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BRETT: Sally in Atlanta, Georgia. Sally, welcome to the program. What’s on your mind today?

CALLER: Oh, well, I just wanted to send my condolences to Kathryn and the entire EIB team and kind of tell you what Rush meant to me. When I was little, my mom would put him on the radio and we would all go, “Oh, God. We gotta listen to that again?”

BRETT: (laughs)

CALLER: I lost her — she was my best friend — in 2015, and since then, and especially last year, Rush became my best friend and listened to him every single, solitary day. So I am so glad you are carrying on, and I just… I just… He will always be my El Rushbo forever.

BRETT: Believe me, I totally understand it. I lost my mom in the last couple of years. She was my best friend and actually the person who pushed me to pursue my passions. You know, Sally, it’s a special, special bond, and it’s a special bond we all share with Rush as well. I have a feeling that she’s getting to enjoy some monologues in heaven that we otherwise would not be privy to, and that is a fundamentally great thing, Sally.

CALLER: Hope you guys keep going forever. I mean, this is… Y’all are doing an amazing job.

BRETT: Well, the team here is remarkable, and we are all excited to continue to do this — and please, please know that we’ll all see these loved ones in a better place at another time. I appreciate you calling in today, and have a wonderful weekend.

CALLER: You too.

BRETT: That’s Sally in Atlanta, Georgia, sharing with us her memory of her mom playing the show for her and what a huge, huge thing that is. The impact across the generations, really, folks, is second to none. It’s a really incredible thing to experience. When I speak with people in my personal and private life who talk about their connection to the show, everybody’s got their origin story, and everybody’s got their “Wow!” moment that they got with Rush, something that just sticks to them all these years later.

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