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KEN: I was talking to Ali and some of the other EIB team members. I just can’t comprehend how quickly news changes in our current environment. When you have this many liars in powerful positions — whether it’s network news or Joe and Jill Biden — that’s part of the reason. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but I almost feel bad for some people in the news media.

Yeah, I know I never thought it would come out of my mouth. Because not only do they have to cover-up on a regular basis for the people that they need to protect and they have to put stories on the back burner and not cover things that are happening, they know they’re covering liars, and they’ve gotta try to maintain credibility, and they’re not telling the truth.

It’s crazy. One of the biggest things right now is covering up the mask scam. They’re covering up the Biden border crisis, which has turned into a human trafficker’s dream. By the way, I don’t know have you noticed but the news media is ramping up new attacks on President Donald Trump.

He is the 45th president of the United States who was just reelected in November, which you’re not allowed to talk about anymore. But they’re ramping up new attacks every day. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but there’s new investigations. There are new, “Yeah but what was he doing on his taxes in June of ’93 or ‘4?” This is the level of…

I believe it’s panic. I believe it’s fear. It goes without saying it’s absurdity. But when you look at how John Kerry’s Big Oil investments get ignored by most of the media… I saw they were talking about it on Fox today, and he’s the climate… What is he, the climate goof, climate czar? Whatever he is. He flies over in a $30 million jet probably bought with oil investment.

We also have an election update on the show today. Yes, we do. Six states are churning along doing the heavy lifting that the news media and the Democrat Party and the Republican Party refuse to do. However, there are some very courageous, honest — honest and ethical — people in states like Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia. You know the drill.

And the reason I believe that’s moving in the right direction… When I say, “Moving in the right direction,” I mean the reason I believe the audits and the vote counting are heading to a culmination that most honest people will appreciate is because the news media again is melting down. The attacks are… They’re ludicrous.

Not the rapper, but they’re ludicrous, these attacks. I don’t know why anybody would attack American citizens or American politicians that ask for open, transparent elections. And then, of course — Rush knew about this for years; he nailed this for years — how the left is redefining language, how the left can get away with not following the science just by saying, “Follow the science!

“We follow the science. Just follow the science.” But how does the mask thing work? I mean, why does my 9-year-old have to wear the mask on the soccer field when it’s 82 degrees, sunny and windy? “Uh, just follow the science.” That isn’t how it works. It might work in your college that way, but what should have been learned is… We learned this for years, but really with Obamacare we learned it.

If you dress in a lab coat and you go on any late-night TV show or The View, you have credibility with the left. You just have to wear a lab coat. Now, I went one step further. I bought a stethoscope. If you put on a lab coat and you wear a stethoscope, you could go to any school in America, and a third of the faculty will believe what you say.

They’ll presume you’re a doctor just when you’re heading in. This is where we are in America today. 800-282-2882. We mentioned the mask. I think, sadly, we’re finding out — probably a year and a half too late, but we’re finding out — the power of the teachers union. You’re seeing it on display nationwide, maybe in your district, the kids have gone back but they have to be in hazmat suits.

I’m exaggerating. But we’ve seen and we feel the power of big federal unions, and it’s scary. No, we’re finding out… I don’t know if you saw this story. It’s breaking. It’s on, like, three different platforms now, and over at New York Post, Jon Levine did a great story: “Powerful Teachers Union Influenced CDC on the School Reopenings.”

So the teachers unions were communicating with the CDC so they would know how to influence the Biden regime. It was a full-court press. So this is a federal agency putting the brakes on a complete reopening of in-person classrooms because of pressure from the teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers and the CDC.

Now, many people would call that corruption. I’m sure it’s just gonna be called everybody getting along in the Biden regime. This is a very dangerous thing because masks have been proven numerous times to be very bad for certain individuals, and they’ve already been proven numerous times not to do what they’re supposed to do.

Now it’s just turned into a blatant power grab. So, for example, did you ever think in your lifetime you would hear someone in the Oval Office — like the current guy, Biden — say, “Well, we’re not sure about this July 4th, either,” if you can celebrate it, if you can go out with your friends, whatever it may be.

It’s absurdity. It’s absurdity. The masks served their purpose and they ran their course about a year ago, but this is such an attractive item to control people. And Rush… Well, what it gets down to is this. The Democrats, just like they hijacked our language, they hijacked our science. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: I want to go back to August 31st because Biden said on that date or thereabouts that in terms of locking down the country again, if a scientist came long and told him he had to do it, he would do it. Again, the point was, “I’m a smart guy, I’m Joe Biden, I’m gonna listen to the science.” They’re trying to say that Trump is a buffoon, that Trump is an ignoramus and an idiot, thinks he’s smarter than the scientists, doesn’t trust the science, and that that’s unacceptable. Here is what I said about this…

RUSH ARCHIVE: The idea that we got some doofus Democrat presidential candidate promising everybody that he will relock down the country if some scientist comes along and tells him we have to ought to scare the bejeezus out of everybody, because that is the last thing we need to do.

RUSH: Shutting down the country would be a disaster. It was a disaster the first time. The last thing we need is more of it. But note this “science” business. Anybody can put on a white coat and stand next to Joe Biden, claim to be a scientist, and issue a report saying: “Based on my scientific analysis of the scientific circumstances, the scientific criteria we’ve looked at here, the scientific theorems and algorithms, it seems necessary to me to say — as a scientist — that we need to shut down the country.” Plugs says, “Okay! We’re gonna shut down the country. Scientist here said so!” Unh-uh You know why? Science has become as politicized as the Democrat Party itself is. The last thing in the world ought to be because “science” says so or a scientist says so.

