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KEN: There’s a new podcast series — we’ve been talking about it — and it’s all about Rush Limbaugh, and it debuts one week from today. It’s called Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind The Golden EIB Microphone. It’s narrated by our friend James Golden, a/k/a Bo Snerdley, and he brings so many good stories, and I would say he brings an energy and a love to this podcast.

You can hear the introduction wherever you listen to the podcast. Now, here is… Oh, by the way, by the way, sponsored by MyPillow and Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Yesterday I spoke briefly with Bo. I hadn’t spoken to him in a while because he’s been busy with this, and one of his comments was, “I hope this series meets the audience expectations,” and all I can think of…

The minute he said that I thought of Rush immediately, because that is philosophy of the EIB. If you want to know — and, again, I’ve only had the honor and the blessing of guest hosting for about three years. So I came in at the very, very tail end of this dynasty which is continuing. But the minute you become part of the EIB, that is the mantra:

“Will it meet the audience expectations? Are we delivering?” and I just found it fascinating. Here’s a man that’s worked with Mr. Limbaugh for more than 30 years and played a key role in the formation of the EIB, and his comment was, “This thing’s gonna…” It wasn’t, “This thing’s gonna kick butt. This thing rocks.” It was, “I hope it meets the audience’s expectations.” You talk about a mantra. Could you imagine if politicians thought that way?






Could you imagine? Instead of politicians running around saying, “I love me, I love me so much,” they should be saying, “I hope my voters are pleased with these decisions. I hope the people of America are pleased.” But, anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing that — or hearing it, actually. It’s one week from today, Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind The Golden EIB Microphone is the name of it.


KEN: You know, the EIB Network is made up of a lot of talented people, many who have been part of this program for 20 years or more. Bo Snerdley/James Golden, he’s one of them, and he’s the host of a forthcoming podcast series. It’s called Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind The Golden EIB Microphone. The title says it all. Here’s James to describe it further.

JAMES: James Golden here, a/k/a Bo Snerdley. I’m hosting a new podcast series, Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind The Golden EIB Microphone. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the man who brought us all together and kept us together for more than three decades, Rush himself. We start May 12th on iHeart or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast, presented by the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and MyPillow.

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