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TODD: I gotta tell you this. Please, do you have a calendar, like an electronic calendar? Write this down. I promise you — promise you — you will not regret this. Bo Snerdley is gonna join us this Wednesday. His real name is, of course, James Golden, and James is hosting this forthcoming podcast, Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind the Golden EIB Microphone.

He’s gonna join us after Noon Eastern Time this Wednesday to talk about the stories to be shared in this podcast series. The first episode is available on Wednesday. It’s sponsored by MyPillow and Tunnel to Towers Foundation, and I’ll just tell you this, James is one of the most fierce believers in and defenders of Rush. Not that Rush needs defending. He did that quite well on his own.






He’s also a great storyteller. You’re gonna love this. Please mark this on your calendar. Well, I’ll be here so I’m marking it on mine.

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