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BRETT: Social distancing is social conditioning. Think about this for a second. You’ve now got the social distancing issue down to three feet instead of six feet, at least when it comes to schools. The CDC… Those are the wisest, smartest, best-est people in the entire world.

The CDC has come out now and said, “You don’t have to be six feet apart if you’re a kid in classroom with the mask and the shields and all that sort of stuff. You don’t have to be six feet. You can be three feet. Three feet is okay. Three feet is not a problem.” Rush had some thoughts about the gospel of social distancing, and here’s what he had to say.

RUSH: They’re trying to make you feel like you’re making all the difference because you have listened to them. You have practiced what they have said. You have worked hard. You have stayed home. You have socially distanced. You have mitigated — and they’re not gonna give this up. If there’s anything that comes along that explains whatever success is had with this, it’s not gonna be allowed to push social distancing aside.

That’s their story, and they are going to stick to it. The reason they’re gonna stick to it is because it makes them all-powerful. They sitting up there, they came up with the plan, they commanded you to follow the plan, they commanded the economy be shut down so that everybody could follow the plan — and then the death toll started going way down.

The numbers that they warned us about never were right, haven’t been right yet. They’re never hold to account for that. Instead, they get to credit you — in the process of crediting themselves — with social distancing. Now, don’t misunderstand. It only makes sense. When you run into anybody that has a cold, you try to stay away from ’em.

If somebody in your presence has a cold and sneezes, what do you do? You curse ’em out and you run away. If you know somebody’s got the flu somewhere, you don’t go see them. We instinctively know to socially distance. We instinctively do this, when we know that somebody’s contagious with something. They’re coming along and acting like they’ve created some brand-new thing.

But what it is, is actually a command from top government — and you have been credited for following it. You are being credited for knowing you don’t know beans. You’re being credited for believing the experts. You’re being credited for following orders from your government. What does that set up? What does that condition people for? That’s why they’re not gonna let go of social distancing.

BRETT: Absolutely spot-on. Think of all the times that you have gone to walk into a store and you didn’t have your mask, the sudden feeling of shame and derision coming over you. In fact, when you do remember to get it, you grab your mask, you turn your head as you put it on, and then you’re able to freely walk through the store to get the groceries you need. (laughing) All the while going, “People saw my without a mask! I’m a bad person.” No, you’re not a bad person. As Rush said: You’re being conditioned.

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