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TODD: Remember the… He’s kind of creepy himself. Kevin Spacey was in a movie called The Usual Suspects, and in character he uttered a pretty interesting phrase. He said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist. Now, Rush never made a habit of this being a religious show, far from it, far from it.

In the last months of his life, he was kind enough to share with us his faith and how that grounded him and how that gave him no fear as he faced, you know, going on to heaven. I would always one day look forward to thanking Rush for that so it was never a big topic of discussion. And I will just present this this way because this is who I am.

I am chilled when I see things like this. There’s a rapper named Lil Nas who’s decided to sell shoes with the official satanic symbol on them, the image of the satanic temple. It has a name. I prefer not to utter the name of the insignia. It also has human blood in it. Oh, and just for fun, they’re selling 666 of these shoes and they’re Nike shoes.

Nike said, “Oh! Oh! We’re not selling those.” Yeah. (laughs) But you’re also not enforcing your copyright. I mean, you’re letting them do this. You could stop this, Nike, if you wanted to, but you don’t. Anybody remember the controversy over the Betsy Ross shoe? And this is a shoe dedicated to Satan. I’ll just let you know this just so that you have this information as potential power to share with your friends.

In Washington State when they passed truly, truly a perverse sex ed bill into law… It’s in California. It’s in Oregon. It has a foothold in Georgia and in Texas and in Indiana and in Illinois. It’s in New York. When they passed this, a group of Satanists went to the capitol in Washington State and they celebrated it, and if you want to see this, I have it on my show page, my Facebook page, Facebook.com/ToddHermanShow. You can look at that later. I’ll give you warning. It’s me and a woman who ran to be boss of schools in Washington state reviewing the actual curricula. It is terrible. So you look at the series of woke news. “A Rhode Island lawmaker is arguing that the dress code [ha!] is oppressive and calls the Senate a ‘white western space.'”

We on the West Coast are having social justice types explain that being on time to meetings is a construct of white supremacy. (laughing) In other words, non-chaos is a form of white supremacy, to not be chaotic. “Sesame Street is introducing two new black Muppets to teach about race.” I’m sure that one of them will be a conservative and one of them will be a liberal.

Oh! We talked last hour about Rush predicting what Jeff Bezos would do with the Washington Post when he bought it. There’s this. Amazon continues to block this documentary about Clarence Thomas in which Thomas participates. They won’t list it. They won’t sell it. It’s simply that Thomas is either not black enough for Jeff Bezos’ liking or perhaps he’s too black for Jeff Bezos liking. I think Bezos should explain.

There’s in the New York Post an article: “New York theater cancels its own Cinderella production because the cast was too white.” When you’re picking virtue signaling over virtue, guess what? One is easier. It’s like watching someone work. “Wow. That looks heavy.” Versus being virtuous, versus participating with people who are of, quote, “other races.”

Right? So you get the Muppets as they introduce these characters to teach “racial justice” and “racial literacy,” and the qualifiers reveal it’s not gonna be about either of those things. And, look, Rush knew that the culture war was upon us, being thrust upon us, and he spoke about that in ways no one else could.

RUSH: Now, look, folks. I know this is… I want to be very clear here. I am not obsessed or possessed here of fatalism or negativism. I just read something that triggered me, when I read the line (paraphrased), “If this stuff ever becomes mainstream, then we’re gonna have problems.”

I’ve been frustrated for so long that so many haven’t seen what’s coming, that haven’t seen what was in front of our faces and has been on the way to getting us to this point. It needn’t have happened, but it did, because nobody has ever stood up and told basically a bunch of kids to shut up and grow up, or to sit down and grow up.

Instead, we’ve been bending over backwards with political correctness. We haven’t wanted to hurt anybody’s feelings and so forth. We’ve allowed these renegades to totally just destroy the public education system, not to mention much of higher education at the university level and so forth, and we’re dangerously closer to this.

