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BRETT: We were mentioning at the end of that last hour what’s going on with Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo, who has now been caught up in a huge, massive series of scandals, including — number one — the deaths of thousands and thousands of elderly patients there who were kept in facilities with covid-positive patients and who would ultimately lose their lives while in the care, essentially, of the state of New York.

Number two, of course, we have the accusations by a number of women, seven of them in total, coming forward to accuse him of being a sexual harasser — somebody who has touched them, fondled them inappropriately — all that sort of stuff. And we’re hearing from people like Joe Biden speaking out, saying, “You know, we need to believe the women who come forward, and we need to see what’s going to happen next in this investigation.” Right? “Let the investigation play out.”

Well, remember, Rush taught us how Democrat sex scandals are actually resume enhancements?

RUSH: (10/09/17) Ted Kennedy you might say made it all possible. Bill Clinton came along and put an exclamation point behind Ted Kennedy.

RUSH: (07/30/13) Bill and Hillary wrote Volume I of the playbook by surviving a big sex scandal in 1992 when Bill was first running. They added Volume II by surviving a bigger scandal in 1998 during the second term in the White House.

RUSH: (03/10/08) Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring. But there’s one thing you have to remember now here. Before everybody gets all hot to trot here. Governor Spitzer is a Democrat. These things can be resume enhancements in the Democrat Party. So the question is will this prostitution ring blow over or will Spitzer himself be able to stay on top.

RUSH: (02/05/13) Bob Menendez, the senator from New Jersey who finds him embroiled in a bit of a sex scandal. And you have other media people saying, you know what, it’s a Democrat, there’s no such thing as a sex scandal with a Democrat — the Democrats don’t out there make noise about family values and morality and all that. A Democrat, it’s not possible for a Democrat to be involved in a sex scandal because the Democrat’s life is a sex scandal, it isn’t news.

RUSH: (07/24/13) I mean this, this Weiner guy. Carlos Danger. This is reprehensible. Anthony Weiner at a press conference discussing new revelations of his involvement in another cyber sex relationship under the name of Carlos Danger.

RUSH: (11/10/17) You know, these political sex scandals, they’re fascinating, folks. When the Democrats have one, you need to produce semen, you need the blue dress, you need transcripts of sexting, you need photos of people sneaking into hotel rooms like John Edwards. But when the 40-year-old childhood memories of a wacky woman and the Washington Post allege something about a Republican, all hell breaks loose.

BRETT: Well, this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, cohost George Stephanopoulos asked President Biden about whether or not Cuomo should resign, and he had this to say.

BIDEN: Here’s my position, and it’s been my position since I wrote the Violence Against Women Act. A woman should be presumed to be telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by her coming forward, number one. But there should be an investigation to determine whether what she says is true. That’s what’s going on now.

BRETT: What about Tara Reade? What about Tara Reade? Vice President Kamala Harris is still silent on the issue. The Federalist has a piece: “Biden Echoes ‘Believe All Women’ In ABC Interview, But What About Tara Reade?” Tara Reade came forward and was dismissed. She was dismissed and blown off and not taken seriously and, some would say, even treated harshly and rudely because of her allegation of being inappropriately touched by Senator Biden.

What about that case? I hate the what about-ism kind of stuff, you know, as a rule of thumb. But if you’re going to be consistent — if you’re going to truly be party of women, the party that stands for women’s rights, if you’re truly gonna come out there and you’re going to say, “Believe the women,” and, “we have to listen to what they have to say” — you have to at least consider what it is that Tara Reade has said.

But she’s been absolutely put through a blackout. You’re not hearing anything from her, or about her, which is incredibly frustrating, as somebody who is married to an amazing woman and as somebody who is blessed enough to have a daughter. You know, as I get older and older in life, I think about these sorts of behaviors happening with these people who have incredible power, incredible power.

Whether it’s Bill Clinton with Ms. Lewinsky, whether it is Andrew Cuomo, whether it is any of these folks that have been entrusted with the public trust. We have been told that these are people who are truly servants of the public for a noble purpose, and we should not cast aspersions upon them. It is incredible. And when you talk about the resume enhancement, let’s talk about the hubris that comes attached with much of this.

One only has to go back in time to the 1980s with Gary Hart running. He dared the press to come catch him, and they did. They caught him on the boat, on the Monkey Business, with a woman. And it was a scandal and he ended up getting run from the race.

But so full of this hubris, this confidence, this arrogance was that candidate for office, running for president, that he dared the press to come follow him, and when they did and they caught him, he wasn’t really embarrassed. Do we have any doubt as to why it is an Andrew Cuomo is carrying himself in this way, today?

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