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KEN: Livermore, California. This is Ray. Hi, Ray. You’re on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Ken. Thank you for being there. Thank you for what you’re doing. Kathryn and Bo Snerdley/James Golden, thank you all — and most of all, thank you for Rush, as you mentioned his wisdom, his words, and his wit. I would like to point out his humble generosity also, if I can add that to your list there. I’ve wanted to tell this story on the air, but I’ve been told not to because of Rush being humble and generous as he is, it wasn’t supposed to be about him.

But I’m calling you on a Rush iPhone 7 that he gave me in February of 2017, one of 130 iPhone 7 recipients in 2016-2017. Now, it was at the time a $1000 phone, and that may not mean a lot to some people, but it really does to me because I would never pay that much for a phone. But Rush had no problem giving away 130 $1,000 phones and then telling people not to talk about it.

In fact, his generosity continues. My daughter read the Rush Revere series, and she sent a little poster up for a contest, and in return, he sent her a GoPro camera — you know, just unsolicited.

KEN: (whistles)

CALLER: I called the show and thanked him for what he had done, and he sent out another gift pack to my daughter with also sorts of Rush Revere goodies — audiobook sets, more books. Unsolicited, he just sent this stuff out. He’s just such a wonderful, wonderful man, and he’ll be greatly missed.

He’s like a big brother or an adoptive father to me and people like me. I’m glad I found him in 1989. I’m a charter member of The Limbaugh Letter, also, and just thank you. Thank you, Rush. Thank you, Kathryn. Thank you, Bo and Ken and everyone at the EIB Network. Keep up the good work.

KEN: God bless you, Ray. That was a great story, and you really showcased the fact that Rush enjoyed seeing people and making people happy, and he was at a level of success where he could — and that had to give him such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, to be at that level where he could do those things, like for your family or your daughter.

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