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JASON: Now, let me tell you something. There’s good news on the horizon, because the cancel culture is all about controlling speech. If you’re gonna impose a socialist super state on America, you gotta make sure certain people don’t make fun of you (because it is foolish), you’ve gotta make certain people don’t object (that’s free speech, but it’s gotta be banned).

One way you do that is claim you have a monopoly on truth so that when someone says something that disagrees with you, you label it misinformation, disinformation. This is exactly what the New York Times did to Project Veritas when they uncovered battle harvesting right here in Minnesota in Ilhan Omar’s district.

They called the Project Veritas video “a coordinated disinformation campaign.” Why? Because the New York Times disagreed with it. They didn’t like that. You might recall — then again, if you listen to the mainstream media, you wouldn’t recall — that even police have been investigating, although we’ve heard nothing of it.

This ballot harvesting that Project Veritas uncovered when they showed a particular fellow who’s said to be the brother of a Minneapolis councilman bragging about collecting hundreds of absentee ballots for his brother in videos that were recorded by Project Veritas. The media sprung to action: “It’s a campaign of disinformation!”

So one opinion, one view is disinformation; the other is the truth and by God you better believe it or you’re making fun of people or you’re engaged in disinformation. We’re gonna cancel you like we cancel climate change deniers!

Well, Project Veritas just won a major victory against the Democratic organ known as the New York Times. Their discovery can go forward in this defamation case that says — in which they say — it’s not disinformation, and you are providing the disinformation. This is huge. And Rush touched on it not long ago.

RUSH: Mr. O’Keefe is an interesting character. He has been a conservative all his life, but he always believed that it wasn’t enough just to talk about them, just to tell people who they are. He wanted to engage in operations or behavior that was being videotaped that forced them to actually be who they are, and that’s what he did. He believes that in taking on the left, it’s not enough to call attention to ’em and act outraged and try to get other people mad about it. What you have to do is get ’em to act out who they are because they hide who they are.

James O’Keefe. Maybe a good description, a good analogy would be to compare him to the Special Forces of the conservative movement. He’s infiltrating enemy lines and coming amongst them and getting them on videotape being who they are. Therefore, no explanation is required. It isn’t necessary to warn people and tell people, for example, what ACORN is. O’Keefe made them show everybody what they do and who they are, what they’re really all about. O’Keefe is doing the kind of things that, if anybody can, maybe can change journalism. It’s a big “if,” but, if anybody can do it, he could.

JASON: By the way, this is on the heels of this latest O’Keefe Project Veritas victory over the Times.

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