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KEN: Let’s squeeze in a call from West Michigan. This is Melissa. Melissa, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


KEN: Hello.

CALLER: Hello?

KEN: Yep, you’re up.

CALLER: Okay. Hi. I was just calling to let you know, I’m a homeschool mom of five years now, and my kids are working on their historical, and all of a sudden, I heard them say — at the top of their lungs, go — “Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network!” I said, “Rush isn’t on,” and I went out there and in their history book, it’s talking about Rush Limbaugh during the Bill Clinton presidency.

KEN: Ah.

CALLER: And how he came to be the most popular talk show conservative host, and people could call in. And it was just a little paragraph in their history book, but it was really neat that they portrayed him in a good light.

KEN: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And how many kids are you homeschooling?

CALLER: I have two.

KEN: Oh, okay. So that’s fairly manageable.


KEN: And are you familiar with Rush’s series, the book series? Because, you know, when we spoke to Kathryn probably a month ago or so, she said they’re gonna continue the series, and that’s great for kids.

CALLER: Yes. When we first started homeschooling about five years ago, they were young. They’re 6 and fourth grade now, so we actually used the Rush series as their homeschool —

KEN: Aw.

CALLER: — history curriculum for the first few years, and now they’re older and need a little more structure, and so we’ve been using this company for a while.

KEN: Excellent.

CALLER: And I was very happy to to find that in here, and yeah. It was neat.

KEN: Well, Melissa, thanks for such a lovely call to wrap up the show today. I hope you have a great rest of the week, and I’m just thrilled to hear so many more people are homeschooling, because the wisdom all of parents — and not to take anything away from teachers, but when you look at the past year, I think we need to really focus more on school choice. But if you can get that Rush set, those books, the Rush Revere series, it’s really good stuff.

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