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KEN: I was thinking about the power of this audience, the content. Not only of the calls, but your social media content and fact that the educational and entertainment contents of this audience so dwarfs what news and media networks bring to the table — and I’ve said this before in a different shape or form.

But you usually get, if not all the time, better analysis from a Rush Limbaugh listener than you would from a Sunday talk show with seven people on the panel all nodding in the same way. “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I couldn’t agree more. Yes. Mmm-hmm. Trump is bad. Yes, he is. I betcha he’s a racist, too!”

The reason this is so important, especially now — the size and the impact of this audience and the credibility of it and the loyalty of it and the impact that Rush made — is because we are up against something that I don’t know if it’s been seen in this country before. We have a regime that is running the House, the Senate, the Oval Office, Hollywood, academia, and most media.

So when you look at the influence of wokeness — and we know woke is a joke, but it still gets a lot of traction. That, to me, is one of the most shocking things: When you hear or see a CEO — some man or woman making millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars a year running a company that’s making millions if not billions — and they spew some of this woke garbage or the BLM narrative garbage.

You know the garbage. This audience knows the garbage. One of the reasons Donald Trump was elected twice is because the majority of Americans can see through it now. And by the time the fifth or sixth person repeats the same talking points — and that’s something Rush introduced us to years ago with his montages.

It all started with the gravitas montage. But all you have to do is take a few moments and punch around your news dial or wherever you get your news from, and you’ll hear most people saying the same thing — literally the same thing, the same adjectives, the same adverbs, the same labels — and then when that one person, that one person… Maybe it’s Tucker Carlson.

When that one person says, “You know, this isn’t making any sense,” what happens? All the people that claim to be objective and do research and are “credible” attack the person for disagreeing. They don’t bring evidence. They just make the attack. That’s why we’re in such a dangerous time right now. One of the best examples is this debacle of a border policy.

First of all, we have a man who, like many in politics, has contradicted himself numerous times. We have a guy in Joe Biden who, sadly, may not even know where he is at the moment. But let’s pretend he does. His border policy is a dream come true for human trafficking. The overt — and I hate using the term “dog whistle” ’cause I’m not a dog and I couldn’t hear it, but that’s a big word that everybody likes to use.

“I know what you meant by that!” That’s what dog whistling is. It’s saying that people could read your name. They can’t read your mind, and don’t be frightened by that absurdity. It’s kind of like that dog whistling on Black Lives Matter. When someone says, “all lives matter.” “I know what that is!” “What it is, is it’s all lives matter. Just don’t even get into the weeds with that.

But the bottom line is President Obama, Joe Biden, and others in high profile positions over the years have pretty much invited everyone here in some way, shape, or form, and they’ve made comments like, “Look, if there’s 13 kids tow border, we’re not gonna turn ’em away.” So basically, you just told every mom or dad or coyote or child trafficker or drug cartel or criminal enterprise on the planet.

“Did he just say if there’s 13 people at the border, they’re not gonna turn ’em away? Do you know what that means for our bottom line? We can sell 13 more kids! We can use ’em as mules. Oh, my gosh. We can smuggle guns in their backpacks. And they’re not testing ’em for covid-19? Ahh! We can use ’em as spies.”

This is all true, and most liberals know it, and what I just said was not extreme at all, because this is what’s happening. Let me just give you a few headlines in addition to the three people that were killed, two dozen injured yesterday. This is an overloaded boat, crashed into a reef and broke apart in rough water off he the coast of San Diego.

Authorities said it was a human smuggling attempt. The boat captain survived. Now, is he gonna be charged with a crime? I don’t know! Is he allowed to vote in California? (laughing) It really depends on your voting rights. I mean, the Democrats right now are desperate for voters. They may hold off on that. I don’t know.

This news, by the way, is from San Diego, the same city that witnessed the SUV with 25 people killed or injured after the driver pulled into the path of a big rig and we found out that there were illegals there. They were all illegals being smuggled. There were 25 people in an SUV. I mean, I know SUVs are big. But that’s a lot of people in one SUV. A dozen died immediately.

We had at least three dead. We had… Let’s see. We had the illegal alien allegedly murdering the woman in front of her kids. That was over the weekend in Westchester, PA, right down the road from me. “Border agents finds drugs, guns following a checkpoint canine alert,” and it goes on and on and on.

How long did Joe Biden and Kamala Harris lie — lie — about the border crisis? And, you know, years ago Rush spoke about a very familiar case (you’ll know it when you hear it) and the way Democrats behave, it does look like the left is protecting criminal illegal immigrants. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: What happened out in San Francisco with the Kate Steinle jury? Man, oh, man, you talk about…? You think the OJ verdict was something? This verdict out there makes the OJ verdict look like Romper Room. You talk about jury nullification? You talk about a bunch of citizens banding together to say, “Screw you, United States! We prefer being a sanctuary even if our citizens do get murdered. Maintaining our political independence on this is much more important than the safety of a single citizen in San Francisco.” Just amazing.

When I heard about this, I heard it out of the corner of my ear. It didn’t register at first, because it was so unexpected. And when it finally registered on me, I can’t begin to tell you the depths of my anger and frustration, and then I stopped, and I caught myself, and I said, “You shouldn’t be mad. This was imminently predictable.” Who are we talking about here? We’re talking about the American left and the time for granting them any semblance of commonality with us when it comes to values and politics, morality, decency, right and wrong?

Those days are over. They don’t have much in common with us anymore. And each and every day this is borne out. So in San Francisco we have a War on Women, a different kind of War on Women — a felonious, illegal immigrant’s War on a Woman. An innocent woman is shot and killed. Her killer — an illegal alien who shot the gun has multiple felonies — is found not guilty by reason of a jury’s political insanity, and the left is good with it. The insanity in that courtroom was not the perp. The insanity is the jury.

This is kind of like the Menendez jury. Remember the Menendez brothers who shot and killed their parents? And one of the women on that jury… They acquitted one of the Menendez brothers, or he not get the death penalty or something, and one of the female jurors said on television after the trial (sobbing), “We felt so bad because the boys were not going to have their parents.” Even then, the Drive-By Media reporter was incredulous. “Yeah, but that’s because they killed them.”

(sobbing) “I know, but it’s so horrible, isn’t it? So sad. These two young men are gonna have a tough enough life as it is and then to be deprived of their parents.” “But they killed ’em!” “I know. It’s so bad.” I’m not making this up. There was such a jury. So we have Illegal Immigrants + Sanctuary City = Justice in American liberal enclaves. What is it with the callousness regarding the abuse of and the harm to women and the left? It seems like no matter where you go in America today, if there are liberals involved, women are being harmed to one degree or another.

There’s no other way to look at this. Sanctuary cities like San Francisco deciding to circle the wagons and protect people who are not here legally when they commit crimes. But again, see, is this really that surprising? The left, for most of my life, has been consistent in protecting criminals and reprobates, believing that the justice system is what is unfair. Believing that the court system is where the real problem is, and that the guilty in this country are simply the product of poor socioeconomic circumstances brought about by an evil majority.

Now, this verdict in San Francisco is a symptom of liberalism, and as we see, citizens are not really safe in these liberal strongholds. Guns are discouraged with onerous regulations, making self-defense extremely difficult. The police are ridiculed and ordered to give “space to destroy,” which is what happened in Baltimore.

Felonious illegal immigrants are given sanctuary, which is a violation of federal law, they are treated as super citizens, above and beyond the reach of the law. There’s slightly no expectation of assimilation among illegal immigrants, just an expectation that they will participate in keeping Democrats in elective power.

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