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BRETT: Oh, we had a terrible, terrible incident involving another example of censorship taking place — Big Tech censorship — as Twitter, quote, “mistakenly censors photos of migrant overflow cells.” I’m old enough to remember when the Obama-Biden administration had kids in cages. You’re old enough to remember that as well, and a very interesting thing happened.

Once President Trump became President Trump, then people became outraged, people became furious at the children being held — separated from — at holding facilities. These children had crossed the border through the frontier, not coming through a legal port of entry or an authorized port of entry. Instead, they were separated from adults who in some cases may have been their parents.

In other cases, they could have been smugglers and coyotes, taking them into the country. And there was an effort made to try to secure the border back during that original surge in 2018. But there was an original surge in 2015 for Obama-Biden and they had the kids in their cages, in their setups. But we remember what happened with the worldwide outcry.

Every Democrat within eyesight was taking to the streets, taking to these facilities; in some cases, facilities being attacked by Antifa types who wanted to free children from migrant holding facilities. All of that happening. So what happens? James O’Keefe at Project Veritas puts up pictures of these children currently being held in these facilities in, essentially — let’s be honest — suboptimal facilities.

Overcrowded, stuffed inside these cells filled with children sleeping on the floor, laying under blankets. This is not what we were about. That’s what we were told by Rashida Tlaib — and, of course, Kamala Harris — and the folks there in the House and the Senate. It’s really an incredible thing. Well, Rush was right on it when it came to Rasputin Guy and Mark Zuckerberg. “Are they good for America?”

RUSH: I watched a little bit of the testimony yesterday, the Rasputin guy and Zuckerberg. I have never seen two weirder looking people in my life, and to think that these nerds are running the country, that these nerds are in charge of who learns what! Not just in the media, but in education.


These two people are some… They look quintessentially like the people laughed at and made fun of and had spitballs thrown at ’em in high school and junior high, and now it’s time to get even. Do you remember when TIME magazine…? I think it was back in 1995, TIME magazine… Put that up of me. TIME magazine 1995. Remember that cover? “Is Rush Limbaugh Good for America?”

I’m doing a radio talk show! They also had a cover shortly after, “Is There Too Much Democracy Going On in America?” I tried to warn people all the way back then, “Look, they’re not interested in free speech and democracy when it’s not them speaking,” and I represented a huge threat. That picture was also doctored because I never had smoke coming out of my mouth in a photo like that.

I never did that.

Some photographer altered that, and I know why. “Is Rush Limbaugh Good for America?” Do you know what the cover the next week was? Fidel Castro — and the headline: (paraphrased) “Fidel Castro attempts to revitalize his idyllic Caribbean island paradise.” A known communist got better treatment in TIME magazine than I did! So I’m wondering if TIME magazine would ever put these two guys on the cover.

Do you think TIME magazine would put that picture on the cover and say, “Are the Rasputin Guy and Mark Zuckerberg Good for America?” Do you think they would ever do that? 1995. They’d gone socialist and commie even back then. “Is Rush Limbaugh Good for America?”

Blumenthal. Da Nang Dick is the senator from Connecticut. He lied about his valorous service in Vietnam. He didn’t serve in Vietnam. He didn’t serve valorously anywhere. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on tech censorship yesterday, Da Nang Dick Blumenthal attacked the Rasputin guy and Zuckerberg for not censoring enough conservative content.

He wants them to censor Breitbart more than they’re censoring Breitbart. That was his problem. His problem is they’re not being tough enough. “It’s one thing to block the New York Post for six weeks, but that’s nothing. You guys gotta shut down Breitbart!” This is a United States senator! Look, it might sound funny, and especially when you think of the pictures of these two guys and the pictures of Da Nang Dick — who looks cadaverous, if you ask me.

I’m so sick of being governed by a bunch of weird-looking people, I can’t tell you. Anyway, a United States senator! They swear an oath to the Constitution of United States. United States senators are asking these two guys to further censor Breitbart News. Breitbart didn’t do anything to anybody. They’re as legitimate journalists as anybody else out there.

Remember what I said yesterday. It’s wide open out there now. The elite news people lost control over who gets to be in news and who doesn’t, and that happened starting in 1988, and then something big happened in 1997. Drudge blew open the Lewinsky story. Newsweek spiked it. So when Drudge did that, Drudge opened up the website world to anybody who wanted to get involved.

So no longer did you have to wait for what Newsweek or TIME or the New York Times or anybody else does. Anybody could have a website. Anybody could be a web journalist in America — and a lot of people have. A lot of people have. One of them was Andrew Breitbart, and there are countless others. Most of them at the time were on the right, but now everybody does.

So what used to be a very elite world — a very closed and restricted world where not very many people were in it controlled by the Drive-By Media — was all of a sudden open. In 1988, this program opens it up; then Drudge blows up Newsweek, goes ahead and publishes a story they won’t, and the world was forever changed.

And it has continued to evolve and change. And now you’ve got a United States senator at Senate hearings asking the people that run Twitter and Facebook why they are unfairly censoring this news organization or that person on a random basis, and they’re not getting honest answers.

Then you have a United States senator from Connecticut who tells them they’re not censoring enough. A United States senator! He doesn’t care. The only thing that matters to him is Breitbart is right wing and so they should be made to go out of business. A United States senator, folks! He is violating his constitutional oath by asking them to do this.

BRETT: And that same Rasputin (Jack Dorsey) and Twitter, censor the logical extension of much of what you heard in the past, what you heard starting in 1988 with Rush, starting in 1997 with Drudge, starting in the days following the establishment of Andrew Breitbart.

And James O’Keefe has pictures taken inside these facilities showing the terrible conditions these children are living in through no fault of their own but through the solicitation of them to the United States by the sitting president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the vice president, Kamala Harris, and by extension — let’s be honest — Alejandro Mayorkas, who has not done everything he can do.

He ought to be camped out down on the border trying to fix this situation, and so when James O’Keefe shows the world the conditions in which children are living at the border, at these institutions, brought about by the reversal of a successful immigration policy, a reversal carried out day one by the Biden administration, they censor him.

They censor the pictures because they’re deathly afraid that the world is going to see that Biden and Harris and their immigration policy is not kid friendly in the same way that the Biden-Obama policy and the Obama-Biden policy was not kid friendly with kids in cages. It’s a disgrace. And yet Jack Dorsey will have to answer to nobody for that.

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