is very simple. If he follows through and if they repeal the Trump tax cuts, then everybody is going to get a tax increase. The Trump tax cuts benefited people who make less than $400,000 a year.

The Trump tax cuts were across the board, under the premise that everybody deserves a tax cut. There’s no law that says just because you make X-numbers of millions that you have to pay more or a greater percentage than anybody else. So, there’s two things here. Biden says he’s only going to raise taxes on people who make 400 grand a year or more, but he’s going to repeal the Trump tax cuts.

Well, if he repeals the Trump tax cuts, then everybody is getting a tax increase. Everybody. Including you. He’s lying through his teeth when he tells you if you’re less than 400 grand a year that you’re not gonna get a tax increase. You are. The point about corporate taxes is exactly right.

Corporations pass tax increases along to the consumer as much as they can. There are some limitations they face, depending on the industry they are in and depending on the competitive times that they are involved in. You know, it’s not axiomatic that a corporation can raise prices on its goods or services anytime it wants.

There are tricky ways that they can raise prices, but they still have to be very careful that they’re not doing damage to themselves in the competitive realm. If their competitors are not gonna raise prices and they do, then they’ve got a problem. But generally speaking, in a philosophical sense, corporations do not pay taxes. That is correct, 90% of the time it’s exactly correct:

Corporations pass tax increases on to the consumer by folding the tax increase that they face into the price of whatever it is they’re selling. Corporations, as a rule, do not pay taxes. They’re happy, though, for you to think they do. Oh, they would love for you to think they’re getting soaked, which is why they never complain about it. But they don’t get soaked. You do. Every tax increase, you do.

KEN: You know, it’s amazing about getting soaked because you look at the $1.9 trillion, how many friends or family members do you have and they say, “Oh, I’m getting this check from the government. I’m stoked. They’re gonna help me.” It’s your money! (laughing) It’s your money. If you are watching C-SPAN and you see a senator sitting at a desk, you paid for the desk and the carpeting and the lighting.

We pay for all of it, and the thing that’s always shocked me, because history repeats itself — and because somebody like Rush Limbaugh did such a brilliant job explaining even to… You know, it’s so easy when Rush explains something, even a college professor could understand it. And rarely do they understand much, outside their little classroom bubble.

But even they could understand it. So you have millions of people that were cheering and chanting. Of course, we have to factor in the fact that there was a lot of hate for Mr. Trump, and hate can be blinding, and they voted for Biden. But we knew. We knew exactly what was gonna happen because this is what progressive liberals and socialists do all over the world the minute they get any type of power.

They grow the size of government. They expand their own power. Sometimes they do it with barbwire or military around buildings and you’re not allowed in anymore. Sometimes they tell you we’re gonna have to start putting more probes up your nose, cotton swabs. But the biggest thing they do is start taking money. They take money from people that produce and give it to people that don’t.

Because it’s easier to get someone that doesn’t to vote for socialism because of the way it’s set up. Think about that 9% of the package goes towards covid-19 relief. But this happens every single time a leftist gets into power. Mike, do we have cut 2 standing by? (interruption) Okay. This is another reason why I don’t understand why people cannot grasp how dangerous socialism is. Go ahead.

RUSH: They may not even understand socialism, and if they do understand it, they think it’s a good thing. They’ve been taught that it’s a good thing in school. So what I am going to say is: 40% of the people in this country who vote want the kind of thing that Obama is going to offer.

We’re going to have to defeat 40% of the country, and then after they’re defeated, they’re going to be clamoring and mad and angry, and they’re going to be… Things are always going to be unsettled in this realm. There’s always going to be a certain percentage of people who want something for nothing. I saw…

Mark Steyn had the line at the National Review. “We’ve got a long way from JFK in 1960 who said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.'” That’s 1960. In 2008, it’s now, “Ask not what your country can do for you; demand what your country can do for you,” and that’s who voted for Obama.

Now, there are a lot of people also that voted for Obama that are not that way per se. Shelby Steele’s got a great piece today, that this is white guilt on parade; and he’s written extensively of this, numerous books and articles. And that’s another thing.

The Drive-Bys are trying to say, “No, no, no. There wasn’t any white guilt here. There wasn’t any Raspberry Effect or Blackberry Effect. We’ve really gotten past it.” No, we haven’t. We haven’t gotten past it at all. Obama made a bargain with them. These guilty white people, liberals, love the bargain that they were able to make with Obama.

My point is, not everybody voting for Obama is being pulled by the cart, or not paying taxes. There are a lot of smart people who voted for him. Well, “smart.” Eh, even I get caught in the trap. We’ve gotta redefine “smart.” That’s another thing we have to do damn fast in this country.

KEN: And the number is 800-282-2882. So we have sat here — well, not you, not me, necessarily, but a large portion of American voters have sat by — after being told — and some actually had history classes. But they don’t teach history anymore. They teach race relations and gender studies.

But if you saw history — if you saw what socialism and communism and the mind-set of the Kamala Harrises and the Joe Bidens and the Barack Obamas have done to free people and free markets around the world, that mind-set — people would be terrified of this. But they’re cozy now, and then you sprinkle in a scamdemic and you get everybody terrified.

And then you sprinkle in some other things, and then you get the news on board, and pretty sure people are walking around saying, “I just made $1400, man,” and they forgot that, you know, they were run off business by the governor of Pennsylvania and they lost their whole company and all their savings. And now the governor of Pennsylvania and other blue state governors are nice enough to say, “Here’s a little money I stole from you, just between us.”


KEN: Let’s go to Tony in Media, Pennsylvania. Tony, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, how you doing, Ken? You’re a great fill-in host. Thank you.

KEN: I appreciate that.

CALLER: I live in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, which is where Biden’s supposed to be today.

KEN: Oh, you are so lucky.

CALLER: Well, yeah. But —

KEN: You can get a picture of him.

CALLER: Yeah. I would love to. I’ve been reading every article to try and find out where he will be and what time and everything, and nobody says it. It’s a big mystery. Because I want to go see the greatest president with the biggest population ever of people who love him, support him. I want to show that to ’em, but you can’t find it. So I may have to… Do you know where he’s gonna be today?

KEN: No. No. (laughing)


KEN: But you’re —

CALLER: Nobody does.

KEN: You’re so correct. They do that all the time, and they call it security. Meanwhile, there are people in both parties that would threaten President Donald Trump, and he would just say, “Okay. I’m gonna on the tarmac standing by that garbage can at 3 o’clock. See you there.” (laughing)

CALLER: Exactly.

KEN: That’s the difference. So, yeah. I think he has a limited shelf life when he’s out in public, I do believe, just like when he did his 23 minute-49 second presentation to America, that last batch of lies he did last Thursday night, I believe. I think that’s as far as he could go. I don’t think they like pushing him beyond 30 minutes upright or he may just fold and collapse.

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