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KEN: Let’s go to Jason. Toronto. Welcome to the show, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Ken. I love Rush so much, and what a great man — the epitome of a man, in my opinion. You know, right up to the end he was working and fighting and not giving up on what he believed in, and that actually makes me believe more in what America’s all about because he fought right to the end. That tells me it meant something to him sincerely, and that tells me it’s still worth fighting for.

And even though I’m a Canadian, the reason I’m calling is I’m curious — and I’m sorry to put you on the spot with this — what would you say to people, particularly the people on the right, who are now gonna say, “This election that just happened was completely fraudulent. There’s no reason for me to go out and vote.

“Someone took over the mail-in ballots or the voting machines, whether it was the intelligence agencies or the left wing of the country”? What is the incentive for conservatives to get out and trust the system again? Because, I’ll tell you, even as a Canadian, I can tell you there are billions of people around the world that have serious questions about what occurred in November. Serious questions.

KEN: And they should.

CALLER: Absolutely. And the next time you guys… When President Kamala Harris —

KEN: (laughing)

CALLER: — says, “Oh, you know what? We need you all now to join us and go to war. We gotta go to war now in Syria,” or in Russia, or in wherever else. Or the next time — and I’m not saying I have any knowledge of this, but my concern is — something’s gonna go off in the United States, and they’re gonna say, “Oh, it’s white conservatives that set this thing off.”

KEN: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

CALLER: And now —

KEN: That wouldn’t surprise me.

CALLER: — they’ll go after all the guns.

KEN: Well, Jason, your question — your first question — was outstanding, and what you said about Rush was spot on. He fought to the very end. He was swinging to the very end. He was loving America to the final seconds, and I think that, along with President Trump’s win record in the first four years and what is happening with this awakening of the news media… I think there is an awakening.

Right now, there’s over 200 efforts on state levels across the country to fix local voting. That is an exciting thing for me to hear. So things are happening. The news media will not tell you inspect, but I can tell you that on a local level so many of us are fed up and so many of us know now this is a serious battle, for lack of a better term. The other thing I would do is use this as your filter.

I will not vote for anybody who makes fun of voter fraud or thought Donald Trump was a bad president or thought January 6 was Donald Trump’s fault. Those people do not have the intelligence for me to put them in office. So that’s the filter I use. If you’re gonna get in there and help fix election fraud and you’re gonna help continue the MAGA legacy, then I’ll all in. If you’re Pat Toomey, if you’re Mitch McConnell, I’ll never vote for you ever again, historically.

So, hopefully I gave you a little insight there.


KEN: Very quickly, before I forget, tomorrow Brett Winterble will be in. He will be your guide tomorrow as the EIB Network remembers Rush on the one-month anniversary of his passing. But it’s gonna be fun, because that is how Rush does things. That’s what he would have wanted. It’s hard to believe where that time went, and I don’t know about you, but I’m a listener as well, and it just doesn’t seem like it happened sometimes.

When I’m driving in or when I’m walking down the hall, it doesn’t seem like it. Like yesterday was either Brett or Todd, I lost track, and I was listening to the show in another studio preparing for my own show, and I heard Rush, and it was like, “Oh, there’s Rush.” It is surreal, is it not? But I like what Jason said.

Jason called from Toronto earlier today, and he said the way that Rush thought and stayed in the game and engaged to the very end — with his entire battle, with his being ill, with his entire battle, to the very end — he stayed in, getting those ideas out, pushing conservatism, keeping it alive, keeping us fed with key information we needed as history.

Look at way history change right before our eyes in the past three months, and then you look at Rush’s contribution. He stayed in the fight. Jason called earlier today, and he said, that alone makes him want to stay in the fight. I couldn’t agree more. There’s no better role model than someone who is walking the talk, talking the walk — and then when you need them, they’re on duty.

That was Rush Limbaugh until the very end.

So I would take a page from what Jason said, and I think now we have an opportunity to change the conservative landscape with some of the ammunition, some of the brain nuggets that we got year after year after year from Mr. Limbaugh and keeping in mind I do believe we have a kindred spirit — and who would have ever thought we would have someone in modern politics that was so much like Rush?

I’m talking about President Donald Trump. I mean, they are so similar in so many ways. And we are still very blessed to have a wonderful audience and a wonderful country and to have President Trump… I told my neighbor yesterday, I said, “You know, going after Trump the way they did, it’s like letting a shark in your pool.” (laughing) I said, “I think the Democrats are gonna regret this for the rest of their lives, ’cause I just don’t think President Donald Trump is going away.

“I think he loves America too much. I think it took him awhile, but he figured out who he could trust and who he couldn’t,” and I think now… I just think of the movie Jaws where they’ll never be — the first one, that was the best one. Eh, maybe the second one. But the first one, every single time… Remember the kids got on the little… What did they call those? I forget the name of those. Sunbeam or I forget the name of those little sailboats.

They were just like a polymer with a little sail on it. The kid would get on it, start going out to the inlet; you’d be in the movie theater, “Oh, no!” That’s the Democrats forever now. “What if Trump’s out there?” (laughing) “I see his dorsal arm!” (Snort!) But that’s how I look at it — and, you know, a lot of us do. And I think, thank God, for that. And the on-air foundation that Rush put out there — and I’m so glad he got that Medal of Freedom. Wow. That was just… That was a wonderful moment.

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