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BRETT: We have the very first episode, first segment of the moment that Rush took to the television airwaves. Rush did a very funny bit — he hid behind a blue dot for his safety, since he was accused of being one of the most heinous Americans alive — and then revealed himself to America.


RUSH: The views expressed by the host on this show who happens to be me are not necessarily the views of the staff, management nor the sponsors of this station, but they ought to be, and soon will be. My friends, I come to you tonight behind a blue dot because I demand anonymity for my own safety. Because I stand accused of being one of the most heinous Americans. Why? Because I believe in the power of the individual, I believe in limited gov’t. I believe in you keeping more of your money. It makes me a conservative. I am asked by reporters all the time, “So what gives you the right to breathe?”

The politically correct left, they say that they alone know who should and shouldn’t speak. They don’t know me. You know how long this show is gonna last? We’re not going away until every American agrees with me. You must call and say, “I love this show.” My friends, my name is Rush Limbaugh. There are many who say my show needs to be balanced with equal time. They are wrong. I am equal time.

BRETT: Yes, you are.

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