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TODD: Last week, Friday, there was more proof that — even as Rush is in heaven — this program, courtesy this time of EIB and great guide host Jason Lewis remains on the edge of societal evolution. You heard this weekend perhaps that the House GOP looks to be moving away from Liz Cheney, which is a smart decision. And there’s a reason it’s coming late.

And that is that that we don’t triangulate, that is those of us who are just activists and simply Americans who are aware of the stakes, that we are in a death struggle with communism. We’re not able to triangulate. We want our country to stay the United States — or at least America, ’cause I don’t believe it’s united now.

So you may have heard this. Jason Lewis had the woman that may replace Cheney in some important positions on last Friday. I’m gonna get to that story. I just want you to right-off-the-bat understand how fresh the program remains, and still putting to this Rush’s enduring wisdom. So Kevin McCarthy has moved to or has announced that he backs Elise Stefanik to replace Liz Cheney in the House GOP leadership.

The reason that this, to us, seems late is that we are watching the stakes increased every single day in our country. I do a show in Seattle, in Washington state. The so-called governor there has just demanded that the schools teach racism, that they will teach critical race theory. And there is a… Within critical race theory, there’s this opportunity to forevermore rid the world of racism.

Forevermore, because according to critical race theory the problem with the world is “whiteness,” which means that the problem is white people. So a nonviolent solution to this would be simply don’t let white people have anything. There you go! Racism is solved, because black people cannot be racist, which would come as a surprise to anybody who’s ever talked to black people about black people.

But this is being shoved down upon states across the country, and President Trump was against this. President Trump understood these stakes. Ron DeSantis understands these stakes. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, understands these stakes. We’ve understood these stakes for years, and sometimes when you’re in the buildup to what is in fact a cold — may God keep it cold — civil war in our country, sometimes the battles even rhetorical aren’t pretty.

So we’re looking at Liz Cheney who is unable to remove herself from the triangulation of embarrassment. She’s got her donors, her establishment base, her establishment pedigree, and her own notion of what is polite or impolite to hold her back in a full-on battle for whether or not we maintain this country.

You know, we live next door to the country of Canada where SWAT teams are arresting pastors outside their home in the middle of the streets because they won’t stop preaching. That’s happened in Canada. That’s like, again, next door to us. South of us in Mexico, we have cartels running things.

There was just an article about the cartels loving the West Coast decision to legalize any and all drugs and not pursue sex trafficking, et cetera. The stakes are this high. Liz Cheney did not get that. She can’t. She can’t divorce herself from the swamp. She grew up in it. She can’t see it. Elise Stefanik can. Elise Stefanik can see it, we would hope.

Now, is this a true conversion for Kevin McCarthy? I don’t know. I’ve met him. He’s a nice enough person. Does he truly understand the stakes? I hope he does. So I mentioned that Jason Lewis talked to Elise on Friday, on Rush’s show. That’s at RushLimbaugh.com for you to look at and so you can review that.

In an interview this weekend with Maria Bartiromo on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, House minority leader and California Republican Kevin McCarthy officially declared his support for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York in her bid to replace Liz Cheney as the third-ranking Republican in the House.

MCCARTHY: To defeat Nancy Pelosi and her socialist agenda, we need to be united, and that starts with leadership. That’s why we will have a vote next week, and we want to be united in looking, moving forward. And I think that’s what will take place.

BARTIROMO: Do you support Elise Stefanik for that job?

MCCARTHY: (pause) Yes, I do.

TODD: Ha-ha! I like that he has to pause and think about it. So following that, Stefanik tweeted a thank-you for his support and added, “Together as one team, we’ll stand up for the American people” and #FirePelosiIn2022. Guys, we did that fire Pelosi thing, fire Nancy Pelosi thing. It worked really, really well. Let’s update some things.

How about we’re going to save the United States of America or bring it back to a “united” state? Because right now it’s not. And you can say socialism — you can say that all day long — and, you know what? With young people it sounds like free doughnuts. Because it is! It is. It sounds like not working for a living. Because it is! To them.

As the left is installing universal basic income with covid flu as the excuse, we’re gonna use catchphrases like “socialism”? How about this? How about, “The end of America is what we’re facing”? I’m not the only one who said that. Liberals like Dr. Naomi Wolf have said that, written books about it and are warning of it.

Well, the Never Trumper equation in this… I am baffled at how, at this point, even people like me who are troubled by the president’s personality when he ran for president… (sigh) I watched the results. He’s defending this country. I am baffled as to how people can remain in that Never-Trumper stance. And Rush talked about the Never Trumpers and asked this question.

RUSH: I have a question that everybody that hates Donald Trump needs to ask, and I know they’re not going to. This is a rhetorical, academic exercise. Well, it’s not just academic. There’s actual substance to it. But I don’t expect the people that hate Trump to actually play. But the questions are:

Do you hate Trump, or do you hate his antics? Do you hate his personality? Do you hate the way he tweets and talks, or do you hate the results he gets? What is it you really hate about Trump? That is the real question. Is it petty, personal hate driven by fear and loss of power or massive, monumental results?

This is the thing about the Never Trumpers that has forever intrigued me. It doesn’t puzzle me because I understand it. Here you have these so-called conservatives who have, for their careers, at least in the last 30 years that I’ve been aware of them, have been attempting to implement conservatism throughout our country — politically, culturally, socially. They have published magazines. Well, they haven’t. They’ve asked for money to publish magazines.

They actually don’t know how to create their own income. That’s the amazing thing about them. They’re conservatives and they have to beg people for money. They have to beg Rupert Murdoch to fund the first magazine. Then go beg somebody else at Bloomberg to fund the next magazine. Then they go beg somebody else to fund the big cruise where they’re gonna go have all these conservative spokesmen to come out there and tell people what to think and what to do.

The point is they’re out there positioning themselves as the first line of defense. They’re positioning themselves as the reason conservatism has a chance. They position themselves, these Never Trumper conservative intellectuals position themselves as the reason conservatism has a chance. Now they’ve abandoned conservatism happily.

The minute Donald Trump’s elected president, they’re out of there. They’re bye-bye. And as Trump implements issue after issue after issue that they supposedly devoted their lives to, they hate Trump. So what is it they hate? Do they hate his personality? Do they hate the fact that they think he’s low class and lowbrow, or do they hate the results that he’s getting ’cause that is the real question.

TODD: It is, and it was, and it will be. And I would take Donald Trump back as president 10 separate times because he saw the stakes. He witnessed to us the stakes. He fought against the absolute, abject poison of teaching racism in our schools. He fought against the degradation of the United States by groups like the WHO and others. He did this because, in his heart, he knows because he’s not been lifetime establishment. And I hope that Elise Stefanik, if she gets this position, will continue to see the stakes that we face in this country.

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