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KEN: I want to tell you about the EIB High Note today, which is a new feature that people are really loving, and we’re also gonna try to squeeze in a phone call too. This is one of my favorite High Notes. This is a guy who is a member of the EIB audience. He wrote, produced, and performed a song, and he reached out to me, and I heard it.

I immediately shared it with the team. We all… We were like, “Oh, my gosh!” His name is Norman Kerner, and it’s just beautifully done, so I’m gonna… The lyrics alone are just quite meaningful and heartfelt. Now, stand by. I want to play a clip, and know that after that, you can get the whole song at RushLimbaugh.com. Here it is.

KERNER: Every day, you told America how much you love her. You told us the truth about her future and her past. For 30 years, you were the someone who we could believe in. When we were down, you knew just how to make us laugh. “We only get one life,” that’s what you said.

KEN: It’s called One Life by Norman Kerner, and Norman wrote the song right after Rush passed, and he said, “Rush was like a brother to me. Rush was someone who I never even met, yet I felt I had to write the song.” And he did, and there it is, and you’ll find it at RushLimbaugh.com.

And I have goosebumps because it’s a beautiful song. I’ve heard it several, several, several times, and it’s gonna get you emotional. Not only is it well done, but this is someone like probably millions of people in our audience that have an attachment to Rush that cannot even be explained. So thank you for that, Norman.

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