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JASON: Now, I want to get to the story that we didn’t quite get to yesterday because I think it’s absolutely crucial you understand this, because we’re being set up here. This is a trap, my friends. You have, no doubt, heard that the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill (all of which 8% goes to actual covid relief) is now being followed on by a $3 trillion, soon to be $4 trillion infrastructure plan.

It’s almost like we have no debt, except that we have one of $29 trillion that we can’t service. But be that as it may, you’ve heard about some on our side of the aisle saying, “Hey, hey, hey! You’re attaching something to this covid relief bill for the states.” This bill really bails out the states, bails out the blue states. That’s why they want to undo the SALT deduction or the lack of deduction on state and local taxes that we passed with the Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

We don’t want to subsidize high-tax states so we didn’t let them deduct their state and local taxes so the Democrats are just bailing out these states instead. That’s what they’re doing with this bill. The covid relief bill to the states, “You can’t use this money to cut taxes,” and the rock candy conservatives out there are in an uproar because they love tax cuts — as do I.

I’m the original supply-sider.

I love it.

But it is not the be-all and end-all. We’ve got a crisis with immigration. We’ve got a crisis with censorship. We’ve got a crisis with lockdowns. There are other issues out there. But here’s my point. The GOP’s being set up here. If you fall for this notion that the government — the federal government — can’t attach strings to what it funds, that which it subsidizes, it will regulate, and how do we ever get a handle on cities?

Because this is in front of the court right now. The Biden DOJ is trying to eliminate the crackdown on sanctuary cities. Let me tell you something: If they say that the Feds, when they subsidize a state, can’t have regulations with the subsidy and the answer if you’re troubled by that is not take the money. But if they say that, then how are you ever gonna defund sanctuary cities?

A city and municipality, most of them in the country, say, “We’re not gonna enforce immigration law.” Trump’s response was, “We’re gonna cut off your funding.” The Democrats say, “You can’t attach a regulation,” but they want to attach it for no tax cuts. No, they can attach what they subsidize. So be careful where you go on this. Here’s Rush’s take on sanctuary cities.

RUSH: It hit me over the weekend. Sometimes things are so close that you miss them when you’re looking for, oh, ways of persuading people, something so obvious is right in front of you that it seems so simple you start looking for something more complicated and further out.

In the case of illegal immigration — this has probably occurred to a lot of you. But it’s no more complicated than asking just why are so many people — Democrats, leftists — insistent that illegal immigrants be permitted? If you just ask that, then it will help explain what we are up against. It doesn’t make any sense to let illegal — to allow the American law, federal law to be broken and then celebrate it unless other things are true.

Why would people not just ignore the law on illegal immigration, why would they promote it? Why do they advocate it? There cannot be a good reason, if you define good as something being beneficial or pro-American. There simply isn’t. Why have sanctuary cities sprung up? Sanctuary cities have sprung up to encourage even more illegal immigration and then to promise to shield the illegals who want it from being found and deported. Why would anybody do this? There isn’t one good reason for America or pro-America to do this.

JASON: No, there really isn’t, and that’s why it’s so frustrating to watch our border security come tumbling down like Joe Biden on a set of stairs. Speaking of which, Vice President Harris, I believe, was asked if she had plans to visit the border the other day and here’s how she replied.

REPORTER: Do you plan to visit the border?

HARRIS: Um… Not today! (laughing) But, um, I have before, and I’m sure I will again.

JASON: Here is the bottom line on this, folks, as Rush put it: They don’t give a damn about the border. They care about increasing Democrat votes and turning this country into something that resembles a European socialist super state.


JASON: Understand, though, what’s going on here at the border, and that is: If we don’t get a handle on this, little else matters. Let’s be honest. And that’s why when you see these images of the overflow at facilities, Trump had an easy — not an easy way, but the right way to handle that: Undo the Flores consent decree which said you couldn’t detain minors past 20 days.

