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KEN: This should worry us as Americans, but it’s also another Rush I told you so. Listen to this.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. You know, I don’t often reach around and pat myself on the back because everybody beats me to that, but I have to tell you, folks, I was among the first to tell everybody that he’s a Trojan horse, that he’s a figurehead, that he’s a placeholder. Joe Biden doesn’t know where he is half the time. He literally has debilitating mental acuity issues, and yet he’s the Democrat nominee. Somebody has made this happen, or a group of somebodies has made this happen. We don’t know who they are.

We think Bernie Sanders, but Bernie Sanders is not the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings. Somebody is. And whoever that person or that small group of people are, they have not run for election. They have not put their issues out. They have defrauded people. They’ve tried to make people believe that they have nominated some squishy little moderate, somebody that nobody needs to be afraid of, when in truth this party is become Marxist, Leninist, slash, communist.

And the people running it are those people. And Biden is not gonna be running this administration. It’s not his agenda. He’s gonna be the figurehead. He’s gonna be the guy that appears on TV when the president needs to, but even then it isn’t gonna be much. And in fact, it won’t be long, if Biden wins — they keep him functional through the inauguration — it isn’t gonna be long after the inauguration he retires, resigns. He’s not capable. He can’t do it. And everybody behind him pushing him knows this.

So we’ve got a cabal — and Danielle Pletka senses this — we have a group of people that are literally running the Democrat Party invisibly, and they’re getting away with telling the American people that their standard-bearer is a moderate, traditional Democrat, cares about the blue-collar little guy, is interested in labor. That’s not who’s running the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is being run by the same people that love Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The people that have put Joe Biden up are running a fraud.

Kamala Harris is in on it.

KEN: And the thing that… Well, there’s truth in everything you just heard Rush say, but the thing that’s scary is the Democrat Party and its members are okay with it! That’s what worries me more than anything. I could understand if it was an honest mistake. You know, “What happened to Joe?”

“I don’t know. He kept hitting his head on the side of the pool over and over. I don’t know what happened. He’s always swimming. What’s going on?” But no. We knew going into this this was gonna be a problem, and Rush also knew the Democrats would end the filibuster if they won, and what are they doing now? Exactly that.


RUSH: There were no politically based filibusters of judicial nominees ever in this country until 2003. Let me repeat that. Up until 2003, there were no politically based filibusters of judicial nominees. The filibuster for legislation… And again, it’s not really a filibuster in the sense that people are not required to go to the floor and keep talking until they can’t anymore.

It’s just they short-circuit that.

They acknowledge somebody’s got the fortitude to speak until 60 votes can be achieved to stop it. So essentially the Senate changed the rules that legislation outside of the budget required 60 votes to stop debate, and then go to the vote on the actual legislation. But that was never applied to judicial nominees until 2003, when the Democrats invented the judicial filibuster to stop the nominees of George W. Bush.

Prior to that, it was common that if a nominee were qualified, the nominee would get a vote on the floor. There would not be a filibuster to stop the nominee from even being voted on. The Democrats started that in order to go after Bush’s lower court nominees, district court nominees. It was really aimed at Miguel Estrada.

So the Democrats started all this. To prove the point that prior to 2003 judicial filibusters didn’t exist, look at Clarence Thomas! Clarence Thomas — after all of that crap that was his confirmation hearings — was confirmed to the court with fewer than 60 votes. So was Samuel Alito, and there have been others. But in the modern era, those are two prominent justices confirmed with fewer than 60 votes.

The filibuster didn’t exist. The Democrats invented the judicial filibuster in 2003 to stop the nominees to lower courts of George W. Bush. Harry Reid pulled it again in 2013 to include all presidential judicial nominations except those nominated for the Supreme Court. And, by the way, the Senate can make whatever rules it wants, and if a majority votes on the rules change, then it’s changed.

The Constitution does not say anything about filibusters, because the filibuster was not actually invented until long after the country was founded and began operating. Now, what has happened with it, and the reason the Democrats did this in 2003… The first thing was Bush was illegitimate, you know. The Florida recount. He didn’t really win. The Supreme Court rigged the game, blah, blah, blah.

