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KEN: Steve in California in the Bay Area. Steve, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, thanks, Ken, and great job. All you guys are doing a great job. And, hey, I just had a story about Rush and his effect. I mean, he impacted so many people — and, of course, the liberals will take it wrong. But it had to do with truth and, you know, Rush did carry a message. But I used to love when he used to say, “Do not doubt me on this. Do not doubt me on this.”

It was really interesting. I know it’s kind of like just a personal story, but I was battling some cancer (audio drop) and it didn’t look too good at the start and, you know, I like to hold to a strong faith, and I trust in the Bible. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying Rush is God. I know the liberals would probably say something like that.

But what I heard in my mind one day was — you know, just all this fear talking with dealing with cancer and all that. But I was just remembering some of the scripture, and it’s almost like God said to me — ’cause I was just listening to Rush, and he said that, and it was almost like God was saying, “Don’t doubt me on this. Don’t doubt what I’m saying. Don’t doubt my promises.”

KEN: (laughing)

CALLER: But it was that assurance of his voice, the authority and the joy that it used to bring me when I used to hear him say that, because this guy did have a strong measure of truth, and I know he has a faith. And just like when… I’m saying, like, you know, when God promises His children and says, “Don’t doubt me.”

I will see Rush someday. It’s almost like God saying, “Don’t doubt me on this.” But, anyway, I want to just say, those words brought so much joy; I am now doing fantastic. I was able to get through so much just by pretending God was saying to me, “Don’t doubt me,” ’cause doubt brings fear —

KEN: (laughing)

CALLER: — and then fear weakens your immunity system.

KEN: Uh-huh.

CALLER: So I just… I don’t know. I love Rush for so many reasons. But that one, as weird as that is and probably minuscule as that is, the guy was just infectious, and I just —

KEN: Yes.


CALLER: Those words… Those words affected me and produced great stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to share a great memory of Rush with you all.

KEN: Well, Steve, you did that so beautifully; your words now have impacted other listeners, and you pretty much explained “talent on loan from God” and what it means. You’re so right when you said, you know, “Some people might be offended.” As we know, people on the left live in a perpetual state of being offended. But there’s nothing more exciting than confidence and truth and energy all in the same presentation, and that’s what Rush did decade after decade.

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