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BRETT: Cyrus Vance is the district attorney in New York City, and you know as well as I do this never-ending expedition to try to find Donald Trump’s taxes and to go after Donald Trump’s taxes and to find out what he’s been up to and how he was up to it. I think we’ve got enough time here, Mike. Let’s listen to Rush talking about Trump and tax rulings. Go.

RUSH: Now, people in the Drive-By Media wanted this to be a slam-dunk defeat for Trump so badly that they’re acting like it is. No matter what the court’s rulings were today, they’re treating this as a slam-dunk, humiliating loss, because eventually Cy Vance and the congressional committees, they may not be able to see Trump’s tax records now, but they’re eventually going to be able to. It’s a huge loss for the president. Well, it isn’t.

The Trump v. Vance case — now, Cyrus Vance III or IV or whatever, he is the New York district attorney. He took over for Robert Morgenthau III or IV or whatever who was the son of the previous Morgenthau II or III as of now. Cyrus Vance hates Trump, these guys all hate Trump in New York. They made a move to get Trump’s tax records. This is all related to Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels and Avenatti and all that.

Trump sued Vance, the Manhattan district attorney, to block his subpoena seeking Trump’s financial records on this basis of absolute immunity, and Roberts, the chief justice, laughed at that, you can see it in the ruling. Even the dissenting justices laughed at the claim that the president has absolute immunity from congressional or any other law enforcement subpoena or attempt to enforce the law, what have you.

You know what they really want those tax records for? Trump’s been out there bragging he’s this rich and that rich and he maneuvered Forbes magazine into calling him a billionaire, and they would really love those tax records to prove that Trump’s not as rich as he says he is. I’m telling you it is that banal. It is that childish.

Now, they also want the tax records ’cause they think that there’s all kinds of evidence in there that Trump has cheated, that he hasn’t paid his fair share. There’s a particular year in which Trump wrote off millions and millions and millions of dollars that were allowed by the IRS, and they would love for an examination of that particular year to be shown to be fraudulent.

But they don’t know. It’s kind of like granting immunity to a witness that you haven’t interviewed, you don’t know what he’s gonna say. You never do that. You never grant immunity to a witness if you’re a lawyer, you never grant immunity to a witness when you don’t know what he’s gonna say. Well, these guys, the Congress and Vance have invested everything in their latest efforts to get Trump into his tax records.

BRETT: And now he’s on his way out. Vance is on his way out. So desperation time is setting in. They’re panicked. They’re desperate. They’ve gotta get something because he’s leaving. He’s not gonna run for reelection. He’s gotta try to get that scalp, get that pelt. It’s not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen. They’re gonna end up opening the door right into their noses again. I have no doubt about this. I think Rush is exactly right in the way he’s breaking that down.

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