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KEN: This is the EIB Network. My name’s Ken Matthews. I’m your guide for today on Cinco De Mayo, and if I can just say (accent), “Arriba! Arriba!” Here’s a Rush fun fest for you.

RUSH: (05/06/10) Cinco de Mayo. (12/15/07) In order to be heard by all, I’ll first deliver it in a little Spanish lingo: El partido Democrata te vendio. Translation: “The Democratic Party has sold you out.” (05/27/20) The presidente of El Salvador. All of what I said en Espanol. (08/03/16) Thank you el mucho. (06/02/15) Okay folks, a quick pregunta. Little Spanish lingo there for question. (12/02/15) And I have another pregunta. (03/15/16) No way Jose, a little Spanish lingo there. (07/06/15) Bruce Jenner recently opened up to his familia. (singing) Feliz Navidad.

KEN: You know, you… Remember when Rush would do those? Even when they weren’t in the montage, they were just so funny because they came out of left field, and it’s amazing how many — and we’re going to revisit this because from what I understand… I just checked my calendar. It’s a Common Core calendar. But it does say that Cinco De Mayo is all day.

So we’re gonna revisit some of this later in today’s show, but so many people on the left, not only do they not have a sense of humor at all, but they don’t get Rush’s sense of humor just by using a little Spanish lingo or something. It’s the craziest thing. But who doesn’t do that?

Think about all the people that do exactly what Rush does. Think about all the people over the years. You’re driving down the road, Rush says or does something or says, “You know, I was doing such-and-such this weekend” and whatever, and you said, “Oh, my gosh. I do the same thing.”


KEN: Remember when the media freaked out at Rush (well, wasn’t that every day?) for supposedly making fun of Hispanics on Cinco De Mayo? And the funniest thing about the news media, ’cause it’s filled with so many dumb, white, woke people. What’s with the white people, man? Anyway, there’s so many people in the news media that that’s where usually it comes from.

Isn’t that funny? That’s the funniest thing. You look at the people that love Rush over the decades. It’s one of the most diverse audiences, not just in demographics, but in ideology as well, because eventually people come around and they realize, “You know, this guy’s smart. He’s funny, he’s analytical, he’s common-sensical, he’s consistent, and he’s honest.”


Now, that appeals to everyone, and it’s almost as if you get the impression that the news media, they’re angry ’cause they’re not in on it. That’s what I always feel. When someone makes it… For example, when they go after comedians, I never understood that. If you’re a comedian — ’cause I’m a big fan of free speech, like most conservative are, like most people in talk radio are.

So you’ll never hear me say, “That guy? They should have taken him off the air! He should be banned.” Never in my life. I like The View being on, because The View has become funnier than Saturday Night Live. I like to watch Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo because they’re funnier than Saturday Night Live. I would never say they should be banned.

But the left is totally different. It’s what… That’s what makes it funny, and it’s like they’re not in on the joke. But to go after comedians, I don’t think you should go after any free speech. Free speech is free speech, and we have a real problem in this country today. Of course, we just had the Facebook oversight board upholding the suspension of the 45th president of the United States.

Have you seen some of the scumbags on Facebook and the filth? Oh, my gosh. And yet they’re not gonna let the 45th president. You know how the story works. But I never understood, since so many people in showbiz are liberals, why would you want to ban a comedian off of a comedy network because you’re offended? I thought that’s what free speech was. Anyway, here’s Rush.

RUSH: You know Trump… This is another classic illustration. Trump yesterday did Cinco de Mayo outreach to Hispanics by eating a taco bowl, and there’s a picture of Trump with that typical devilish Trump smile with the taco bowl in front of him there, and he’s eating a forkful of it. And people say, This is silly! Trump… Trump… Trump’s insulting Hispanics! Look at this! Taco bowl?

“Is that how you think you get the Hispanic vote?” And Trump’s putting everybody on! It’s typical Trump. And everybody takes it so seriously and thinks, “Oh, my God, this guy doesn’t have any sense! He’s got no sensibilities. He’s insulting Hispanics by telling them he loves them by eating a taco bowl? Oh, my God, this guy’s so stupid! Hillary’s gonna win in a landslide! Oh, my God, we’re doomed.”

KEN: All joking aside, Rush also pointed out the origins of Cinco De Mayo.

RUSH: Do you know that Cinco De Mayo is not a Mexican holiday? Do you know that Cinco De Mayo is not Mexican’s Independence Day? Cinco De Mayo is not even a real holiday in Mexico. Cinco De Mayo was created by Corona beer to promote beer sales in the US and around the world. They don’t even get the day off in Mexico for Cinco De Mayo. We’ve turned it into a holiday here that has pure political purposes for the American left.

Cinco De Mayo was a minor battle during a time when the French were invading Mexico — and you know that has to be a long time ago; the French don’t invade anybody, they surrender now. Mexican Independence Day is September the 16th. What Cinco De Mayo actually commemorates is the victory of the Mexican army over the French empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 during the French invasion of Mexico. I know this sounds very strange, “The French invasion of Mexico,” but they did, they did try it.

KEN: So there you have it. Once again, America would turn to Rush Limbaugh to get the facts, to get the history, to get the scoop, to get the real deal.

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