TODD: So that’s Rush announcing the culture war was upon us, and in that announcement, he wasn’t obsessed, but Rush was obsessed with… Well, I’ll say he was obsessed with something. He was obsessed with being positive. And it was his positivity and his optimism that saw him live a year longer than the doctors said he would.

I giggle, because I remember Rush saying surpassed his expiration date. A while back Rush took a call from a mother upset that the Muppets had propagandized her, and they made her kids hate their father’s gas business. Listen to how Rush lifts her spirits here about this kind of propagandizing.

RUSH: Holly in Bee Cave, Texas. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Oh, thank you so much, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m so nervous, but I’m so excited to talk to you. I feel like, as a housewife raising a family, supporting my husband who is a small business owner in the natural gas industry, I feel like I’m at constant war. We work our tails off, and my husband is constantly having to defend his occupation. I’m having to explain to my kids when we come out of the movie Cars or The Muppets or anything like that that your daddy is not a bad guy. You know, it gets a little exhausting, but, you know what? The feminists of this world —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait just a second, now. You are more informed than I. I have not seen movie Cars nor The Muppets in a long time. What are they doing? Why, when those movies are over, do you have to tell your kids your dad’s not a bad guy?

CALLER: Well, the bad, evil guy in The Muppets is a big oil man, and he’s gonna tear down the Muppets studio so he can drill for oil underneath it.

RUSH: You gotta be kidding me. I didn’t know this. I’m sorry, folks, I should know these things. I don’t know these things. The Muppets have an evil oil man that’s gonna drill for oil in their studio?

CALLER: Yes. So he’s trying to destroy the whole Muppet industry, the whole Muppet, you know —

RUSH: Their house. He’s trying to destroy the Muppet’s house and their trees and everything.

CALLER: Everything, their total existence.

I am embarrassed. I did not know that the Muppets were doing this. During the break I did a Google search and I found a Houston Chronicle story: “Muppets Reunite to Take on Big Oil.” Basically, a big, bad Texas oil man played by Chris Cooper plans to drill beneath the Muppet theater, and their only hope is reuniting the old Muppet crew for a one-night variety show fundraiser.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: I’m embarrassed. I know everything, and I didn’t know that, and that’s because I don’t have kids. It’s not worth having kids to know it, but I still didn’t know it.

CALLER: It’s everywhere. And we have constant conversations about it because it’s what their daddy does, and it’s their livelihood and —

RUSH: Their dad’s in the oil and gas business, right?


RUSH: And so their dad now is the equivalent here of the big, bad Texas oil man who wants to destroy the Muppets theater?

CALLER: Exactly.

But this attempt to use pop culture to propagandize kids and indoctrinate ’em, that is not new. When you were their age, it might have been the forefront of it, Ted Turner had a cartoon on Saturday morning called Captain Planet, and Captain Planet was a superhero saving the world from major corporations who are destroying the planet by exploring for oil and all this other stuff.

RUSH: You gotta understand, a lot of kids would see the Muppet movie and if situation’s the same thing. But the kids have not been alerted, would really hate their dad because of this.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Would really hate their dad if they believe what’s in this movie. This is what these people are doing.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: This is a full-time job just countering the garbage that they see.

TODD: And Rush did this by way of optimism and by way of humor. And we have such opportunities to do this. I spoke at the top of this segment about this perverse sex ed that’s coming into the schools. It will be in your state. It’s named “comprehensive sex education,” and I’m asking my audience to go ask personal questions of teachers who teach this.

Not to be creepy, but to make them live in their reality. You know, your seventh grader comes home with something completely inappropriate, well, ask the teacher, do you practice this in your private life? Because they need to live in the reality, right? And if we are going to have race-based Muppets teaching race-based policy, could we not also then start now a movement to demand that every white executive at National Propaganda Radio step out today and immediately offer their jobs to others?

This is a great way to do this at city council meetings where they’re propagating this stuff, to say to white members, “I expect you to resign today and to have an African-American or Hispanic woman or someone who says they’re a woman take your seat today — or forevermore, you are not really standing behind what you’re wanting us to stand behind.” We still have the freedom of speech that we should use.

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