That doesn’t mean you detain them. It means you send them back to remain in Mexico while they file for asylum. Biden has undone both of those, and here’s what Rush said about that. I guess we’re gonna have to push that back to the next segment which we will ’cause we’re up against the clock. But let me… Suffice it to say this. When Flores was in place…

This was the consent decree that Reno and Clinton cut with the plaintiffs saying that children could not be detained over 20 days. You saw an influx of parents (or allegedly parents) with minors coming in to the border. Then when you had to take the child away at 20 days ’cause they couldn’t be detained, why, it was “family separation.” It was horrible.

“Look at these pictures!” Now, that was going on all during the Obama administration as well. But the media didn’t care about that. So Trump, wisely, put in MPP. That’s the Migrant Protection Protocol that said, “Okay. We’re not gonna detain you here. You’re gonna go back to Mexico and wait for your asylum proceeding to go on.” That solved the problem and eventually he jettisoned Flores decree.

Biden has essentially reversed that. He’s undone MPP, but instead of detaining — and you can’t, because we don’t have the facilities. The San Diego Convention Center is being turned into a migrant housing facility. This is how bad it is. So what they do? Catch-and-release. They say, “Well, we caught you. Your hearing is in months or years. We’re gonna let you go now.”

As I said yesterday, here is the insult to injury: They let these unaccompanied minors now go to their “sponsors” in the United States, many if not most of whom are here illegally. (laughing) Your government says, “Okay, you’ve got an illegal immigrant coming up. He might be 15 years old, might be part of MS-13. We don’t know.” They don’t bother to check.

And then they say, “Well, we can’t hold you. We’re not gonna do the Remain-in-Mexico policy. So we’ll just let you go to your sponsor who also is an illegal and show up in court in a couple years. ” That is the essence of catch-and-release, and that is why elections do have consequences. And we’ve seen an absolute 180 from when I was in Congress in the 115th working with President Trump.

We controlled the border — apprehensions way down, the wall’s going up, no catch-and-release — to total chaos at the border. This is why politics matters. This is why sanctuary cities matter. Sanctuary cities is basically Democrats saying, “We don’t like this law; so we’re not gonna follow it,” exactly what they did here in Minnesota with election law.

Secretary of State Steve Simon here went into a consent degree with liberal activist groups to undo legislatively, statutorily passed election law. They usurped the constitutional prerogative of the state legislature to pass election law by simply undoing it with a consent decree. That’s what Flores essentially did. That’s what sanctuary cities do. When Democrats don’t like laws, they don’t enforce them, and that’s why — circling all the way back — it’s so important to defund these sanctuary cities.


JASON: I want to get back to this Flores consent decree real quick, and then we’ll get to some calls, I promise, as we go through the news of the day. This breaking news in Boulder, of course, is taking up a lot of time. But this is so important at the border, and this is what happens when you enter into these bad consent decrees. They’re gonna…

By the way, they’re planning to do that on climate change — yeah — where they just ignore the law. Like the Clean Power Plan was struck down. So these AGs in several states are gonna ignore the law and enter into a consent degree with a radical environmental group to usurp the law. That’s what they did in the election of 2020. Now they got over election law and that’s what they did with Flores consent decree, and that’s what Rush was talking about not long ago.

RUSH: I feel like I’m hitting golf balls uphill against the wind here, an impossible thing to do. Trump didn’t put kids in cages! Obama put kids in cages! All of this, everything that we’re dealing with here that Trump wasn’t able to fix is something held over from the Obama years. And of course the Drive-Bys and the Democrats don’t want anybody thinking that. But every mess this country has, every mess that Trump is attempting to address, is something in place because of Obama.

Kirstjen Nielsen didn’t put kids in cages, and Trump didn’t put kids in cages. It was a policy that happened during the Obama years. Now she’s a monster for letting Trump separate children from their parents which Obama and Bush and Clinton all did. This has been an American policy for over 10 years, but it is never become something that was successfully weaponized.

Why would you want to trash Bill Clinton? Why would you want to trash Obama? The media, the Democrats wouldn’t want to do that. So they don’t even report any of that. Of course, the Clintons and the Obamas never wanted to do anything about immigration anyway except keep the borders open. And even George W. Bush in that administration was for amnesty.

