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KEN: Let’s go to Sonia in New Orleans, squeeze in a call here on the EIB Network. Hi, Sonia.

CALLER: Hello. Good afternoon. Nice talking to you.

KEN: Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you. I don’t have a story of opening a business, but I have a story that Rush made me kind of what I am politically. I listened to him since 1988, day one. I was not involved in politics or anything, but because of him, after 57 years of living in America, I became an American citizen just to be able to vote for President Trump.

KEN: Wonderful, Sonia! Wonderful.

CALLER: Not a story of a business, but it’s a story of how much Rush made me see the light. (giggles)

KEN: And it’s a beautiful story, and it’s just as important. Now, did you get other friends and family to the vote for President Trump as well?

CALLER: Oh, yeah! All my family. I only have two people who are Democrats. One I don’t talk to anymore, and the other one (crosstalk).

KEN: (laughing) One, you don’t talk to.

CALLER: (laughing)

KEN: It’s probably just as well. Well, thank you for calling, Sonia. That’s a beautiful story.

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