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BRETT: Isn’t it incredible to look at the narrative that’s been put together by the Biden team over these last couple of months, arguing that the cupboard was bare. (impression) “The cupboard was bare! We didn’t have any vaccines. We didn’t have any of the stuff that was out there. We — we — we — we came in and there was no plan for vaccination,” (laughing) and it is foolishness.

It is absolute foolishness to look at the contentions coming out from this Biden administration that they were left with nothing. Excuse me? Rush underscored how President Trump led the Operation Warp Speed process to making vaccinations widely available. Biden is not one responsible for making all this accessible to Americans and has openly criticized Trump. Last night in a Fox interview, he did the exact same thing.

Here’s Rush talking about that.

RUSH: This is the blockbuster result of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed in real time. But you know what had to happen for this to happen? Trump had to rid the FDA and this government of so many regulations, things that liberal Democrats would have never — we could not have gotten this vaccine in this short a time were it not for Trump zapping so many regulations.

I don’t think enough people realize the significance of this because I don’t know that enough people follow the trials and tribulations of Big Pharma. Big Pharma has been an enemy of the Democrat Party for most of the period of time I’ve been doing this show. Big Pharma, Big Box Retail, Big Tobacco, big everybody, these were the enemies of the people, according to the Democrat Party.

It was all part of the process of the Democrats turning as many people into victims as possible. When you make somebody a victim, you’ve automatically made they happen helpless. When you make them helpless, you own them, and that’s what the Democrat Party did and still tries to do. The Democrat Party doesn’t care about you becoming the best you can be. That’s the worst thing that could happen. They don’t want that.

They would rather you blame Americans — other Americans, corporations, individuals — for whatever’s wrong in your life. So here we have one of the most incredible American businesses, the pharmaceutical industry, which has saved countless lives. But all they’re known for is gouging people, killing their customers. I mean, this is what the Democrat Party has done over the years, is position Big Pharma as a bunch of killing profiteers.

A lot of people have grown up thinking that’s what Big Pharma is — and like in any other business, you’re gonna have bad actors in it. You may not believe this. You’re gonna have some liars and charlatans in talk radio and media. (Gasp!) Imagine that. But I’m not one of ’em. So in the pharmaceutical business, you’re gonna have some charlatans and frauds. So Big Pharma. Let’s just stick with them ’cause you know the philosophy I’m telling you is true. They have demonized so much of American greatness, and the truth is, the pharmaceutical industry in this country is like so many others.

It’s state-of-the-art. It has saved lives. Yeah, it costs a lot of money to do what they do, research and development — and then it comes time for FDA approval, and nine out of 10 don’t get past that. They throw a lot of money at the approval process, and not every invention gets approved. They’ve gotta make that money back, and they make that money back when they hit.

When they get a drug that’s approved that proves highly successful, and then after a while it goes generic and the price goes down. But this has just been the pattern. But here comes health insurance to come along and help defray costs so everything’s fine. But still, they have demonized Big Pharma — and a lot of Americans who have not taken the time to be informed, hate Big Pharma.

I’m just here to tell you, I love capitalism. We are seeing the blockbuster results of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed in real time. Operation Warp Speed is driving the current market surge. Trump promised vaccine results everybody said were impossible, just like Obama said it was impossible to bring back manufacturing jobs in the Upper Midwest.

Trump delivers on his promises time after time, and we are witness to an historically great presidency here by any measure. So Pfizer says, “Final data analysis shows the COVID vaccine’s 95% effective.” They plan to submit to the FDA in days. Here’s what the left does not get. Here is what is impossible for them to get: Trump removed resolutions and opened the road for this to happen. The left does not get that, folks. They do not get reducing regulations. It’s not in their DNA. They disagree with it.

Regulations are what government’s all about. Regulations are written by people who are unelected. Regulations are the epitome of anti-democratic process. The people do not elect regulators. The regulators never stand for reelection, therefore. They never have to face the people. They get to work anonymously. They get to write these restrictions on your freedom. Always, we’re told, it’s for our safety.

He removed the roadblocks so as to allow these companies to do what they do, rather than spend all this time and money trying to satisfy a bunch of nameless, faceless regulators. He’s not for making things more dangerous. He thinks that there are so many regulations that are redundant, we don’t need them, all they are is the result of power brokers and powermongers having their fun with us.

He did, folks, he removed the roadblocks to allow Big Pharma to do what it does. He and the Senate opened the highway to this vaccine with money to help it happen. He removed the chains, if you will. He invested federal money to feed the process. The left always loves to talk about investing tax dollars, until Trump does it, and then they hate it. But the left is never going to understand this because in their DNA they are opposed to deregulating anything.

And the American people are not capable of understanding the achievement because the media has spent so many of the last decades demonizing the people that did it. Big Pharma. Nobody but Trump could have done this. No one but Trump thinks this big. “What do you mean, a vaccine in less than a year? It’s impossible.” We’ve been governed by the people who think that what we need is impossible.

And they tell us it’s impossible. And they tamp down our expectations. Then a guy like Trump comes in and does it. They demonize him every day for four years and belittle the achievements that he accomplishes. The thing is with Donald Trump, in terms of government, Donald Trump as president, all things are possible. All things.

BRETT: That is an amazing, amazing take on Big Pharma. Because the only thing worse than Big Pharma getting some federal investment money to get the Project Warp Speed underway is the fact that so much of what Big Pharma produces isn’t just a byproduct of Big Pharma investing money in trying to do and create cures for so many diseases that take so many lives in this country.

But it’s also fueled by investors, the investment class, the investor class — Wall Street, evil hedge funds, all that. So you’ve got a combination of Big Pharma and freely invested money — and not for free, but people decide to plow investment capital into the drug companies to come up with these cures. Let’s not forget…

If you want to be totally holistic in the conversation, you go back to the earliest days of the Trump administration, and what was it that Donald Trump was successful at pushing? Something that people opposed, if you can imagine: The right to trial. Where you have people who have terminal illnesses. The illness is going to kill them. They decided they wanted to try experimental therapies and treatments.

These are people with agency over their own bodies. If they were to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic or someplace like that, they could make “a choice of their own future and the future of their child.” They wanted to try the experimental medication and treatment and therapies, and what did you hear back from the agencies and from the rule makers and the regulators?

“No, you can’t do that.”

“But I’m dying.”

“Well, you still can’t do that.”

It’s about power.

It’s about power for politicians and unelected bureaucrats.

Rush is exactly right.

It’s about power.

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