So this is the first administration, the Trump administration’s actually the first one to come along to actually respond to public pressure on this. There’s new polling data out from Rasmussen. Sixty-seven percent of the American people are totally opposed to what we’re doing on immigration, and they want it fixed. And nobody in Washington is listening to them, Republican or Democrat, except Trump and the very few supporters on this issue that he has.

Now, I don’t know how many times I have mentioned this — and I’m sorry for those of you who have heard it all these times, I’m gonna mention it again for whatever it’s worth. It’s the Flores agreement that separates children from their mommies and daddies at the border. And you will not hear about this from the Democrats or you will not read or hear about it in the Drive-By Media.

Nielsen and Trump are simply trying to follow the law, and not just the law. The ACLU and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Flores Settlement, which is what causes children to be separated in the first place. Flores, the Flores Settlement — F-l-o-r-e-s, spelled the same way as the old Oakland Raiders coach, Tom Flores, the Flores Settlement caused the current crisis.

It’s not anything that’s new. It’s been American policy mandated by a decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I don’t care what you think of them, the law is the law, except in immigration. See, we choose to enforce some of it, but then we ignore other aspects of it. It is a mess. It’s an absolute mess. And I’m gonna tell you something, folks.

I don’t for a minute believe that these caravans and this mass exodus of people from Central America and even South America is random and organic. I think this is a plan. It is a plan that has worldwide sponsors that are in cahoots with Mexican drug cartels, and its sole purpose is to put all kinds of economic and societal pressure on the United States to create crisis.

JASON: It’s exactly right. Once again, Rush is spot on. That’s exactly what’s going on, and as we mentioned, it goes back to the Democrats undoing laws they don’t like but entering into these consent decree agreements, whether it’s elections, whether it’s climate change, whether it’s immigration.

Sanctuary cities is basically a Democrat saying, “We don’t like the law; we’re not gonna follow it. So what are you gonna do to us?” Elaine in Phoenix, Arizona, you know all these things. You’re on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.

CALLER: Thank you! Thank you! (chuckles) Love you guys.

JASON: Thank you. What’s on your mind?

CALLER: Well, I’m telling you. I’m saying that we all have to band together and fight this immigration thing and if the party… Get it on Newsmax, get it on (unintelligible), anything we can to advertise to raise money to get buses and drive these people from the border.

I’m in Arizona. Drive ’em to Washington, D.C., and drop them right in front of the Capitol, turn around and leave. It’s the only way we can get a statement, enough is enough, ’cause the southern borders are getting stuck with all this expense.

JASON: That’s right. This is what happens to states. You know, the cost of illegal immigration, no one really knows. But since the Plyler v. Doe decision where illegal immigrant children must be educated and the 1985 Emergency Medical Treatment law that they must get health care, effectively it is a massive magnet that you have a welfare state with open borders. It is unsustainable. It can’t go on.


JASON: Jamestown, Tennessee, Bobby, you’re on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Jason. But you gotta remember one thing. The Republicans have let this happen. The Republicans have sat on their hands. They went through this election, did not go through any challenge, any of these lawyers that the Democrats put out. They sent all these legal teams into these states to turn the laws, the voting laws, and stack the deck against Trump.

And the Republicans sat there on their hands and didn’t do a damn thing about it ’cause they wanted to get rid of Trump. Now they find themselves in the position of completely being outcast completely, and it’s of their own doing! You sit there and you look at Kevin McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy goes down to the border, carries on, pitches a fit about the situation down there. But yet Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan had the House of Representatives, the Senate, Donald Trump in the White House, and they wouldn’t fund the border wall! The Republican Party has destroyed themselves —

JASON: Bobby, I’m glad you said that. I think every Republican in Washington ought to be listening to that ’cause that’s where a lot of people are. Let me just say: We had bills in the 115th that absolutely funded the border wall — Goodlatte 1 and Goodlatte 2, to be specific — and the Democrats torpedoed them. I was there, and we did that.

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