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BRETT: In the months since the passing of Rush, one of the things that has struck me consistently was how many people had such high regard for what it was Rush was able to do. Not just behind the Golden EIB Microphone, and not just as a trailblazer in talk radio or the accolades and achievements as a Hall of Fame broadcaster and a winner — a winner for 30-plus years behind the microphone and, of course, being honored by President Trump State of the Union Address last year. What I hear so much from so many is how charitable the force of EIB was.

Here’s Rush talking about it.

RUSH: I thought it would be helpful to define conservatism for people because nobody else was. Everybody just assumed conservatism’s this or that, small government, less taxes, you know, all this stuff, but it’s really about people. It’s about our understandings of people. It’s about our faith, trust in people. It’s about the knowledge that it is people that make a great nation. It’s ordinary people pursuing and accomplishing extraordinary things with the freedom and the ambition to do so. And I just thought it needed to be pointed out.

The reason I wanted to relive it is because we’ve put together a montage that will demonstrate the love and compassion that you in this audience have shown consistently for 31 years. Despite all the attempts to impugn you and me, to criticize us, to label us improperly as racists, as sexists, or bigots. While our critics supposedly own all of the compassion and decency, these are the true tightwads that don’t donate to anything. Their own cities are drug infested, feces infested, rat infested, and they sit there and attack us. For 31 years, you have proven and demonstrated time and time again my explanation of who we as conservatives are.

RUSH: (10.19.07) The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, it’s now official, is going to get in excess of $4.2 million, because I am matching Betty Casey’s bid on eBay — $4.2 million.

RUSH: (12.04.12) Because of you, Two If By Tea has donated over $1 million in product and monetary donations to incredible causes, including the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

RUSH: (04.28.03) Folks, you have done it again. You exceeded $1 million in charitable donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America.

RUSH: (04.21.08) We ended up with a total take of $2,519,643 with the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society Radiothon last week.

RUSH: (04.16.12) Yes, my friends, it was a record. Leukemia-Lymphoma Society radiothon. Excess of $3 million.

RUSH: (04.11.16) It was another record amount donated — and, folks, it is phenomenal. The final number’s gonna come somewhere north of $3 million.

RUSH: (07.05.11) We sent a truckload — it was about 3,000 cases — of Two If By Tea to the Joplin Fourth of July celebration.

RUSH: (06.24.08) …Move America Forward. They’ve got a giant telethon planned all day. … the largest care package ever of items of interest to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

RUSH: (04.01.15) …Michael Milken and the Prostate Cancer Foundation

RUSH: (05.19.14) …the Boys and Girls Clubs of America

RUSH: (03.14.17) …the Els for Autism charity golf outing…

RUSH: (11.1706) All the proceeds went to the Fisher Houses

RUSH: (10.08.14) The Adventure of Rush Revere Series is a proud sponsor of The Navy SEALs Museum.

RUSH: (12.12.14) Liberty delivered a whole bunch of books to the Toys for Tots program today.

RUSH: (06.29.15) American Heritage Girls, we’re happy to be able to help, because I think groups like yours are unsung heroes.

RUSH: (11.30.05) We have thousands upon thousands of donors here in the Adopt-A-Soldier Program.

RUSH: (07.19.19) We have zoomed past 100,000 T-shirts, and there were 14,000 new orders today. … The amount of money that we are able to donate to Tunnel to Towers is $1.5 million.

RUSH: (07.22.19) We had so many more sales over the weekend that we have upped the donation to Tunnel to Towers from $1.5 million to $2 million.

RUSH: (07.29.19) Today, a monumental achievement: We have now raised $3 million for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

BRETT: That was Rush working with you. That was you working with Rush. That was all of us joined together in the charitable efforts of the EIB. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the enduring legacy of the message of conservatism and love that Rush Limbaugh brought to the airwaves and across the fruited plain.

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