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KEN: Lynn in New Jersey, speaking of Washington, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hello?

KEN: Hi, Lynn.

CALLER: Hi. I’m reading the Constitution. I’ve been reading it for a while now, and every time I read it I see something new. There’s a section in the powers of the Congress that say the district, meaning the legislative district in Washington, is not to exceed 10 miles square.

KEN: Exactly.

CALLER: So I think somebody should bring up that we’re gonna have a new state that’s 10 miles square? That’s ridiculous.

KEN: Now, first of all, you’re from New Jersey. How did you get a copy of the Constitution into the state?

CALLER: In the mail. They don’t know what’s in the envelope.

KEN: I was just gonna say, you better — you better not show up like at happy hour or something and have that Constitution hanging out of your pocket.

CALLER: Anybody who lives in New Jersey knows the deal in New Jersey.

KEN: I am so — I am so glad you called. That is so good to point out. And think about all the people — you are such a wonderful example, Lynn. This is part of that great awakening we’ve talked about for the past several years, but in particular 2020. What’s going on in Jersey with the mask and the covid and the taxing and the lockdowns and the absurdity of what’s happening with the voting, people are awake. And this is what has terrified the left and the news media.

You want to know why there’s so much censorship right now on your platforms, you want to know why CNN just aggressively attacks the American public? Because millions of people know all about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Millions and millions of Americans love God, love the country, and respect each other. And it’s just too overwhelming for this cabal that’s been trying to play us against each other for God knows how many decades.

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