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BRETT: Let’s turn our attention a little bit further south, and that is to the border crisis manifesting itself alongside the border with Mexico. Mexico’s president has now come out. His name is Obrador. They call him AMLO. That’s the shorthand for him. AMLO has come out and said, “Look, these Biden administration immigration policies are prompting the border surge.”

That stands in stark contrast to Alejandro Mayorkas, who is the head of the Department of Homeland Security. It stands in stark contrast to the narrative coming from Jen Psaki behind the podium there at the White House. It stands in stark contrast with what it is that President Biden is saying and Vice President Harris is saying and that any number of individuals who are out there making the rounds are saying.

The president of Mexico is in a tough situation. Let’s remember what happened. Once upon a time, President Trump got into a negotiation with AMLO and said, “Listen. I want a Remain-in-Mexico policy as these migrants are making their way northward. We’re not going to bring them into the United States because that is going to cause a crisis for both countries.

“You need to secure your southern border and you need to help us secure the northern border of Mexico to stem the flow of these migrant outflows from Central America, Latin America, and beyond,” and that policy worked. That policy worked! The very first action taken, though, by President Biden when he got into office was to remove — remove — those restrictions and to allow the flow of migrants northward.

What we have now seen is, let’s be honest, a crisis at best and potentially a catastrophe down the road. Now you have the U.S. and Mexico trying to find out how to unmake the spaghetti or put the toothpaste back in the tube. Well, we know what this is all about. Rush talked about this in June of 2013 on the pathway to citizenship.

RUSH: They want 11 million new voters. They don’t say that. They say they want citizenship for these poor people that have risked everything to come to America, the great America. They want their freedom from oppression. Who are we to deny these people their humanity? We must grant them a pathway to citizenship. They’re here, and they’re in the shadows, and the Republicans say, “Hmm, you know what? Since you guys want it we better come up with a version of it, or we’re gonna be hated.”

Why can’t the Republicans say, “No. I tell you what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna shut down the border. Everything stays the same until we shut down the border. The country and the sun are gonna come up tomorrow. The sun’s gonna set. Everybody’s gonna go along. Nobody’s in great danger. Nobody’s threatened here right now. We’re gonna secure the border first and then we’ll talk about what to do about the people who are here. But the first thing we gotta do is stop the influx.” Why can’t we do that?

We have Obamacare because they want nationalized health care, and we didn’t say “no.” We said, “Well, okay, we’ve gotta have an answer to this. We’ve gotta have our own version of this. We gotta have our own smarter way of doing this.” Pick the issue. The Democrats are always driving. They’re always the ones wanting bigger government, more government, and we never say “no.” We always think we have to have an alternative to whatever they propose. Why don’t we take the initiative and say, “You know what, we need to get rid of some government.”

We don’t push back. I guess we have a mind-set of permanent minority. We have a mind-set, apparently, that says most people hate us. The Democrats advance something, people love Democrats, and people must want this, so we better look like we’re in favor of some of it, otherwise we’re gonna be hated. I interpret how the Republicans react to things and what they do.

BRETT: You cannot govern… Even if you’re in the minority, you cannot govern from a defensive position. You have got to offer bold alternatives, and the bold alternative was offered up by then-President Trump as a candidate and as a president. He stuck with that messaging that we have to secure the border with Mexico.

People told him at the time and people told me at the time — I was talking to them on the air in San Diego and certainly around my time in Charlotte, WBT. The fact is, you were talking to people, and they were telling you, “This is gonna cost you votes among Hispanic voters. This is gonna cost you votes if you call for a secure border, if you take the border seriously,” and guess what happened?

If you go back and look at the performance of the voting for President Trump in the 2020 reelection, you saw Latino voters, Hispanic voters turning toward Trump. They liked the economy. They liked the economic growth. Black voters, Asian voters, people liked the economy — running up into, obviously, the pandemic and what happened there with the massive shutdowns.

But on border policy, people were with the former administration. They wanted the border secure, and if you go down to those counties in south Texas, those are counties that are overwhelmingly Hispanic. They are overwhelmingly in favor of border security, and I can tell you what they are absolutely hating right now. They’re hating the idea that there is just a massive inflow of people coming in.

To make matters worse, you now have an administration in pursuit of those voters down the road getting naturalization and then getting the vote in Democratic caucuses and in general elections and in state elections and that sort of stuff. What you now have happening is you have people suffering in border communities and in communities in the interior of the United States.

Gila Bend, Arizona. It’s a place that’s got a pretty rough economy. You have the federal government dumping migrants in the middle of the night, just leaving them in the center of the town and saying to the mayor there, “You gotta deal with this.” You’ve now got the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, where they are gonna house 3,000 teenage migrants who’ve come across the border.

You can’t go have a convention at the convention center in Dallas for the next 75 days because it’s been booked by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to house migrant teenagers between 15 and 17 years of age. They’re gonna put 3,000 there. It’s an incredible thing. You look at this. You look at what you have going on as military bases that are gonna be tasked with this — including, of course, Fort Bliss right in El Paso, and you know what’s going to happen.

You’re going to have, until you secure that border, the continued outflow of migrants to come into the United States looking for that opportunity, looking for that golden ticket that’s being offered up by the Biden-Harris administration. (That’s what they’re going by now. They’re “the Biden-Harris administration.”) They’re offering that up.

When asked about this yesterday… Vice President Harris, when asked, “Are you gonna go to the border?” she laughed it off and said, “Not today I’m not.” She’s in Jacksonville, pushing the covid-19 stimulus package. This is a mess. And most of all, it’s a mess for the people on both sides of the border with Mexico.

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