KEN: The scary thing about that, in addition to fact that Rush was ahead of this and you can slowly but surely historically deconstruct pretty much every leftist myth and how they use all the touch points that they’ve redefined. And later in the show, we’ll talk about this ridiculous Green New Deal and just some other absurdities that are based on… I always say that it’s rotten wood.

I say the Democrat platform is rotted wood, and if you have rotted wood, you could pretty much make up in the beginning. Remember the lie 99% of scientists agree that…? That was a lie; it was a scam. It was less than what? Less than a hundred scientists they even spoke to? It was absurd. But it became part of the myth, and that’s that science line.

You’re not learning science. You’re learning to say “science.” That’s the problem. That’s where we are today. That’s why you have 55-year-old liberal men walking in parks with a mask on in May of 2021. “I believe the science.” No, you just say that you believe the science. If you saw the science, you would have stopped wearing a mask a year ago. That’s the scary thing.

Karol Markowicz over at the New York Post has a great article. “The CDC’s Cruel, Irrational Guidance Has Trapped Our Kids in the Forever Pandemic,” and many of us said this. We said this a year ago. I’m in Pennsylvania, and my governor is one of the worst. Now, he’s no Cuomo. I’ll give you that. ‘Cause he hasn’t written a stupid book yet. But Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania, he’s one of the worst.

And this level of misguided judgment and overreach with control has done so much damage to children. I was talking to the mother of an autistic child recently, and she was so upset that the child had to wear a mask unnecessarily even outside. If you know anything about autism, you know how horrific that must be for that child.

But even worse, you saw recently the person that collapsed running the track meet. The absurdity of the mask has become clear, and we’re gonna revisit this later in the show. It’s not just a control grab. There’s so much more to the absurdity of the mask. But what we’re learning now is the CDC and the teachers union are pretty much determining mask policy, and it doesn’t surprise me with the Biden regime.

Because if you recall, Dr. Fauci, the greatest doctor that ever walked the earth… Perhaps you’ve seen him. He’s… Yes, he has beautiful suits. He’s 80 years old. He’s contradicted himself on mask policy five different times.


KEN: Let’s grab a quick call here from Willow Springs, North Carolina. Bill, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

CALLER: Yeah, hi. I just wanted to agree with what you and Rush said about the uniform, ’cause in the 1980s, I was in Miami Vice. I used to be in that some, and I played the part of a doctor. I mean, everything, even a name tag. It wasn’t my name tag. I looked like a doctor. I looked like a doctor.

And when we weren’t in the operating room shooting the scene with Don Johnson and all that in there, I was in the hallway and stuff, and I felt like… I mean, people thought I was a doctor ’cause I had everything, and I felt like saying, “Well, take two Bufferin and call me in the morning.” It was just because of —

KEN: Wow.

CALLER: It was just… Yeah. It was ’cause they thought I was a doctor. I’m just agreeing, and —

KEN: Well… Oh, go ahead.

CALLER: Sorry. Well, I worked at the phone company, and we had the phone company truck and a friend of mine I worked with, he was tied up and put in the back of his van. And because it was a phone truck, you could drive different places where other people were. You had to have ID and stuff.

But it ended up being the people that tied him up and put him back in the van, they kidnapped somebody, and it was just… You know, he didn’t get hurt. But it was quite a day for him. They tied him up in the back; then they bring in another person. But, anyway, I want to say —

KEN: Well —

CALLER: — I really appreciate your show. You’re all doing a great job, of course.

KEN: Thank you.

CALLER: Thank you for the 30 years of listening to Rush that I have, or even more. But I appreciate y’all for being there, giving the facts.

KEN: Well, God bless you, Bill. Thanks for the call, and those were two great stories about how the Democrat Party now operates. That’s all you need. Think about it. It’s all you need. And now, because even news anchors wear masks– which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life — you can get away with saying or doing anything. That’s what’s so scary.

But that is true. Look at… People make the presumption, and some of the people you may remember, we were talking about Obamacare. Obamacare was one of the greatest examples that you would have of people that were not doctors. But they look like doctors, and they were sort of involved in the medical profession.

So why don’t you wear a lab coat and get in the photograph with the president, and people will just present — and that’s where we are. That’s where we are. We’ve made the presumption that Bill Nye the Science Lie — I mean, the Science Guy — is a scientist. We do. And we hear people speak on a variety of topics. Bill Gates is a great example.

He’s a computer programmer that was sued and still is being sued for something, and people go, “Wow. He must be an expert. He’s an expert,” and when Tony Fauci… When he said, “Well, if you wear two or three masks, that would even be more effective,” I thought he was joking.

You cannot tell anymore what’s coming out of the Biden regime and what’s coming out of the CDC and the World Health Organization. It is the Babylon Bee, is it The Onion, is it a Saturday Night Live sketch? What the heck’s going on with these people? But I think there’s gonna be a lot of parents who are gonna start looking back on 2020 and the damage that was done to their children by the bad decisions made by people who should not have been making those decisions, especially when it comes to the mask and lockdowns.

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