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KEN: So yesterday… We’re not gonna replay, but we played it in its entirety yesterday, and a lot of people… We got a lot of feedback, and a lot of people thought it was — some people thought it was — terrifying. I’m talking about the woke CIA recruitment ad, and it just is… When you think about where wokeness started… Well, actually, the whole concept of that started with leftists and communism.

I mean, there’s a whole genre of that throughout history where certain regimes — in particular dictatorships and others — had a set of ridiculous, absurd codes and language, and that’s how they controlled people. And they still do it to this day, and a lot of that ideology has migrated to the United States. And it ends up in people’s cabinets.

Not their liquor cabinet, although some politicians end up in the liquor cabinet. It ends up in the politician’s staff members and ideologies and policies. We see it with Biden. We saw it with Obama. Obama was a woke machine. He didn’t miss an opportunity to get someone on his page by, you know, massaging their common sense with wokeness.

Because wokeness is the opposite of common sense. There’s nothing about that. And when you think about that ad that we played yesterday, the CIA recruitment ad and I brought up the comment that what it was missing was this woman saying, “You know, we have the best technology to protect America, and I’m working with a wonderful people from all across this country to secure our whatever.”

There’s nothing about the mission. The mission was all about diversity and whatever, and she was saying, “I’m a woman of color. I’m a cisgender Millennial. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.” That’s a direct quote. “I am intersectional,” and, you know, I lost you at, “I am a cisgender Millennial.” What does that have to do with making sure my country is safe?

And what does that have to do with your loyalty and your training and your ability to be in that position, other than you could say, “I’m intersectional.” What? But that’s how far it went. It started out in the schools. It started out on 12 shows. It started out in pop culture, and now it’s like a wave. It’s sweeping through the military, and now it’s in the highest levels of military intelligence.

I would also add, doesn’t it amaze you that in the last 10 years, military intelligence, and not… Let me back that up. Not military intelligence so much as the CIA, which is an organization I think should be eliminated. But again, that’s just my personal opinion ’cause I don’t know what their job is anymore, other than to tell me, you know, where I am by using my cell phone or spy on Carter Page.

I don’t know what their job is anymore. But it’s amazing that the more woke they get, the more these organizations seem to turn on American citizens. It just seems an interesting pattern with me. Don’t you see that pattern? It’s there. Because if they were really delving into their job instead of keeping up with all the rules and regulations of the left, I think their results would be stronger. And, you know, Rush was always on this and he was always exposing it.

And little by little, it got worse and worse, and he was always reminding us who was doing what and what was really going on, and two of the biggest examples were Brennan and Comey, communists and, uh, like, y’know, woke leftists were like bees to honey with those two. Look at the way the news media loves them. And they led two of the most premiere intelligence agencies in the world.

Here’s Rush.

RUSH: I’ve been told that James Comey is a lifelong Republican. It turns out not to be true. Are you aware that James Comey used to be a communist? “In a 2003 interview with New York Magazine, James Comey said, before voting for Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter 1980, he’d been a communist.” He admitted, “I’d moved from communist to whatever I am now.” Now, we know that John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director, was a communist, or at least had voted for the Communist Party.

But I had never heard this about Comey. Zero Hedge has the story. I think Red State has the story. Now we find out that under Obama, the CIA director and the FBI director both had histories of not just flirtation but serious immersion into communism. And like the KGB always said, “No one ever leaves the KGB.” Nobody ever leaves this way of thinking.

RUSH: Here is Stan in Belhaven, North Carolina. Glad you called, sir. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: It’s an honor, sir, an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I have two quick comments. You mentioned earlier that James Comey has said that he supported the Communist Party in the seventies, is that correct?

RUSH: He voted! He voted for communist candidates, yes.

CALLER: So we know that Brennan supported the Communist Party, and now Comey. Yet they both later on were employed by the FBI and the CIA, went up through the ranks, became the directors. Now, Brennan in 2003 and 2004, according to Wikipedia, was director of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, and that office sifted and compiled information for President Bush’s intelligence briefings. That ties into your speculation that Bush was played about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So Brennan was right there to be in a position to do that. I think that Comey, Brennan, and Clapper… It wasn’t just pride about them wanting to have their daily intelligence briefings with Trump. They wanted to be able to pull the puppet strings and control the information.

RUSH: Well, yeah. Yeah. The intelligence — and not just these three guys. The intelligence community — no matter when you go back in American history, any administration — they all want access. Everybody wants access to president. Everybody. Intel community particularly, State Department, they all want access. Trump was telling the intelligence community, “I don’t need to talk to you guys every day. I’ve got a good memory and I’m smart. I know what’s going on around the world anyway,” and they were righteously indignant about that and also fearing like their access was gonna be denied. So it’s time to show him exactly what they can do to somebody not cooperating with them. There’s all kinds of factors that went into that. But —

CALLER: Well, it’s am-

RUSH: Yeah, go ahead.

CALLER: It’s amazing to me that those two, after it was known — it had to be known — that they that support the Communist Party were even employed by the FBI and the CIA to start with. I just don’t see how that happened. And I have one more point, quick point after that, if that’s okay.

RUSH: Well, look, when it comes to Comey, I’m not… I don’t know how serious this guy was. I mean, it’s out there at Zero Hedge and it’s out there at Red State that Comey is saying he was a communist and voted left and he then moved from being a communist to whatever he is now. With him as dryball as he is, it could have been Comey just trying to be funny. But your question is… Brennan is an acknowledged… I mean, that was not a youthful flirtation.

Brennan was committed when he was innovating in the seventies for communists and so forth. So your question is, “How do these guys pass clearance? How do they get hired?” And I don’t know. I can’t tell you. I honestly don’t have the slightest idea. The only thing I could think is that the people vetting him didn’t see much wrong with it, or believed it was genuinely in their past and was not a… My guess is that the people doing the vetting wouldn’t see that much wrong with it.

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