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JASON: We’re getting to the point here where the media have decided to do a 180, have they not? You know, you watch one night of MSNBC, and you realize the inmates have taken over the asylum. These people are lunatics. Who is the idiot that was Jeb Bush’s former staffer? I can’t — I don’t remember her name. But, I mean, you want to talk about a groveling, pusillanimous excuse for an inside- the-Beltway swamp creature, she is it.

And then you’ve got Joe Scarborough, who is living proof we haven’t won the war on drugs. It’s like, you look at this guy, you go, okay, now I know what they mean by existential crisis. But, boy, when you compare how the media treated Kayleigh McEnany and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to how they are genuflecting in front of Jen Psaki, if this doesn’t cry out for corruption. And I mean corruption meaning unethical, meaning a lack of integrity. These are not journalists. They are activists posing as journalists. And Rush hit it right on not long ago when he talked about this.

RUSH: Have a story here on the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki. And I want to get into it with an audio sound bite. This was from her press briefing just this afternoon in the White House press briefer. A reporter said the impeachment managers have laid out their case. Trump’s team is leaving open the door, it seems, to arguing election fraud in this trial, to repeating the false claims that somehow Trump won the election. Those same false claims that fueled the riot. Is this administration concerned that the former president’s defense could incite further violence in Washington?

PSAKI: Certainly watching reactions in the country, watching the potential for violence is something that we will do closely from the White House, across the country, no matter what prompts it. And that’s something we will certainly keep an eye on. But, you know, I think in this case, as you know, there have been dozens and dozens of court cases that have been debunked.

RUSH: Boy, this woman says “um” a lot. Uh, and that’s something we will, uh, certainly keep an eye on um, but um, I think in this case, as you know, um, there have been dozens. You talk about communication wandering in vain in search of a thought. We will monitor the country for violence during the impeachment trial. See, once again setting the stage, mind control, run around, all this. All it took was for a question from an unidentified reporter. So Trump’s team is leaving open the possibility that they might claim falsely that Trump won the election.

And these same false claims are what fueled the riot. Are you worried that Trump could incite further violence? Well, that’s all it takes. An innocuous question from an unidentified reporter and you have a brand-new story. That the Biden administration will be monitoring America for violence during the impeachment trial, even though we don’t have any hard evidence that anything like that will happen. Such a load, folks.

The story about Jen Psaki — this is a Breitbart story. Report shows Biden’s staff, prescreening Psaki press briefing questions. You know this woman, Jen Psaki, worked with Hillary in many of the last four years. She doesn’t know the answer to most of the questions she’s asked. She’s got this thing, “I’ll circle back to you on that.” But they’re prescreening. This means the White House press corps is submitting their questions in advance to staff, who are then briefing Psaki on them before she’s asked them. This is a new one. They never even accused Sean Spicer of that.

She’s prescreening, which means that the assembled multitudes of press people have to willingly go along with this. They’ve gotta submit their questions, can you imagine how the stories must go? Look, we really want to answer your question. We gotta submit this to the press secretary so that she can prepare her response and give you the most up-to-date answer that she can. And the press corps says, “Sure, whatever you need.” Have no doubt.

Now, later on in this story, there is an allusion to the way the press is going to be covering the new Biden administration, in general. Now, get this paragraph. Jim Acosta, CNN, in an Atlantic piece published in December. So he was interviewed by The Atlantic for a story they’re doing. Basically, CNN, what are you gonna do when Trump’s no longer in the White House? What are you gonna do? I can tell you that they’re still gonna be talking about Trump. That’s all they were doing this morning.

Jim Acosta said in this interview to The Atlantic, “I don’t think the press should be trying to whip up the Biden presidency and turn it into must-see TV in a contrived way.” Oh. You mean you don’t think that CNN should treat the Biden administration the identical way you treated the Trump administration? In a contrived way. You tried to whip the Trump presidency, and turn it into must-see TV on the premise that Trump never told the truth. He never was honest about anything. He was a reprobate and scum. But you don’t think it’s necessary? You don’t think the press should be trying to do the same thing with the Biden presidency?

Now, we understand that. These people are gonna make — they already have moved back to, quote, unquote, normalcy as rapidly as they can. Then there is this from CNN reporter Daniel Dale. He was also interviewed for the piece in The Atlantic. And he said that his job would, quote, not be a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week job to fact-check Biden. Because the simple reality is that Biden doesn’t lie nearly as often as Trump does. And so, no, we’re not gonna be fact-checking the guy and we’re not gonna be assuming that Biden is lying every time he speaks, like we did with Trump, because Biden doesn’t lie as often as Trump did, or does.

JASON: Yeah. I mean, once again, Rush nails it.

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