So Bush was not legitimate. So therefore, he shouldn’t get any of these judges. But there was also another aspect to it, which was the Democrats, as I pointed out yesterday, never lose. They don’t lose, and they don’t respect the authority in place following elections if they lose. The only authority they acknowledge is their own. So when they lose elections, the first thing you’ll start hearing about is “the tyranny of the majority,” and how rules need to be changed to empower the minority.

You never hear this when the Republicans are in the minority, only when the Democrats are. And what the Democrats actually seek is to give the minority more power than the majority and, in the process, undermine duly constituted elections. But it’s not unprecedented. In 2013, there was a similar provision on limiting debate for most nominations. The 2013 measure passed the Senate by a vote of 78-16 but only governed the rules for that Congress.

Democrats at the time held a majority in the Senate, so the rule changes.
When Harry Reid did this in 2013 and when the Democrats did it in 2003, there wasn’t any of this accompanying news about how the Democrats were destroying the Senate and shaking it up and forever changing it and doing great damage to tradition. There wasn’t any of that. The media was applauding back then because it was all aimed at stopping Republican nominees.

KEN: Celebrating the wisdom, words, and wit and the intellect, as is on display right there, making the complicated simple.


KEN: Oh, my. That’s Van Halen. 800-282-2882. My name’s Ken Matthews, your guide on the EIB Network. You would often hear Rush talk about pushback from “we, the people.” Here is a great example of that as red states, because of the revocation of the Keystone XL permit, are suing the Biden administration.

RUSH: So Biden follows through with a promise, an executive order. He’s gonna wipe out the Keystone XL pipeline. He’s gonna suck up to environmentalist wackos. He’s gonna turn on the donor spigots again. And that he did. And here are the details about the extent of the damage of Biden’s executive order: 11,000 jobs eliminated simply by killing the Keystone XL pipeline, 8,000 are union jobs. This would never happen if the Democrat Party were the Democrat Party you and I think they are. Killing 8,000 union jobs would never happen.

Today it happened without even a thought. There wasn’t even a concern. Biden just did it. And, in the process, he eliminated $1.6 billion in wages. You think that’s not gonna have an effect on the economy? Elven thousand jobs eliminated, 8,000 of them union jobs. Bye-bye aggregate wages of $1.6 billion. That’s a lot of spending power that’s gone. But it’s an appropriate beginning to the Biden presidency.

Maybe the country will unify around the view that Democrats are job killers, because they are. They kill jobs throughout this country in blue states and blue cities all of last year by mandating a lockdown, a shutdown of all of their businesses and restaurants and you name it in all of those blue states and cities and not stopping the riots and not stopping the looting.

So you could say before his first day was over, Biden nuked 8,000 union jobs, Keystone XL pipeline. The Wall Street Journal reported the president signed an executive order to kill the pipeline on Wednesday. According to Fox Business, the $9 billion project was more than 10 years in the making. It had been up and running, it would have spanned over 1,200 miles to send nearly 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta, Canada, to Nebraska.

This was part of the reason why the United States had become a net exporter of energy. We had become completely energy independent. Well, now we’re gonna miss 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day. You talk about a shock to the system. Oh, we’ll go get some of it, they’ll have to put it on trains, they’ll have to put it on trucks.

They had to get rid of the pipeline. Oh, yeah, the pipeline’s unsafe, you know, it goes underground under there. You’re gonna get a leak in there, it could kill the cows and whatever animals are grazing up there on the fruited plain. We had to get rid of it, we had get rid of it because, well, the unions didn’t want it in the first place.


This is Big Oil. This is evil fossil fuels. So 11,000 jobs eliminated, $1.6 billion in wages. Now, the story says that liberals have opposed the Keystone XL pipeline due to environmental concerns, citing the extra fossil fuels required to process the type of oil the pipeline would carry. The Obama Regime rejected the project in 2015.

But Trump made moving it forward a priority early on, 300 miles completed since construction finally began last year. But, like so much of what Trump had started, and it was paying off, Biden has come along and wiped it out. So the question is, will there be any injunctions filed by Republicans to stop any of Biden’s executive orders?

KEN: Well, we shall see. I certainly hope so.

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