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BRETT: Isn’t it incredible to look at all the chaos that’s being sown around the world kind of simultaneously? Isn’t it an incredible thing? You have the border crisis, or is it a “circumstance”? I forget. You got a border crisis. You have situations involving us being challenged around the world by the bad guys in big, big ways.

China’s telling off Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan just last week in Alaska, telling us that we are not a democracy, we are terrible, we’re dying, we’re done, we’re finished, it’s over; kaput. We are seeing jobs wiped out at an enormous pace by the Biden administration, killing the Keystone XL pipeline. We see all these challenges that are all kind of manifesting at the same time.

The Russians. Vladimir Putin. Iranians. You name it. And then we find out that Little Rocket Man Kim Jong-un conducted a missile test, the first missile test under the Biden administration. Holy cow. It makes me long for the days when we were exhibiting strength in foreign policy, resolve in foreign policy. You know, like early, mid-September, 2017, President Trump spoke at the United Nations.

Here’s Rush commenting.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: As president of the United States, I will always put America first, just like you as the leaders of your countries will always and should always put your countries first.

CROWD: (applause)

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The United States will forever be a great friend to the world, and especially to its allies. But we can no longer be taken advantage of or enter into a one-sided deal where the United States gets nothing in return. As long as I hold this office, I will defend America’s interests above all else.

RUSH: Nobody at the U.N. has ever been spoken to this way by an American president. They’ve all heard Trump say it on the campaign trail. They’ve all heard Trump say it, strains of it, variations of it in the White House, but no president has ever dared go to the sacred ground of the United Nations General Assembly and basically tell them they don’t matter when it comes to putting America first.

That the world will not come first. This global movement, it will continue and we’ll be a part of it with our allies, but we are never not going to put America first. And Trump urged all of them to get serious, to band together and fight the bad guys, to fight the rogue regimes like the depraved Norks.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime in North Korea. Now North Korea’s reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss of human life. The United States has great strength and patience. But if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. “Rocket Man” is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. The United States is ready, willing, and able. But hopefully this will not be necessary.

RUSH: You don’t go to the United Nations and threaten to destroy another nation on the planet. It isn’t done. Well, I mean, in World War II, League of Nations, there might have been some allusions at some point, but in the modern era, this just doesn’t happen. I don’t care how depraved the regime is, because in the modern world depraved regimes are depraved because of the United States. We’re responsible.

As far as these eggheads at that place think, we are responsible for the problems in the world because we have an unfair amount of the world’s wealth, riches, treasure, and resources, and how do we get it? Why, we went over there and we stole everything we wanted. We have dominated, we have territorialized, and Trump even addressed that.

He made the point that we have never conquered, that we have never made any military action for the purpose of seizing territory and holding it, and we have never sought to impose our way of thinking on anybody else because freedom is not an imposition. This stuff is not said. It needs to be said and it needed to have been said years ago, and it needed to be said consistently.

I’m sure I am not alone when I tell you I have long ago gotten fed up with being blamed for everything in this country, blamed for everything in the world as an American. That our wealth, that our prosperity, our superpower status is illegitimate because it’s unfairly acquired, which is a crock.

We have earned what we produce. We feed the world. We technologically advance the world. We share medical discoveries and all kinds of other scientific discoveries with the rest of the world. We’re first on the scene of natural disasters all over the world. And what do we get? We get jealousy, we get envy, and we get derision.

It’s why I said long ago my foreign aid policy would be very simple: You’re not with us, you don’t get a dime. You’re with us, you thank us, you love us, you promote us, you get all the foreign aid you need. If, in the process of getting foreign aid, you start criticizing us, you get put on the excrement list. You’re on it automatically for five years. It takes five years of good behavior, adulation, love and devotion to the U.S. to get off that list and back on the foreign aid list.

Now, Trump didn’t say that, but, folks, he got pretty close to spelling out what the United States is, who we are, the goodness of our people, the greatness of our way of life, our decency, our philanthropy, our sharing. And he said it’s time that the United States stop being taken for granted and so forth. And just like the rest of you in this crowd put your places first; I and we are going to put America first.

You know the difference? Americans putting America first is how the rest of the world elevates at the same time. It’s no different than your family. When you as a breadwinner or half of the bread winning team in your family, when you engage in behavior to increase your family’s standard of living, what happens? Even the people not working, your kids, their standard of living benefits and increases. Same thing here, just in a much larger scale because the United States is the greatest force for good the world has ever seen.

The United States is the greatest force for uplift, for positive reinforcement, that the world has ever seen. And that is why we are constantly rebuked, constantly derided, constantly criticized. We are looked at as the world’s piggy bank. Every United Nations policy is, in one way or another, a scheme to get the hands of the world into our back pocket. Climate change, make the U.S. pay for it. Whatever the issue, the reality and the purpose is always to fleece the Treasury of the United States of America. And Trump said all of this in his own words today, in a 40-minute speech at the U.N.

BRETT: Absolutely spectacular analysis and right on, and this developing story is just moving. “President Biden says he has asked Vice President Harris to lead the effort on the migration issue at the U.S.-Mexico border.” This is MarketWatch reporting this. “President Biden said Wednesday he’d asked Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the administration’s efforts to stem migration at the U.S.-Mexican border.

“‘The new surge we’re dealing with now started in the past administration, but it’s our responsibility to deal with it now,’ Biden said at a White House event. ‘Harris will work with other nations to strengthen immigration enforcement at the borders,’ Biden said. Republicans have dubbed a surge of migrants at the southern border a ‘Biden border crisis.'”

“Of course, the president is likely to field multiple questions about the issue in his first news conference on Thursday.” Talk about being the piggy bank for the world, America, right? But think about this. Because he’s now appointed Vice President Harris to take over the migrant issue, does that let him off the hook from the tough questions tomorrow? Is this a dodge?

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